Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Exercise 1 was somewhat classification. We learn about taxonomy, the classification of organisms, and the Hellenic philosophers, Plato and Aristotle, who discovered natural groupings among living(a) beings. Carl Linnaeus is the father of modern taxonomy. innovative taxonomy assigns proper(postnominal) names to different groups of organisms. When classifying an organism, we starting line start by identifying an organisms kingdom, therefore phylum, class, order, family, genus and species. All plants and animals redeem a taxonomic classification.         In class, we did 3 different exercises to enhance our acquaintance about classification. We got in groups and split a set of card game that were of animals, plants, and mechanisms. We then ignorevas their similarities and differences, and then do charts that identified their taxonomy. The construction of a dichotomous key, which divided individually group into sub groups, was in addition completed. For example, hotshot could break animals implement to vertebraes and non-vertebraes, and then to wings and no wings, etcetera At the blockade of the science laboratory we answered classification questions about specific animals and their kingdom, phylum, class, etc. This lab has further intrigued my knowledge of classifying organisms. i say it is outstanding we include give earences on this site that arent just in probe style, such as lecture notes, outlines, and writig tools to guide separately another(prenominal) in better arrest of the material. Just if thats what you are going to do, say so! this seems equivalent notes to a greater close than an essay. you re entirelyy necessitate to sour on the length.
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