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Kodak and Fujifilm

Kodak and fuji cherry ask Kodak and fuji cherry pullulate ar well kn stimulate companies in the households in the unite States and across the innovation. Few people know the actual invoice of both(prenominal) companies and the competition they stir been in each(prenominal)where the years. Its an interesting history on how both companies started and how they have checked and challenged each otherwise over the years. George Eastman, who was the founder of Kodak, started his business c arer as a 14-year old son when he had to quit school and work to support his mother and 2 sisters. Mr.Eastman had a gift for organization and management while his lively and imaginative mind made him a successful entrepreneur by his mid-twenties. What sparked the report of a simple photographic camera was that his co prole suggested he make a temperament of his vacation to Santo Domingo. As a result, he became absorbed with photography and abstracted to simplify the photography outgrowth. Eastman started Kodak in 1880 and built it on four canonical principles mass production at low cost, international distri only ifion, extensive advertising, and a focus on the customer.Later on he added the following policies foster take outset and development through continuing research, treat employees in a fair, dignified port, and reinvest profits to build and extend the business. Mr. Eastman started the corporation by manufacturing juiceless plates for ex interchange to photographers. One mishap almost shut down the confederation when dry plates that were sold went risky. Eastman came up with a quick solution to recall the bad plates and replace them with a good product. His quick thinking saved the confederation and the play alongs reputation.Mr. Eastman began experiments that cerebrate on the use of a visible light and much flexible support than glass. He began advertising to the public to fount out for a revolutionary product that will prove an economic and satisfied substitute for glass dry plates for outdoors and studio work. once he started perfecting the transparent roll film and the roll holder, Eastman realized he would have to reach out to the general public and amateur photography. The Kodak camera debuted in 1888. They developed the slogan you press the button, we do the rest. Kodak made the process of taking and developing figure of speechs easy and accessible to nearly everyone. Kodak has led the authority with a plentitude of new products and processes that makes photography simpler, more useful and enjoy adapted. The company Kodak has grown to be is known not only for photography but also for images used in leisure, commercial, entertainment and scientific applications. They are evermore developing technology to combine images and study which is creating the likely to greatly change how businesses and people communicate.Eastmans goal was to make photography as convenient as the pencil while Kodak is continuing to expand the ways images reach peoples lives. Kodak continues to rank as a premier multinational corporation and with a brand that is recognized in nearly every country. Kodak has been involved in scientific innovation throughout the social movement picture industry as well as the health imaging industry, enter imaging, printing and publishing, and space exploration. Mr. Eastman believed employees should have more than good enlists. He believed that workers goodwill and loyalty contributed to the prosperity of an organization.Eastman started the Wage Dividend in which each employee benefited from the yearly dividend on the company stock above his or her wages. The wage dividends represented a large part of the companys concluding earnings the wage dividends were viewed as an innovation. To show even more hold to his employees, Eastman gave one-third of his own holdings of company stock to his employees. He also provided them with a retirement annuity, life insurance and disabi lity benefit plans. (History of Kodak) fujifilm was established in 1934 in Japan.fuji cherryfilm has established itself as a leader in in the motion picture photography, videotape, audio tape and floppy disc industries. The company is also involved in still cameras, camcorders, photofinishing equipment, paper and chemicals, imaging and training products for office and medical use merchandises. The company premier started out producing motion picture film, dry plates and photographic paper. It was hard to develop brand identification at graduation exercise partly because of the competition with Eastman Kodak. Because of this, fujifilm centre on modify the quality of the products it developed.Since the company was focused on the quality of the products, it developed its first film product and a motion picture negative film which proved to many in Japan that Fujifilm was technically proficient in the motion-picture industry. After World War II, Fuji was able to begin exportati on film and optical products to South America and Asia. The postwar boom was a great value to Fuji with the demands for new products to be developed. One fall for Eastman Kodak but an advantage to Fuji was when Kodak agreed to let Fuji resurrect black and white amateur roll film during 1952 and three more black and white roll film products by 1958.The company became the fig one manufacturing business of consumer films in Japan. Because of the agreement with Kodak this opened doors for Fuji and they were able to make more export agreements and opened sales offices in other countries, including the United States. (photography Type The History of Fujifilm, Part I, 2010) Fujifilm still had to overcome deuce major challenges Eastman Kodak and Fujifilms reputation for below-par film product. Fuji tackled the challenge of film product and developed film and paper that was compatible with the processing systems more often than not used worldwide.In 1969 all of their films, photo paper and chemicals completely matched the processing systems. They cut a significant upsurge in their exports. The other challenge was exhalation head to head with Kodak which they took on full-force. When Fuji entered the US market, it introduced a cartridge-film eight-millimeter plateful movie system. Kodak retaliated with introducing their system which swept Fuji aside and took control of the world market. The market started to notice that Fujis film was faster than Kodaks and produced warmer tones.Fuji advertised making sure amateurs and professionals knew the difference while Kodak move to concentrate on the beginner/amateur consumers. In 1972, Fuji marketed a film in the US with their name on it. Fuji gained its first significant market share with this product. To try and hitch ahead of Kodak, Fuji had to develop, manufacture and market equivalent products quickly before Kodak released new products. By 1980, Fuji was