Monday, October 7, 2019

The Well Paid Receptionist Case Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Well Paid Receptionist Case Analysis - Essay Example The main problem with a company’s employees is that he/she gets little salary because employers’ strategy is to cut on salary expenses. However, employees are not deterred and use offers to enhance their earnings. An employee also ensures that sales increase through her good attendance and service to customers. She/he therefore focuses on improving his/her skills and performing well in his/her job and even engages in training to improve their skills (Berman, 2007). Suppliers of materials also have their own values. For instance, the supply of a good material with good capabilities is a good indicator of the supplier’s ethical business values and concerns for their customers, which leads to the supply of appropriate materials for the company. The Company’s customers develop good loyalty to Harvey’s services and business. They want a direct contract with the firm for all their service needs. The customers also need to be given specific attention to and their needs be met. The customers demand good services and attention from the company and that’s what makes the company to gain loyalty from customers. A company operating in the society should always be concerned with the needs of the society, hence making it concerned with third party values (Scott, 1999). The members of the society within which the business operates need good business environment so as to enable them recover from the problems related to the recession, pollution, inflation and unemployment. Competitors in the industry always display their own values in order to gain competitive advantage in the market. Each player in the industry has competition strategies to win the market (Bamford & West, 2010). In fact, there is always a need to take the best employees by competitors in the market so as to gain competitive advantage due to improved service delivery by the best

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