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Benedick in William Shakespeares Much Ado About Nothing...

Benedick in William Shakespeares Much Ado About Nothing In the first extract, Benedick and Claudio are alone so the focus of the audience is on them. Shakespeare makes all the characters leave the scene except for Benedick and Claudio, which shows that whilst Beatrice and the others are more sociable and keep with the group, Benedick and Claudio want some time to themselves. This shows that Benedick does not like large crowds of people and is automatically portrayed as an introverted character. It is also an ideal time for Claudio to talk to Benedick about Hero because he thinks about her so much that the entry of their conversation is about her. â€Å"Benedick, didst thou note the daughter of Signor†¦show more content†¦Ã¢â‚¬Å"Is’t come to this? In faith hath not the world one man but he will wear his cap with suspicion? Shall I never see a bachelor of threescore again?† His language suggests that he could be angry, but inside he feels upset that his friend wants to get married and that he feels left out. In the second extract, Benedick’s monologue suggests that he will never find the right woman because, â€Å"Till all graces be in one woman, one woman shall not come in my grace.† According to Benedick, his ideal wife has to be perfect, but no one is perfect so he will never find a wife. Benedick believes that women are untrustworthy and he mentions in the previous extract, â€Å"I will do myself the right to trust none. And the fine is, for the which I may go the finer, I will live a bachelor.† He is still very sarcastic and somewhat childish as he calls Claudio, ‘Monsieur Love!’, but he may be jealous of him inside. Don Pedro, Leonato and Claudio all take part in the gulling of Benedick. Benedick’s monologue afterwards has a definite change in tone and attitude. â€Å"They say the lady is fair; ‘tis a truth, I can bear them witness; and virtuous; so, I cannot reprove it’ andShow MoreRelatedBenedick And Beatrice In William Shakespeares Much Ado About Nothing1042 Words   |  5 PagesWilliam Shakespeare’s classic comedy Much Ado About Nothing follows the story of the two famous pairs of young lovers; Claudio and Hero, and Benedick and Beatrice. Although mainly following the first pair throughout the text, the relationship between Benedick and Beatrice is followed throughout the text with less attention from the reader, not noticing love forming between the two. Shakespeare sets his text in Messina, a town located on the island of Sicily in Italy. The play mainly takes place atRead MoreBeatrice and Benedick as a Couple in William Shakespeares Much Ado About Nothing13 36 Words   |  6 PagesBeatrice and Benedick as a Couple in William Shakespeares Much Ado About Nothing Much Ado About Nothing is a Shakespeare play set in Mecina. It is a comedy, about Don Pedro and his friends. The play focuses on the relationships of the characters, especially that of Beatrice/Benedick and Claudio/Hero. The two romances follow two different ideas, one an average romance in Shakespeares day, the other a not so average romance. Beatrice and Benedicks history together isRead MoreThe Portrayal of Benedick and Beatrice in William Shakespeares Much Ado About Nothing702 Words   |  3 PagesThe Portrayal of Benedick and Beatrice in William Shakespeares Much Ado About Nothing At the beginning of William Shakespeares play Much Ado About Nothing he portrays Beatrice and Benedick as two argumentative young people. However he also portrays them as being attracted to each other, this becomes clear because the first thing Beatrice says in the play is I pray you, is Signor Mountanto returnd from the wars or no? She is talking about Benedick asking the messengerRead More Much Ado About Nothing Essay: Beatrice, Benedick, and Love879 Words   |  4 PagesBeatrice, Benedick, and Love in Much Ado About Nothing William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing   is set in thirteenth century Italy.   The plot of the play can be categorized as comedy or tragicomedy .  Ã‚  Ã‚   Villainy and scheming combine with humor and sparkling wordplay in Shakespeares comedy of manners. Claudio is deceived into believing that Hero, is unfaithful. Meanwhile, Benedick and Beatrice have a kind of merry war between them, matching wits in repartee.   This paper will attemptRead MoreEssay on Compare and Contrast: Claudio and Benedick1375 Words   |  6 PagesClaudio and Benedick Shakespeare’s comedy, Much Ado About Nothing, is a play that follows a small group of friends from a high-class society in Massina. Two of this group are friends are Claudio and Benedick. In the beginning of the play they are seemingly similar, in that they both are of an upper-class upbringing and do their best to maintain their social reputation. The characters are made as to enhance their differences by the end of the play; they are foils to one another. Both Benedick and ClaudioRead MoreWilliam Shakespeare s Much Ado About Nothing898 Words   |  4 PagesBeatrice, Benedick, and Love in Much Ado About Nothing William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing is set in thirteenth century Italy. The plot of the play can be categorized as comedy or tragicomedy . Villainy and scheming combine with humor and sparkling wordplay in Shakespeare s comedy of manners. Claudio is deceived into believing that Hero, is unfaithful. Meanwhile, Benedick and Beatrice have a kind of merry war between them, matching wits in repartee. This paper will attempt toRead MoreWilliam Shakespeare s Much Ado About Nothing909 Words   |  4 PagesWilliam Shakespeare’s play Much Ado about Nothing traverses the complex social, and emotional trials and triumphs of romantic relationships; Shakespeare’s perspective on the subject is both very similar to ours today, and different. Although filled with sexual innuendos, and humorous trickery and shenanigans, Much Ado about Nothing also