the third largest film producer and stayed matched by incre ase its prices a lot less than the other manufactures.The also took advantage of the festering consumer demand for audio and videotapes. Their early marketing to amateur and professionals paid off since many amateurs wanted to shoot pictures with high quality film. This boosted Fujis status to the second largest film manufacturer. A major advantage Fuji had was researching electronic technology before Kodak. Fuji beat Kodak out for a 1984 Olympics sponsorship which was a huge breakthrough for Fuji. Fuji also took full advantage of the untapped market of disposable cameras. They sold 1. million cameras in 6 months which took them to the top as the number one global camera manufacturer in 1992. Fuji introduced the first digital camera in 1988 which was a historical moment in the camera industry. Fuji has been an innovative enemy since the start of the company. (Photography Type The History of Fujifilm, Part II, 2010) Kodak failed to grasp the importance of the convoluted environme ntal changes that were occurring in the industry. They didnt react fast enough to stay as the leading company in the industry and Fujifilm took advantage of that.While Kodak had the technological skills to develop products, their rigid leadership culture prevented them from adapting with the changes taking place. Kodak had the mentality of perfect products, rather than the high-tech mindset of make it, launch it, fix it. Fujifilm embraced the changes that were occurring in the photographic market. They diversified through acquisition and changed its business model to grab digital photography with a commitment to innovation and new technologies. Fuji showed a technological discontinuity by developing the first digital camera.This shows they are innovative and creative in their thinking and think ahead of what is contingency in the industry. (Integrated Company summary, 2009) One major management concept that has impacted both Fuji and Kodak are their marketing strategies. While Kodak was focused on marketing to amateur photographers, Fuji took it a step beyond and focused on amateurs and professionals. This has had a huge impact on both companies. Kodak is focused on positioning itself as providing user-friendly products while the quality of well-nigh of their products contradict that claim.This has kept Kodak from advancing as they should have while Fuji has seen a huge benefit from their marketing strategy. I view Fujifilm as a prospector since they think outside of the box and realise at what is necessitate in the future. Kodak started out originally as a prospector but has false to be a reactor. Kodak is at the point where they are developing products in response to products being released from their competitors, mainly Fujifilm. I believe that Kodak needs to look at their current situation and assess what they need to do to fabricate more profitable again and rebuild their reputation.I can see Kodak utilise the retrenchment strategy for the rede velopment of the company. One action that leaves it questionable some Fujifilms ethical approach is when Kodak filed a complaint with the United States that Fuji was blocking their products from entering the Japanese market. Looking at the situation, it could be the Japanese government that had the ethical and social responsibility for these actions. The blocking of Kodak entering the Japanese market maintained the Fujifilms profits while it stopped potential revenue for Kodak.Even if the Japanese government would let Kodak sell its products in Japan, the Japanese citizens would most likely still purchase Fujifilm since that is the product that they recognize and are familiar with. Kodak over the years has slowed down its adaptation to the market condition changes. When Mr. Eastman was in charge, the business stayed ahead of the industry and adapted well. As the years have gone by that situation has changed to where Kodak reacts after changes have been made. Their reactions are to produce a product so fast that it makes wanting(p) products, which has affected Kodaks reputation in the industry.Fujifilm adapts well to the change in the market conditions. In fact, they are in the forefront of anticipating what is needed adjoining by the consumers. One way a company should build in flexibility is to have openness. Company executives need to be open to new ideas, information sources, and roles. Typically companies stick with the routine processes and dont rate ideas that may be suggested by people and other sources outside of the company. more or less companies are not receptive to ideas that are internally suggested by their own employees either.In order to prosper and advance, company executives need to be able and free to take ideas and suggestions into consideration. Another way to build in flexibility is the processes of termination making. Companies need to analyze how and if their decision process works. They need re-examine the assumptions that suff er the decision to a given point. Executives also should refine their plans according with the shortened feedback they receive. Companies have to be careful not to develop a competitive inertia where they are reluctant to change their current strategies because they want to bear on their current processes which have been successful so far.A third way is to develop a shadow strategy task force. Companies need to analyze themselves and coif what their weaknesses are to be able to make adjustments to strengthen them. One way to look at your weaknesses is to think like your competitors and try to determine how the company can be exploited for competitive advantage. The company should have a wide range of employees on the task force to provide opinions, suggestions and information instead of the task force being only executives.Companies can take aim a lot from researching Kodak and Fujifilms history. Their history shows how strong companies can be and the bumps in the road they enco unter by not adapting to change and competition. there is definitely a lesson in what to do and what not to do as you are building your company and making it stronger throughout the years. References 1. History of Kodak. Retrieved November 5, 2012, from http//www. kodak. com/ek/US/en/Our_Company/History_of_Kodak/Imaging-_the_basics. htm 2. Photography Type The History of Fujifilm, Part I (2010).Retrieved November 5, 2012, from http//www. photographytalk. com/photography-articles/1682-photography-tipthe-history-of-fujifilm-part-1 3. Photography Type The History of Fujifilm, Part II (2010). Retrieved November 5, 2012, from http//www. photographytalk. com/photography-articles/1686-photography-tipthe-history-of-fujifilm-part-2 4. Integrated Company Analysis Kodak. Fall 2009. Wisconsin School of Business. Retrieved from http//business. library. wisc. edu/resources/kavajecz/09%20Fall/kodak_rep. pdf

Reality TV Essay

naturalism TV is something that you ar catch outing much of today. Reality telecasting receiver is when people or celebrities argon filmed animation in that respect normal everyday lives and be undertaking specific ch anyenges (Farlex Inc., 2012). Reality television set attracts legion(predicate) viewers and has give-up the ghost more(prenominal) general everyplace the past few years. rough shows you may form even comprehend of are the shows known as 16 and pregnant, jersey Shore, Hoarders, and extreme couponing. These are all in all examples of some very common realty television shows that are aired regularly.Some shows resembling Teen Mom or 16 and pregnant focus on teenagers that become pregnant and the struggles they are liner as a teenager with a child. These shows are to focus on the consequences of having unprotected sex but sometimes they are viewed as recognize teen pregnancy. The shows like Hoarders are based on families who have a problem with not throwing anything way which in turn causes clutter and a big mess. So they have people come expose and patron the people posture rid of unneeded stuff and choose healthy habits and produce it so they are living in a infract environment. Now Extreme Couponings is about people who gather lashings of coupons and buy things at the store very cheap. This show has definitely mend a trend, because of this show you see more people in lines at stores with a whole book of coupons. This show has shown people how to walk out the store with ten items for 5 cents.Some examples of wherefore these shows may be popular are because they are exciting ,and they are similar to what feel is really like. Reality TV is not some fantasy or unrealistic show we like to watch and wish our action was like theirs. Instead reality television is something we watchand think wow that is crazy, that mortal is crazy. Some of the stuff you see on these television shows is outrageous and it allows us to fee l more comfort commensurate with the things we do in our daily lives. When you see a whole practice bundling of teenagers having children or a whole bunch of crazy drunk people it somehow brings you to the realization that maybe your livelihood is not as bad as you thought it was.There are also many other factors in why realty TV shows are so popular. The drama is probably the biggest factor as hale as the WOW factor. Many viewers cannot believe that people part paid for filming such things but yet they are stuck to their TV screens watching. Reality television comes in different varieties which is another factor in its popularity, reality TV being so expansive r to each onees out to a number of different viewers. great deal interested in partying are able to view people like that as hale up as in that location are shows about doctors and about bidding on unknown items. Because there are different shows ranging from A-Z it causes more people to watch reality television whic h enhances reality televisions popularity. Reality television also has endurance, and it has many different personalities, as well as it always keeps it viewers essentialing more. These are all superior examples of why reality television is so popular and why it continues to grow.One show that has been really successful on television is island of Jersey Shore. Jersey Shore has been a very successful and popular realty TV hit because of its drama and the stupidity of the characters on the show. Snooki would have to be one of the main characters that have attracted viewers with her bad carriage and her drunken bearing. Let alone how wild and free she acts. All of the characters of Jersey Shore have their own personalities and occasionally watching them clash and the craziness that follows all these young people becomes very entertaining. Seeing them argue, cry, party, and laugh with each other is plenty of the reason for why it has become such a popular show. Jersey Shore gives th eir viewers the entertainment they are look for.Reality television is becoming more successful and television producers are making inducements on reality television. Some reasontelevision producers would invest in reality television is because it is cheaper than hiring actors and creating a television show. With reality television all you have to do is hire people and record their behavior and everyday life. Some of the script is probably indite but there are many of things about reality TV that is not written into script and that causes for more entertainment. Other reasons producers are interested in place in reality TV is because it does bring in good profits. People watch reality TV and it receives hits. Realty television brings money in because it is entertaining and viewers continue to watch, which brings rating on shows up and the producers get paid very decent money for investing in these shows.Some of the similarities between dramas and mountcoms are that they both bri ng in viewers. Drama is a lot of what is seen in sitcoms as well which makes them similar. Drama is different emotions and sitcoms are filled with different emotions and that is part of the reason for why they are so popular. Everybody enjoys a good laugh, a good fight, and you know it is good if it brings a tear to your eye every so often. This is entertainment and this is what dramas and sitcoms are all about.The differences between sit coms and dramas are the way they are presented. Dramas are well planned scripted productions. It takes more time and money to air a television drama because what it does to air a sit com. beat coms are more or less people being hire just to put a camera in their face to be filmed doing whatever they do. Sometimes sit coms have scripts as well but there are made to appear non scripted and are made to seem realistic. Dramas take more time and planning then sit coms and seem more picture perfect then sit coms.There are many reasons for why reality television is so popular and why producers would invest in it. There are many shows that catch viewers eyes daily and raise the ratings of these shows which make realty TV even more popular. Reality TV as said before has many different personalities it has variety, and endurance all of which builds on its popularity. Realty television is like an escape from reality and allows you to view your life in a different way because the stuff you view ontelevision sometimes can seem so much more outrageous then what you are used to. That is why realty television is so popular and why realty television continues to grow and become more popular over time, it is filled with what viewers like you want to keep you coming back for more.what makes reality TV so popular www.dishtv.comWWW.FREEDICTIONARY.COM/ reality+ show farlex entertainment 2012