dives into the complexities of social anxieties, defense mechanisms to cope with the social pressures, and the emotions involved. First, the characters in MuchRead MoreWilliam Shakespeare s Much Ado About Nothing1317 Words   |  6 PagesMuch to Do About Noting Deceit is the act of concealing or misrepresenting the truth. Deceit plays an important role in the plot of Shakespeare’s play Much Ado about Nothing. It also has a large influence on the relationships of the play. Much Ado about Nothing is a play written by William Shakespeare who is widely considered the greatest dramatist of all time. William Shakespeare was baptized on April 26, 1564, in Stratford-upon-Avon, England. From roughly 1594 onward he was an important memberRead More Comparing Katharina, of The Taming of the Shrew and Beatrice of Much Ado About Nothing1317 Words   |  6 PagesComparing Shakespeare’s Katharina, of The Taming of the Shrew and Beatrice, of Much Ado About Nothing Shakespeare’s Katharina, of The Taming of the Shrew and Beatrice, of Much Ado About Nothing, are very similar characters.   Each is plagued with unrequited love, and depressed by their inability to woo the suitor of their choosing.   Neither will accept the passive female role expected by society. Yet, both women seem to accept their role as wife by the conclusion.   Upon further examination, oneRead MoreWilliam Shakespeare s Much Ado About Nothing1285 Words   |  6 PagesMuch Ado About Nothing, is a comedic play by William Shakespeare thought to have been written in 1598 and 1599, as Shakespeare was approaching the middle of his career. (Wikipedia) This timeless play is generally considered one of Shakespeare’s best comedies, because it combines a cheerful mood with an intricate series of deceptions and miscommunications. It’s known for its hilarity, honor, shame and court politics. Shakespeare depicts different kinds of loving relationships- romantic love, family

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Critical Thinking A Key for Nurses Essay - 687 Words

Critical thinking is a nursing process that includes reflective practice, problem solving and decision making which are connected to one another. The definition of critical thinking is transferring and applying knowledge and skills in a new situation. The critical thinking is needed in a lot of aspects of the nurses’ job such as when the nurses need to provide the precise identification in the specific problems had by the patients. They need to be in detail and also critical to themselves in every time in order to be able to provide identification precisely. When you have the profession in nursing, it is important to be critical thinker. The nurses have the high responsibilities and their responsibilities are increasing from time to time.†¦show more content†¦She was handling a critical patient with heart disease. During her duty time she discovers there is some changing in the cardiac monitor that shows that patient’s heart rate is dropping. She starts to asse ss that patient by checking all the cable which is connected to the patient to make sure everything going right. In the same time she asked for help from her colleagues to call the doctor. With in a few second she found that all cable connected properly but the patient has cardiac arrest and doctor arrived at the same time and they start to give the patient cardiac massage. When they finish the resuscitation, patient recovered from this problem. In this situation she saved the time and checked the patient again while the message reached to her doctor. As result of this, she saved patient’s life. This is because she uses her critical thinking criteria and she manages her time, she does her right decision and she makes good assessment and communication with other health care provider. When a nurse has a problem with any elements in the skill of critical thinking or she neglects any skill process; this will lead to a bad decision. One good instance is an incident that occurred in our hospital. One nurse working in medical-surgical department was having a patient who had head injury. Accordingly, that patient was uncooperative. One morning when the assigned nurse went to check on him, she found the patient lying on the floor. Only to find out, patient wentShow MoreRelatedCritical Thinking And Learning Are Interrelated Lifelong Processes1631 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"Thinking and learning are interrelated lifelong processes† (Institute, 2013). The knowledge and every day experiences gained in the nursing profession, help nurses’ to make thoughtful and appropriate decisions. Nurses are constantly involved in making decisions within their practice. These decisions are constantly affected by situations where there is no single or absolutely correct res ponse, therefor critical thinking, reflective practice and analysing in health are three of the key componentsRead MoreDifference in competencies between ADN and BSN Essay1113 Words   |  5 PagesIN COMPETENCIES BETWEEN ADN AND BSN A nurse is a healthcare professional who is trained care for sick. The key roles in nursing are promotion of health and prevention of illness, and also education, research, advocacy, health system management and promotion of safe environment. There are two different categories of nurses based on educational level. One is an Associate Degree Nurse (ADN), a 2 year program and other a Baccalaureate Degree Nurse (BSN), a four year program. Though educationalRead MoreBecoming a Nurse or Midwife Essay1050 Words   |  5 Pagesare important for a registered nurse to have and why are they important? A Registered nurse is strongly committed to provide meticulous optimum care to the client. Every nurse has to have the attitude of caring, patience and dedication. Being autonomous in nursing is very important while making decisions and practice and which can be obtained by continual education. According to Potter and Perry (eds 2009), Accountability