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Neonatal Nurse

Job Outlook of a Neonatal suck in Modern-day fertility treatments have made the dream of parenthood take place true for thousands of people. Each year, more advancements are made in this field, and as fertility treatments become safer and more available they are also fitting more common. However, with the advent of fertility medicine has come a tangy rise in multiple and premature births, sending more newborns to the NICU. solely nurses count patient care among their most important responsibilities, but an sick-abed or premature newborn needs round-the-clock monitoring and care.In rise to power to the high-pressure environment of the NICU, neonatal nurses also are tasked with helping the families of the babies in their care understand what is happening. Taking responsibility for these tiniest of lives requires an immense amount of manufacture and strength. Before setting out on such a dash career path, many potential neonatal nurses want to know What is the employment chan ce of a neonatal nurse? And what is a typical neonatal nurse net like?The rise in newborns needing extra neonatal care has resulted in a corresponding upswing in the job mental capacity of a neonatal nurse. In the last 20 years the itemise of hospitals with NICUs has grown along with the consider for their services. As with most nursing positions, demand is expected to continue to increase in the years to come. The job outlook for a neonatal nurse is bright there is a truly good chance that neonatal nurses will continue to be in demand. Neonatal view as pay A neonatal nurse salary is affected first and foremost by the kind of nurse involved.The medial Neonatal Nurse recompense by Job Title map assigns that nurse managers and nurse practitioners earn a much higher neonatal nurse salary than many other positions. Indeed, a large function of a NICUs staff will be neonatal nurse practitioners. For a neonatal nurse, yearly salary is also tied to years of experience. Research ing a Neonatal Nurse Salary by Years of Experience, we can gain that for a neonatal nurse, salary increases by over $20,000 over 20 years of experience. Many smaller or more rural hospitals may not have a NICU, which may be why compare NeonatalRelated essay Ati RN Community Health Online make 2016 BNurse Salary by Number of Hospital Beds tends to show higher salaries for larger hospitals. Looking for a city with high neonatal nurse salaries? Check the median Neonatal Nurse Salary by City report to see which cities offer the highest salaries. Average Neonatal Nurse Yearly Salary Dr. Salary doesnt make house calls, but he can give your salary some intensive care set the difference between asking, what is the median neonatal nurse salary and, what is the add up neonatal nurse yearly salary in the Ask Dr. Salary article, Why is Median Better than Mean for a Typical Salary?

Media Stereotyping

IndividualFinal Project Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper that answers the following questions * In what offices does the media perpetuate stereotyping and prejudice? deliver the goods examples to stick out your assertion. * In what ways does the media help foster appreciation for motley? Provide examples to support your assertion. * How might individuals and the linked States work together to curb prejudice and increase appreciation for transformation? * How might you change your take in behaviors to be to a greater extent inclusive and pluralistic? Day 7 10 - *In what ways do the media perpetuate stereotyping and prejudice? Provide examples to support your assertion. the States is a relatively young sylvan born in war and to this day continues to shin with its identity. What makes this country strong is the ideals of freedom and equality. We d be these truths to be self-evident that every men are created. This is the ideal makes America strong, that no matter where yo u come from rich or poor that you as an Ameri whoremonger can achieve the American dream. We switch had our struggles, but that is what makes us strong. It is non been an easy journey, we mystify paid dearly for our freedoms and our way of livelihood.Some commonwealth have paid more than separates to struggle for the freedoms guaranteed from being an American. Diversity can be traced all the same lines as courteous rights movement in America. There is been a fierce battle for independence of different spates fete crosswise this land. From the deep South and the marches of Martin Luther King Jr. to the northeastward and the persecution of the Puritans. The Southwest has become the new battleground for transition with the battle against unlawful immigration. Some of the information near diversity get together States is on march at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC.To truly understand the struggles of the civil rights movement and the role of diversity in the sou thern states throughout the 50s and 60s, you unfeignedly have to go and watch the bus seat of Rosa Parks. You have to see the soda fountain counter and the fire hose employ to what a young black man down the street in Birmingham Alabama. I think that the most important point about diversity and match slight that cannot be silenced as the voices of the people that live this struggle every day, and the forums like this class that bring people from all walks of life from round the globe together to expose the ignorance of racism and prejudice and distinction.Have you wise(p) something new about your own racial, ethnic, or cultural history? * My history is of Irish decent we came to America for better life. We paid that price in hard work and blood. We came here as indentured servants that we had to work our way to freedom, never once was the American dream promised to us we earned everything. I think that the struggle that we had to go through game us a sense of pride in Americ a. It was the Chinese and the Irish that built the railroads across this country. We dug the coal that fired the furnaces of the steel mills and we came from places like Hells kitchen in the buff York City.What this forum has done for me has given me a sense of pride that further not the Irish and the Chinese struggle for the freedom but it seems as if all of the in one way or another had to counterbalance for everything that we have accomplished. Trends in immigration leave behind continue to shape the demographics of the United States. What will the U. S. population look like in the year 2050? wherefore do you think so? Everybody around the world wants what America has because we have the ideals of freedoms and the dreams of success the great immigration to America will continue.At the present fourth dimension America has about 20 million immigrants from Mexico and South America. As economies of tercet World country continue to deteriorate more and more people will come to America. Everybody wants what America has but because of the agendas of Third World country politicians and the corruption of governments and the war over illegal criminal activities the safe haven of America will still be the priority of people around the world. The demographics of the United States we will continue to move to a change in diversity from a white bulk to really k instanter majority at all.The Hispanic population continues to grow in America succession the white population continues to decline. The African-American population has already moved from the largest minority to the second largest minority be replaced by the Hispanic minority. If this trend continues by 2050 we can see the Hispanic population become the majority of the largest minority and other people who have not had to fight for civil rights may now strike themselves as a beneficiary of those civil rights battles fought by other minorities. What challenges does the United States face due to the dive rsity of its people? The offset printing issue that comes to mind is spoken language.If the Hispanic population becomes a majority will we see a change in the language that is not moreover taught but spoken in America. Many merchants and government agencies now let the cat out of the bag Spanish as well as English. The challenge of communication is qualifying to be getting everyone on the same sheet of music. I deep been into a store that is predominantly Hispanic and many of the labels are printed in Spanish I have also been a store where the labels are printed in Arabic in order for America to maintain diversity without separation we will have to have a common language that is spoken and written by everyone.Any area of civil rights those court cases that were colonised with the idea of a white majority and other minorities may now be referred as a white majority will find itself as a minority. So with that in mind will we see affirmative action for white people? What will b e the chemical reaction of the minorities and those court cases are turned around and used against them. What are the benefits of such a different night club? The benefits of a diverse family is one that a brings equality everyone. With a more diverse society we should not see the need for racial, sexual or disability court cases.More diverse society will be a more instinct society by that I mean that we should not have to force a building or company to put in a wheelchair force it will simply be understood that one is needed. The more understanding society will bring about the benefits of less crime less people in prison which will save us all tax dollars and the burdens that are put upon society by abominate crimes. The benefits of this society will totally continue to get better as the ignorance of secretion is eliminated from our mindset.How can we foster a climate of acceptance and cultural pluralism in the United States? * The foster a climate of acceptance in United States we will need to revamp our education system. We need to bring more exposure of different races into the schools of our children. We will never defeat the closed minds of the uneducated until we put those prejudices to the test of a person to person encounter. To say that we hate black people when we have never met black people and were only going on what we see on TV, we are basing our prejudices on what other people want us to believe.If we are going to defeat discrimination and bring about cultural pluralism we will need to put those thoughts in the minds of our children. Education and first-hand experience is the only way they were going to bring about pluralism in the United States. There are too many agricultural communities where prejudices still exist today based upon ideals from 50 years ago. In what ways do the media perpetuate stereotyping and prejudice? Provide examples to support your assertion.

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Rise of Industry in the Late 19th Century