refers to responsibility of the nurse professionally and legally forRead MoreHow Was My Ideas And Understanding About Critical Thinking Changed?870 Words   |  4 PagesHow was your ideas and understanding about critical thinking changed? There has been a lot of talk about critical thinking during my four years of nursing school, with an array of different meaning and explanation; some was even unfathomable and baffling. Not so long ago, during my early years as a novice nurse, I didn’t pay much attention to the word, critical thinking. From where I used to work, decision making skills of nurses do not have a strong foundation. Every time there was a problem regardingRead MoreEssay about Critical Thinking: A Necessary Tool for Decision Making1296 Words   |  6 PagesAbstract This paper will define the meaning of critical thinking. I will provide an example of a personal experience when critical thinking had to be used. This paper will also examin the benefits and importance of using critical thinking during the decision-making process. What is Critical Thinking? Critical thinking is an essential tool to good decision-making. Everyone has biases or prejudices which can hinder good decision making. Critical thinking varies depending on the underlying motivationRead MoreClayton States School of Nursing Program1028 Words   |  5 Pagescompetent, compassionate, professional nurses with communication and technical skills. Clayton State’s School of Nursing has outlined nine program outcomes or concepts that are part of the Conceptual Curriculum Model. These concepts include caring, communication, critical thinking, human diversity, informatics, interdisciplinary collaboration, nursing therapeutics, professional development, and theory based practice. These program outcomes relate to three nurse and client transitions; health-illnessRead MoreComparison Between The Nurse Educator And Nurse Practitioner944 Words   |  4 PagesComparison and Contrast of the Nurse Educator and Nurse Practitioner Although both advanced practice nurse positions are masters prepared, nurse educators and nurse practitioners are very different roles maintaining complimentary characteristics. A Nurse Educator (NE) is a nurse who teaches and prepares nursing students and various levels from licensed practical nurse to the Nurse Practitioner (NP) graduate student (National League of Nursing, 2014). In contrast a NP will engage patients and familiesRead MoreHow Is Critical Thinking Used Today?1069 Words   |  5 PagesHow is critical thinking used today? This is a typical question that a student in a non-nursing major may ask, but here at the Christ College, we would be happy to answer that for you. As a student nurse, I use and witness critical thinking and clinical reasoning in the clinical field every day. To better understand this topic, I found two articles to read and review. The first article I found is based on education and the second shows the view of a well-practiced nurse. The first article I choseRead MoreKaplan Scavenger Hunt Paper : Analysis1482 Words   |  6 PagesReading Textbooks, Time Management, and Preparing for the Exam. The Remediation by Topic section offers students summaries of topics like Confidentiality, Critical Thinking Skills, and HIPAA. The Focused Review Test section offers an option to create a test to use as a study aid. This paper will give a summary of the topics, Critical Thinking Skills, the NCLEX-RN, and Therapeutic Communication. This paper will also discuss which methods are the most important for students to use to be successfulRead MoreCritical Thinking : Quality Patient Care969 Words   |  4 PagesCritical thinking is a skill that many nurses learn alongside experiences. Situations requiring critical thinking will arise, and whether or not one is familiar with it, it cannot be ignored. Critical thinking helps to determine an appropriate course of action to attain the best possible outcome for the patient and the si tuation. There are many descriptions of critical thinking, but what it really boils down to is quality patient care (Kearney-Nunnery, 2012). By utilizing critical thinking an action

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Portfolio Working Musician

Question: Write an essay on Portfolio of Working Musician. Answer: Portfolio: Reflective essay Working Musician Abstract Making a portfolio as a musician is quite dilemmatic one, this is due to the reason that being a musician you do not know what are the liking and the choices of the people. Being an artist setting a portfolio in the way that people of all likings and styles, like it from all perspectives. We all know that there are different kind of musical artist are there, out of all important parts of the music the main part is recording a song or music and that is what is my role here working as a musician. All the technicalities while recording a song should be concerned properly from all perspectives. This reflective essay will show how passionate I am about music, up to now what was my music journey, what kind of ups and down I faced in the journey, what are the achievements I got and at what progress I moving towards being a better musician. Before choosing a profession you always has a hero figure in your mind (what it is called the inspiration) to whom you want to follow, to be like him and to get the achievements he got because of his hard work. Every profession needs hard work to get the full payback out of it. Lets come with me join my journey by reading this essay and have a look what I am up to. I follow this famous wording said by Bradley Whit ford, Infuse your life with action doesnt wait for it to happen. Make it happen. Make your own future. Make your own hope. Make your own love. And whatever your beliefs, honor your creator not by passively waiting for the grace to come down from upon high, but by doing what you can do to make grace happen, yourself, right now, right down here on earth. A