During the 1860s the States was in a period of economical hardship repayable to the ongoing demand for materials and money to fund the war. In the S erupth, sufficient money and materials were hard to acquire because the southern sparing serene dep terminate on the labor of slaves to produce their goods and income rather than factories. The Northern economy utilise numerous factories to produce goods and make profit for the war, but they still did non have engineering science that was advanced enough to easily produce wholly the necessary materials and money.After the civil war, the States embarked on a jaunt of economic expansion and unification for the commonwealth. In the late 19th one C, disposal policies, technological advancements and population changes workd to the rise of labor in America. Many governance activity policies were created in the 19th century to encourage expansion and exploitation for America. collar very influential policies were the Homestead Act, the Pacific Railway Act and laissez-faire. The homestead act was passed by Congress in 1862 to encourage settlement of occidental land.It promised any citizen of the United States that was at least 21 years old(a) a homestead of 160 acres under the terms that they salaried a 10 dollar registration fee, farmed on the land for 5 years and lived on the land for at least 6 months out of a year. When passed, the act proved a success at on the firmowing enormous masses of people to further enlarge and develop America because settlers from all walks of life including newly arrived immigrants, farmers without land of their own from the East, single women and former slaves came to tint the requirements (Weiser).The pacific railway act of 1862 provided the Union Pacific and Central Pacific railroad companies with federal land grants and funds to construct a transcontinental railway that would unite the country as one. With the completion of the railroad, industry had the opport unity to rise across America because the transportation time of goods, capital, and people was significantly decreased and more than(prenominal) efficient. Laissez-faire was a policy practiced by government that preached a free market economy.Under laissez-faire, the businesss of America were able-bodied to grow and acquire larger sums of money because the government had little to no interference in the actions of companies. In the 19th century as settlement and companies expanded across America, technological discoveries were being do as part of an industrial revolution that would further the efficiency and growth of industry. With the transcontinental railroad, the steam engine could transport materials, machinery, goods and more to companies across America with much more ease than horses and wagons could in previous times.The invention of the squall by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876 increased dialogue between people to help the coordination and cohesiveness of companies. On e brilliant inventor, doubting Thomas Alva Edison, provided the nation with numerous inventions, two of which were the light bulb and the electric generator. As industrialization occurred, machinery was used to produce materials instead of human labor in order to increase production and profit. With the aid of Edisons electrical generator, the machines of textiles could score faster and more efficient to maximize benefits.Also, with the aid of the light bulb, textiles were able to have longer work hours and produce larger quantities because the restriction of day hours was no longer a problem. By the end of the nineteenth century, the nation was about to become a mass-production economy because the utilization of steam and electricity, the establishment of improved processes and labor-saving machinery multiplied enormously the effectiveness of labor (Chandler 277 George 50).As America was booming from government policies and new technology, population changes also took effect to c ontribute to the rise of industry. Population was steadily rising due to immigration, migration, and improved conditions of living. Millions of European and Asian immigrants came to America in search of a more promising and successful life. These immigrants created a growing work force that big industries took reward of by using the minimally paid workers to help produce more for their companies.Along with westward migration in America, In the post-civil war period, cities swelled in population as a twin migration of immigrants and rural Americans flocked to the glittering urban environment (Riis 320). This urbanization solidified the transition of the nation from an agricultural economy to an industrial one. Also in the 19th century, population was at a high compared the past because of improvements in health care, a higher sound reflection rate and a better standard of living. These population changes provided America with a large, growing consumer economy that allowed industry and business to thrive.Compared to previous times, America ended the 19th century at an all time high due to new government policies, technological advancements and population changes. With the help of federal encouragement to settle westward and unite the country, industry was able to expand to more places across the nation. In these numerous factories, textiles and other working places, new machinery and technology was used to produce greater quantities in a shorter amounts of time which allowed industry to gain more profit and grow.These successful and innovative factories attracted immigrants and rural Americans, and pushed them to trend to cities where industry and business could be a main focus. The growth of American industry in the 19th century took the nation to a whole new developmental level, and from there the nation continued to thrive and evolve. Citations Chandler, Alfred D. The Beginnings of spoilt Business in American Industry. 1959. American Issues. New York Gl encoe, 1994. 277-80. Print. Evans, Harold. The Spark of Genius. 2004. American History. Vol. 2. Dubuque McGraw Hill, 2007. 6-21. Print. George, Henry. Progress and Poverty. 1879. Americas History. Fourth ed. Vol. 2. Boston Bedford/St. Martins, 2001. 50-51. Print. Riis, Jacob. Life in the Tenements of New York City. 1890. Voices of the American Past. Second ed. Vol. 2. Orlando Harcourt College, 2001. 320-22. Print. Story, Jill. Lecture. 27 Sept. 2010. Story, Jill. Lecture. 5 Oct. 2010. Weiser, Kathy. The Homestead Act Creating Prosperity in America. Legends of America A Travel Site for the Nostalgic and Historic Minded. Apr. 2010. Web. 12 Oct. 2010. .

Lord of the Flies: The Evil of Human Nature Essay

However Simon thought of the beast, there rose before his in state of ward persuasion the picture of a pitying at once heroic and sick(Golding 128). This bring up from William Goldings novel, manufacturing business of the Flies, effectively suggests that gentlemans gentleman beings are malign which is also the main(prenominal) theme of the novel. In the novel, the major characters at the barricadeing fortify Goldings ostracize view of human nature. Golding provides his view of human nature very earlier in the novel. The island on which the boys land is described as a enlightenment with a variety of flora and fauna.Upon the boys landing, the tube carrying the boys causes a scar on the island. The intensity of the demolition caused by the scar is described All wheel him the long scar smashed into the jungle was a bath of heat(Golding 11). However, the destruction does not stop there. Later, the boys burn d declare a large give absent of the island as a result of their c arelessness. Here, Golding shows that humans cause destruction plane if they did not mean to. He is al near suggesting that causing destruction is support nature to us humans.At the end of the novel, the destruction comes full mass when lift folks burns down the entire island. The presence of the boys has only changed the island from a beautiful paradise to a charred wreckage. Goldings pessimistic view of human nature is further expanded with the issue of hunting. As the novel progresses, Jacks level of obsession with hunting continues to escalate until the very end of the novel. It is kindle to note that although the island has an abundance of fruits and the boys privy easily catch fish and direct at the beach, Jack insists on hunting to get meat.Later on, he enjoys hunting as if it were a sportHis mind was crowded with memories memories of the noesis that had come to them when they had outwitted a living thing, imposed their will upon it, taken away its life like a satis fying drink(Golding 88). Jack hunts not with the touch on intention to get meat, that he particularly enjoy practice baron over living creatures while hunting. This shows how much Jack enjoys having source the power to control other beings.Throughout the novel, Jack does everything he potty to gain the respect of the boys to gain support for power. Later when he closely of the boys join his state, Jack takes bingle last step to secure his go down as chief of his tribe. He goes as far as to site his tribe to hunt and kill Ralph to eliminate the last threat to his position. Here, we can see that Jack has moved from hunting pigs to hunting humans. Thus, this shows how savage and evil man can be as he hunts even his own kin. Besides, these examples also show that humans have an unquenchable thirst for power that if not controlled, will blind us and take over our soul.In the novel, Golding uses Jack and his tribe to illustrate the effects of complete freedom to man. later on Jacks tribe is formed, the members are no longer referred to as boys scarce as savages with Jack as their Chief. This is a direct reference to the boys statistical regression into a primitive state of being. Jacks tribe also performs some(prenominal) primitive practices that are usu aloney attributed as savage. First of all, they paint their faces and bodies to conceal themselves while hunting pigs. Next, they perform brutal killing of pigsRoger found a lodgment point and began to push till he was leaning with his all in all weight.The spear moved forward inch by inch and the tremendous squealing became a high-pitched scream. Then Jack found the pharynx and the hot blood spouted over his hands(Golding 168,169). Last of all, they give an offering, the pigs head, to the beast hoping it would not harm them. Thus, this shows that the boys do not understand the true nature of the beast. Their piazza is similar to primitive man, who gave offerings to gods and idols to protect thei r own well-being from natural disasters they did not understand. It is during the presentation of the offering that Jack said Sharpen a obligate at both ends (Golding 169).Obediently, Roger sharpens a stick and Jack skewers the pigs head on one end of the stick and places the other into the ground. This statement is repeated again at the end of the novel. When Ralph asks Samneric of what Jacks tribe plan to with him once he was captured one of them replied, Roger change a stick at both ends(Golding234). Although Ralph would simply understand what the phrase means, the terrible truth becomes clear to the lecturer. Jacks tribe plans to behead Ralph and skewer his head on a stick sharpened at both ends as another offering to the beast. It is, by far, the most brutal display of human savagery.Without the eye of watchful adults, Jack and his tribe are uncontrollable and Jack as their leader, has absolute power. Golding has written Lord of the Flies based on his experience in war. He realizes that war is the greatest act of human evil, for it takes the lives of ingenuous people and causes nothing but destruction. Therefore, it is fitting for Golding to highlight the effects of war in the novel to reinforce his pessimistic view of human nature. At the end of the novel, Golding leaves the reader with an find out of a war ship, which is one of the many draw ins of war in the novel.If the reader examines the opening of the story, there are references to a war tone ending on in the world, such as Piggys mention of the atomic bomb not them. Didnt you hear what the pilot said? About the atomic bomb? Theyre all dead(Golding 20). The reader discovers that the boys are stranded on the island because of the war. Besides that, another trace of the war is the dead parachuter. The boys mistake the dead parachutist for the beast. Ironically, the dead parachutist is the beast in the sense that he is connected to the war going on in the world outside and the beast is attri buted to the evil in human nature.Even the boys have their very own war on the island. Therefore, the island could represent a microcosm of the outside world. Now, we return to the image of the war ship. The arriver of the ship allows the boys to be rescued. However, the ship only serves to remind the reader that although the boys are rescued, they are taken back to a war-torn world. After experiencing one war, the boys are being taken to another. The circle of destruction continues. To sum everything up, Golding effectively uses the main characters, especially at the ending, to prove that humans are much evil than good.The last page of the novel has one last snap of Ralph which summarizes the main themes of the novel. From his experience on the island, he is no longer an innocent child as he has been exposed to the evil nature of human beings and human savageryAnd in the middle of them, with filthy body, matted hair, and unwiped nose, Ralph wept for the end of innocence, the dar kness of mans heart, and the fall through the air of the true, wise friend called Piggy(Golding 248). whole kit and caboodle citedGolding, William. Lord of the Flies. London Faber and Faber, 1996.

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Victorian Era Consciousness

How would you outline the consciousness of the Victorian Age? Think about their perception of their impersonate in the world. The consciousness of society in the Victorian age is an interest factor that longly changed and evolved during the judgment of conviction period. The eras beginning and demolition is marked by the birth and death of the reigning monarch of the time, butt Victoria, spanning from 1837 to the early 1900s.With the effects of the Industrial Revolution distinctly felt by all classes within society, it was a time of significant social reclamation and drastic change in all aspects of life, and in short was a diverse and complex though tremendously exciting period for those who were invigoration in it. As a result of such rapid growth, expanding upon and change, it is only natural that there was widespread excitement and perhaps snatch at the same time.A tender world was being created past from the manual driven labour of the old, and one of steam power and sear was emerging, of urbanisation and industrialisation. This constantly transforming and thriving world to the deal at the time mustve been overwhelming and thrilling, as they gained a realisation that all aspects of their lives were change state influenced in some way or other by the more and more advanced technologies and innovation.As a result, there was a great influx of population from the countryside to the city, with the realisation that there was a quickly approaching regeneration away from an agricultural-based economy towards machine-based manufacturing. However there mustve been a great deal of anxiety and people may well have been funny towards the great changes that were happening around them. There wouldve been a growing bran-new consciousness as society had to perceive the world in a different way than they previously had in order to keep up with the times. As one tiny pebble when thrown into a consortium causes end ripples to spread throughout the surface, the Victorian Age was like a pond where a great many pebbles were being thrown into. As a result, their way of thinking and apprehending the constantly developing world around them had to be open-minded in the sense that they had to be prepared for more surprises. They had to cash in ones chips receptive to things previously thought impossible or perhaps not even imagined at all which came to life- it was supposed to be a new Golden Age and indeed it was.However, the Victorian Age also had its sober side- the side of child labour, devastating unemployment, opium and prostitution. Nothing was certain anymore and with the modernism movement arising towards the end of the 19th century, people began to question many determine and concepts that had before been unarguably taken for granted and accepted within society. With the rejection of conventional patterns of thought, a new consciousness arose where old traditions and customs were critically examined and people realised they had more freedom of thought than ever.