Student Just Like Student I was just a regular student as any other student when I entered the lab/class first day. The focus of being a musician was nowhere near me. With every coming day I feel like a fire has started burning in me. When one day I got the chance to meet one of mainstream music producer, who was a session and recording artist and now he is a music producer Honey Singh and then after seeing his passion for music and how from a small town (Hoshiarpur) guys turned himself as a great artist, inside fire of mine started rushing inside me. This was time when I started taking the things seriously. Here is where my music journey started. After this time my involvement towards understanding the music from the core deepened and started participating in different events. There are different kinds of experiences which I made by participating in different events like basics of recording a music, its technicalities like source force audacity, I will share that experiences in the next few sections. Before I start I want to say that musician are born just like any other person, but the thing that is different in them is when somewhere inside their head some chemical changes are experienced and that changes are the beat of the inner orchestra which is keep on drumming inside and showing the eagerness to comes out. First experience (finding an opportunity) I was walking alone at the corridor thinking about how to make the way to get successful in the music industry and what is the field in which I should enter being working as a musician. I was held up by a mate of mine Joe; he said we have been called to be a part of a team to record a music album. I was got excited by listening this that we are going to Planet Studio. Till the time when I entered that studio up to the time when I was just only familiar with music and sound and nothing more than that and was nothing their like being a music producer. When I entered the Planet Studio I saw that the technicians are arranging the things at the right place to make a perfect ambience around to record the music album. When we are approaching nearer and nearer to the area of shooting, a person came up to ask that how come you guys here? then we introduced our selves that the organizing committee has called us to help in recording the music album. Then he escorted us to the area where the mai n recording will be going to record. While going towards the recording room I was hearing the sound which was playing by the pianist, it added like a scoop of melody which entered into my blood through my ears, till the time when I entered the recording room it was like feeling outrageous and overwhelmed by the sound. While sitting in the recording room my inner soul was still with the sound which I heard of the piano outside the recording room. The time we were waiting in that recording room, the instincts inside crouching me to hear that sound of piano again. On the other side of the room, technicians were setting the sound system perfectly in studios and managers were assigning the places to the musicians that will be going to perform in the music album. Suddenly a knock of the door voice strike to our ears, and this was the sound engineer Tom Lowry; he greeted us and welcomed us on the sets. He called us to meet other members of the team, which were helping in setting up the other things. The people we met were the sound engineer, technician and the assistant technician; their names were Dan Donnelly and Steve respectively. By getting their introduction we get know that what were the sections that these people were handling and the sound engineer parted me and my friend Joe and instructed the technician and the assistant technician what were the responsibilities and the sections which they had to divide according to the work with us. I was with the assistant technician who was also the incharge of lighting effects in the arena and my mate Joe was with the technician. At that time we didnt know what were the responsibilities they would be going to give us. Steve took me to the area where the main section of the recording area and guided me how to check the sound system whenever it would be asked to so. He told me the technical aspects of the system i.e the sections of the mixing console which is to be used while checking the sound system. There were other sections too which I was asked to handle like checking the position of the recoding instruments and if any case any type of fault would be found before the recording starts, the report should be with the main technicians, so that they could remove it well before the recording starts. It was the recording of the productio n house named Sony Music and it was the recording of one of the famous singer of industry Saki. On the other side my mate Joe was leaded by technician Dan, he assigned him the work to handle the ground force which were handling the sound systems and the checking of the sound system at every section of the arena. While he was busy finding the faults in sound systems I was busy in the recording room checking the recording system with the assistant technician. In a little span of time I learn many technical aspects of the recording system like source force audacity, different tempos and lines of dynamics etc. as Steve guided it. When I was checking the headphone sound quality which kind of sound is created when playing different ornaments and instruments, at that when Steve start speaking few words like123, 123 checking the system, his sound comes in the recording room like the sound of crackling elephant sound because his voice was quite heavy and his throat was sour. Then after about 2 hour our all system was totally set up from all aspects. After couple of minutes the team memb ers of singer Saki came up with the production team of Sony Music. The stage was all set for the singer to get started. The main theme of the album was love and hate. Then after few minutes of break the singer Saki came up on stage with his lyrics in his right hand. Then the pianist played the start up tone of the song and following him other musicians started playing their instruments in a proper rhythm and here came up the sound of the singer in the recording room. The experience which I get while standing in the recording room during the session, it was the moment when I made up my mind that I would be a music producer because the melody and the technicalities while recording could be experienced, there is no other place in the world which can provide you that experience. The sound which strikes in my years while recording music making me thirstier of being on the place where the recorder was recording the voice. The tempos and sounds checking at the same time when some kind of bleak sounds experienced while recording. The recording room is the p lace where whole of the music depends. The faults that occur while singer like if we take an example if the singer make some mistake while singing he/she got out of rhythm then it can be clearly found in the recording room and from there the music producer/sound engineer can give proper instruction to the singer that he is going out of the way of the lyrics and the tune. This was my first lesson of being a sound engineer that being a sound engineer/music producer you must know all technical aspects of the mixing console and out of all that you should very much sound about the technicalities of the music. These technicalities include the tempo of the music at which it is going, genre, instruments sound checking, comparing every hit on the right note as required by the song. Without having a strong knowledge of the music nobody can be a music producer. This was an eye opening experience for me. After that recording I was called up by the sound engineer along with my friend Joe. It was quite a hectic day for us but was quite a life changing experience for me. When I came back to my place then I was very much sure that I will be a music producer like Honey Singh. He was institution of inspiration for me and after this practical experience I got all the answers of my questions which hit my mind every single day like what is your passion, what you want to be in your life, would spend the life as nobody knows and will be dead like any other common man die, where is the fire inside you and etc.. Now I got the way which I have to follow and there was no second thought in my mind about the choice. This first experience of mine which showed me the path what are the teachings needed to be a perfect musician. Teachings, the way out Now getting into the technicalities of being a perfect musician needs the basic teachings which are needed to be successful. The teachings which helped me to reach my goal are mentioned as below:- Different recording methods Music theory Music dictionary Reading the printable melodies of music These were the important learning and teaching which made me a musician today working as sound engineer/music producer in a studio. Now let me explain these teachings one by one so that we all can in touch deeply with the technicalities which I learnt to reach here:- Different recording methods: - There are basically three types of recording methods that are used by the musicians. These are as follows:- Acoustic recordings Electronic recordings In the box recordings The few of the basic elements of these three kinds of the recordings techniques are explained below:- Acoustic recordings: - The acoustic recording is simply the catching up of the sound in the microphones and that signal is converted into electronic signal so that they can be captured or recorded. In the todays world these recordings are in the computers and the hard disks. Whether the language they understand is digital or analogues they have the same basic throughout. They all have acoustic recording styles. Electronic recordings: - This is the second method of recording the music. The basic idea of introducing the electronic recording is to totally bypassing the acoustic altogether. There are many instruments in which the electronic recordings are used in the todays world like bas and guitar and with their output the amplifier get attached to boost the voice. Especially the DI boxes are used to store the electronic records. As DI boxes have the capability to store high impedance signals recordings. In the box recordings:- The third type of recording is the In the Box recording that means it is the recording directly into the computer. This type of recording is stores in the actual recording application directly in the memory of the computer and with the advancements it can be editable at any phase whenever it is required. This is the modern way of recording the music. As this application is also available with the smart phone where you edit the recorded music in the way that required. Music theory: - Basically music theory is the subfield of the musicology. This is generally known as the basic academic studies of different sections of music. There are various factors that are needed to control through the music theory like the pitch, rhythm, harmony and forms. These are the most fundamental elements of the music theory which are always needed to be controlled. Music dictionary: - There is basic requirement of understand the various musical meanings of the terms used in the music line. The music technical words like accelerando, accompanimal, ballad, barcarolle, chamber orchestra, chanson etc. the meaning of these words always needed to be known because without that nobody can understood the meaning of the musical technical words. So they always needed to be remembered. Reading the printable melodies of the music:- The following are the few symbols of the printable noted and what is meaning of each not is shown below:- Each melody sign have its important in the music terms and all the notes that should be hit properly according to the requirement of the music. The proper reading of these sign needed to be a musician in every aspect whether you are a sound engineer or a general technician. So these are the teachings which I have learnt to be an effective and well knowledgeable musician. Nothing is impossible; all you need is the right direction to lead the life. Learning outcomes My job working as music producer/sound engineer is to check what are technical aspects of recording music because it is the most basic branch of any kind of music, which is listened by the people. Checking the frequency at which the music is being recorded, like we have to think like an engineer and even as the listener that where it is fall out of the tune which Klink to the ear. As talking about my current experience being a sound engineer, I have learnt so much of the technical aspects of recording music. What I get to know about music is that you have to be mentally fit, power of concentration is very important and above this technical knowledge of all the variation which are needed to be done during recording music. Taking the concern of all the previous experiences of mine, I am using it with full passion and craziness to record the best music as it is recorded never before. Earlier the day I was talking to the bunch of mates about music and what are the missions of creating music. The definition which comes out of the discussion consists of few words which are very important which I remarked:- Mission of music is a duty a task, a campaign, a beautiful journey of life, feeling the inner soul. Peoples group in different cities, in a religious order, in a business. Place an area where music is being listened or a building. An event such as wedding of people. I feel that music is a pedagogical way of teaching the music. According to my experiences I came to know that mission of music is to:- Restore harmony with the god. Feeling the beauty of the inner soul through music which found the way to see god inside. It is the way which a person can celebrate the good news. It reunites the people of different culture and areas at one place. It is to teach someone the core of humanity, baptize and nurture the humanity in a beautiful way so that it presumes the world of angels. It is the way in which you can successfully respond to the needs of human. The melodious way to get in touch with the unexpected needs of the people which they cant express by speaking or telling to someone. The music helps in addressing the unjustified structure of society and brings people to the experience the loneliness inside the human heart. Music give definition to the words which a person wants to say to loved ones without saying any word to them. It gives feel of cold breeze to the inner soul. This is what I learned from that my ideal Honey Singh. He is the man who dedicates all his composition, recordings and production to the name of the god. I am always trying to move in positive way, by taking the name of the god so that every music album which I am recording or will going to record will make me nearer to the god. This is what trying to do with my latest contracts. My current experiences of being a musician is quite an exciting one as I am working with the Sony Music about the music recording and production of one song which will be the part of a movie. The singer of the song is the Saki; I am quite excited working in the team its like never before experience. The deep knowledge of every deep aspect of music recording is with me and using the old saying that practice make man perfect which I am doing right now. This is the way I am leading my life being a music producer, would you like to be the part my life? References Bonard, Jean-Marc (January 2001), "The Physicist's Guide to the Orchestra",European Journal of Physics22(1): 89101,arXiv:physics/0008053,doi:1088/0143-0807/22/1/309 A Rowland-Jones,Playing Recorder SonatasClarendon PressISBN 0-19-879001-5 Information about makers is summarised from sleeve notes of David Munrow'sThe art of the Recorder, 1975, written by Edgar Hunt, then Head of Renaissance and Baroque music atTrinity College of Music, London Donald Murray et al.Musical Instruments: History, Technology, and Performance of Instruments of Western Music, Oxford University Press, 2004.ISBN 0-19-816504-8. p.122

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Rugmaker of Mazari Sharif Essay free essay sample

The first of these, Afghanistan, is where Najaf Mazari was born and raised. We see that many of his core moral beliefs and traits are as a result of this upbringing. Looking at his family life we can see how the influence of his older brother Gorg Ali impacted on Najaf. He thought of his older brother gorg Ali as a father figure, as his real father was killed in the war meaning Gorg Ali became responsible for the upbringing of his siblings. Najaf describes Gorg Ail in the text as a gentle person, contrary to most Afghani fathers who offered a tougher, more realistic outlook on life in Afghanistan. An Afghani father has failed in his duty to his sons if he raises dreamers. This is a strong statement and we can therefore conclude that Gorg Ali did fail by Afghani standards in a sense that Najaf Mazari dreamed of a better life outside of the sand and rubble that is Afghanistan. We will write a custom essay sample on Rugmaker of Mazari Sharif Essay or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page In saying this Gorg Al ultimately succeded as Najaf was able to take this hope gven to him and put it towards the goal of living a better and safer life, which he was able to achieve. Najaf describes Gorg Ali as the sort of person who holds things together. What is meant by this statement is that Gorg Ali was against the on-going violence. Not being the sort of person to break but rather, repar damage done. He wanted harmony and peace he was not the type who wrenches things apart for the sake of their own pride and illusion of superiority. It is also meant in a family sense. Najaf gives Gorg Ali credit for his ability to hold his family together. Najaf is clearly in favour of Gorg Ali and does not believe in war to solve problems. We can see that Najaf is against war through the emotive language he uses. He talks about witnessing several explosions in my lifetime, always unwillingly. We can see through these examples that Najaf’s identity is strongly defined by the on-going war in Afghanistan and by the beliefs and wisdom of his brother Gorg Ali. Najaf’s ethnicity also would have impacted heavily on his character. Being a Hazara, he is looked down upon by society in Afghanistan, in particular the Pashtuns. They think of the Hazara as second class citizens and treat them accordingly. This would have further increased Najaf’s distinct hate for violence and discrimination. Pashtuns being mainly Sunni Muslims and the Hazara being Shiite Muslims this is the most prominent origin of the conflict: the conflict between the two sub religions. The reason I bring this point up is the capture of Najaf by the Taliban, during a time when the Taliban where at full strength. His lack of decisiveness as to which side he is on due to his hate for war, and the fact that he is of Hazara decent (The Hazara had killed many Taliban defending Mazar-e-Sharif) gave the Taliban ample reason for his capture. When captured, Najaf was tortured brutally and describes his feelings as not caring whether I live or die. This statement shows how horrific the torture was to the point of men confessing to what they had not done, fought against the Taliban, to hasten their deaths. Men just stopped caring, practically taking their own lives. Najaf was not one of these men. Although he was eventually released the psychological impact this event in his early life would have been huge. Even after being thrown out of the gate of the compound, Najaf still believed he would be shot in the back of the head. Having not been through this sort of pain before I cannot say how it would affect a person, to be without hope. Although I can say that the effects would surely not be positive and recovery would be long and slow, as if exiting the worst sort of depression imaginable. His character would be shaped massively by this event in his life. Najaf’s religion would have shaped his way of thinking and moral values through the beliefs he holds in the Shia religious denomination of the Islam faith. There are the physical idea’s such as not being allowed to consume alcohol or pork. Then there are the spiritual beliefs about god, and how he watches over everyone and has a plan for our lives. The shrine of Ali is a spiritual centre for the Islam faith. It is a large ornate shrine within the city of Mazar-e-Sharif. The shrine of Ali is not considered famous by Muslims; it is too holy to be famous. Examining this quote we can see the dedication to the Islam faith that Afghani men such as Najaf Mazari possess. Najaf is not bothered by the thoughts of others. Najaf knows this and his decision to travel dangerously to Australia must have been made in part by his belief that God will deliver him safely and has a plan for his future. This idea of being impacted by where we are raised is very prominent in western society also, albiet in a slightly different manour. In my own life I can say I have been greatly influenced by my family in the way I act and the food I eat. Friends of mine have impacted on the thngs I like and dislike. My school has imacted on the path I have chosen to take in life and my religious beliefs. Very similar methods of learning are shared between myself and Najaf in our early lives, although the teachings may be different. This point in his life I am very familiar with and can see how his identity has been originaly shaped by where he lives, how he lives and who he lives his life with. Woomera, a holding camp for illegal refugees, is drastically different from his previous life in Afghanistan. It could be described as a state of limbo between the two countries. Najaf Mazari is confronted with many challenges that are presented to him both directly and indirectly by the Australian authorities. These challenges are presented for various reasons although the ultimate goal is to decide whether the refugee is suitable or not to enter the Australia. Woomera is a prison, certainly, but it is also a school. In a sense Najaf’s traits and values are being moulded to fit that of a successful Australian. The first challenge that Najaf is concerned with is what the Australians are looking for. He is not given a list of any sorts to determine this. Here I am, my name is Najaf Mazari, do you have a use for me in your country? It is a valid question, and we can see the exasperation in the words Najaf is saying, having lived through explosions and torture, sailing to an uncertain destination on an unworthy ship and now he is unable to please the Australians because he does not know what will please them. They seem to think that anyone who does not have white skin lives entirely on rice. We can clearly see the lack of understanding between the two parties. Najaf’s upbringing and his personalities are evident through his actions taken. I try to make myself useful and ask for work and obtain a job in the kitchen. This would be very pleasing to the Australian prison authorities as it shows not only his willingness to work, but the initiative he takes to be useful in the society he is in and therefore will probably take outside of Woomera. Another example of Najaf’s initiative and learning is the English language. Najaf knows he must learn it not only for use if he is to be granted a Visa but also to properly communicate to his interviewer and give himself a greater chance of being granted this visa. Najaf finds an Iranian who speaks English and asks him for assistance, In God’s name, I implore you to interoperate for my Afghani’s. This proposal is indicative of several things. Firstly, that Najaf is able to use his initiative and ask for assistance as he has shown earlier when asking for a job. Najaf is also asking the assistance of a Non-Afghani, an outsider, to help his friends learn. This is a big step because rivalry between the five countries turns into tiny wars. We can see that the relationship between refugees from different countries is not the most pleasant. In saying this, Najaf is willing to overcome their differences and ask for help from an Iranian. This shows that Najaf not only disapproves conflict, but is also willing to show his weakness to a fellow refugee. We are all here for the same reason, starting a new life in a new country. Though the Australians may not have noticed this particular incident they would certainly get the idea the Najaf is enthusiastic, willing to please and willing to learn. These are traits he would have gained throughout his childhood as a sheep farmer and Rugmaker which goes to show the usefulness these working-man’s traits can have in the future. So while in Woomera his core values remain the same where his traits and actions are being moulded to fit Australian society. For me, in my life this was Dilworth. Just like Najaf I was thrust into ths strange place which I knew very little about. I can understand how he felt isolated and alone during this time as he knew no-one and nothing of the customs rules or expectations. I know that it is a very slow proccess but through time and experience your learn the etacate. Though Dilworth and Woomera may not share many smlarities, there altmate purpose is shared. To send people out to live their lives outside of the gates successfully all the while weeding out the sour apples. I know that Dilworth has taught me many valuable life skills and am thankful that I will have the experience I do when I go out into the world. I have, in a sense, had my identity shaped by a halfway house between the old and the new. Living a successful life in a first world European country can be said to be vastly different from a life in a middle-eastern country like Afghanistan. Living in Australia is more complex in the sense that it requires a lot more effort to live peacefully. By this I mean that things such as IRD forms, taxes and electricity bills inhibit peace somewhat. Najaf is aware of this: When the very big problems are fixed 100 smaller problems are revealed. Things such as Credit cards are magic to him. People pay with plastic in this country. Life becomes much more complicated for Najaf due to his lack of self-reliance. This comes from being in Woomera for a long period of time. Najaf goes from the relatively simply society in Afghanistan to a sheltered environment such as Woomera where he is provided for completely, to a much more complex society. In Woomera his fate was in the hands of others, he was unable to decide what happened to himself other than to be a good and useful person. Whether he got into Australia or not was not in his means. Now having actually entered Australia, Najaf would find himself quite alienated from the rest of the society, knowing no-one on a personal level when he began his Australian journey. Najaf faced the cultural problem of terms; he only understood things on a superficial level. We can see this through his search for a place to live. When asked if he was smoke free he replies, ‘It’s ok ill smoke outside’ not fully grasping what the term meant. It is the same scenario when asked if he is a student. Although he believes he is, due to his learning of the English language and culture, he is not the desired type of student asked for being young and attending university. This becomes frustrating for Najaf, who becomes increasingly intollarible of things stating I began to miss having my problems in the hands of others as they were in Woomera. It is many of these small issues that make life in Australia hard for him, although with each day he is learning and his identity is growing more westernised. Things that many people in western culture take for granted, such as a shower, amaze Najaf. The sheer number of cars on the road and even the way people walk on the footpaths is foreign to him. Najaf, in saying this, is not completely unaware of the line between what is acceptable and what is not in this foreign country. The example he gives of this is his first employer who he describes as a witch of a woman. She does not give Najaf the leniency or sympathy of others who have helped him, instead making him work twelve hour shifts on minimum wage while constantly scrutinising his work. He shows the reader that he is not completely ignorant of the world and leaves the job with the unjust employer. Looking at the wider world we realise that najaf is not the only refugee, far from it. Many people, especially in poor, war torn countries are looking for the salvatin of a new life, one where the worry is on living a successful life, rather than a safe one. Western countries such as Australia and New Zealand contribute to this effort taking in their share of refugee’s offering them a home. Throug agencies such as, housing New Zealand and in najaf’s case the Australian housing office, the world is offering people like Najaf the chance to make himself a use in your country by providing housing and an allowance. As he put it. As a New Zealander who is part of a country who offers help I feel a sense of pride at this act of giving. In a sense these schemes are providing refugees with a new life. In Najaf’s case this comes in the form of an Australian visa. I believe the change Najaf would have undergone would have been quite durastic. It is very clear through interperating Najaf’s autobiography, the changes that Najaf has undergone through these three distinct part of his life. How he has matured and learned and then thrust into the unknown to fend for himself and we are able to make the connections between this and other examples of people havng given up their lives in search of peace.