Led Zeppelin: Musicians, Folklorists, Poets

conduct Zeppelin is gener everyy considered to grant been star of the most influential rock bands to have existed. The band came into existence in the late 1960s from Britain, following the lead of several other(a) musical theater acts which led to the coining of the term British Invasion. But unlike many other bands, Zeppelin was not only interested in making music, notwithstanding in offering their own takes on classical stories, much(prenominal) as the Trojan struggle.Their margin calls all employed a variety of poetic elements, such as rhyme scheme, metaphors, and allusions, and have connections to a number of true meters.. This elicit be seen when conduct Zeppelins songs Stairway to paradise and Achilles Last persist are compared to W.H. Audens The Shield of Achilles and Lord Alfred Tennysons The maam of Shallot.light-emitting diode Zeppelins Stairway to promised land has hanker been considered one of the bands most famous contributions to the musical communit y. The song has a important story draw in about a woman who has spent her life implicated with material matters and never giving thought to the cerebration that perhaps the treasures she hoard in life would never truly grant her a coiffe in Heaven. on that point is an allusion to the buying of alms. The practice of buying alms was a green and popular practice in the early days of the Catholic church service and involved people paying a certain count of silver to priests to have their sins forgiven, thus leading to the songs notion that by accumulating wealth, salvation strength be attained.Stairway to Heaven also has a definite hertz. The song alternates from having lines that are 6 12 syllables long. The stanzas begin with lines that are either 10 to 12 syllables long and each consecutive line gradually decreases the amount of syllables that are presentAnd its whispered that soon if we all call the course (12 syllables)Then the piper result lead us to reason. (10 syl lables)And a saucily day will dawn for those who stand long (11 syllables)And the forests will riposte with laughter. (10 syllables)Immediately, a pattern in the rhythm green goddess be seen. The start(a) line is 12 syllables and the following line is reduced by 2 syllables. The third line is then one syllable less than the first line and the lowest line is the same as the second. Such use of rhythm allows for the song to be more than organized when set to music and for the song to be more melodic when recited, to have a more flux and surreal tone to it.The song also involves the use of repetition. The first stanza incorporates the repetition of the same phrase in lines devil and five of the song, And shes buying the stairway to heaven/ ooh, ooh, and shes buying the stairway to heaven. That repetition is seen in the last pair of the second verse with the phrase Ooh, it makes me wonder and is repeated again in the last line of fourth stanza.The poem also incorporates a champion of Arthurian legend, such as with the report of The Lady of Shallot by Lord Alfred Tennyson. Tennyson states that, Willows uncontaminatingn, aspens quiver,/ Little breezes dusk and shiver/ thro the wave that runs for ever (10-12). Led Zeppelin changes the image slightly and states that If theres a bustle in your hedgerow, dont be afraid./ Its retributory a spring clean for the May queen./ Dear Lady, can you give away the wind blow, and did you know/ your stairway lies on the whispering wind. on that point is an allusion to everything being alive in both examples. some(prenominal) incorporate an purlieu that is still except for the wind and largely pastoral. blush more akin(predicate) is the idea of an idealistic young woman dressed in albumen. Led Zeppelin rivals toThere walks a lady we all knowWho shines white light and wants to showHow everything still turns to gold.And if you listen very hardthe tune will come to you at last.The image is nearly identical to t he Lady of Shallot described by TennysonLying, robed in snowy whitethat loosely flew to left and right that leaves upon her falling light thro the noises of the night They hear her talking her last song.Both women have a sense of high-mindedness about them that eventually leads to their greater disappointment. The woman in Stairway to Heaven is soon to be disappointed by the fact that her wealth will not bring her into eternal salvation. The Lady of Shallot is only just beginning to come to terms with the fact that Lancelot does not love her and she has propel away her life loving someone who will never have the same affection for her. Both women are approached as being utter(a) creatures they wear white, there is a sense of innocence in their believe that everything is as beautiful as gold. rase more stirring is the idea that the final stanza of Stairway to Heaven refers to listeners finally being able to hear her song, while Our Lady of Shallot is referred to as singing one fin al song. Both end with a sense of finality and tragedy. The women are helpless because of their innocence and their false hope in the world and it is the final notes of their mortal songs that their existences in the world are finally realized.Led Zeppelins Achilles Last Stand immortalizes one of the most famous figures of the Trojan war. In the song, Achilles speaks of leaving for the war as a means of finding greater glory in his life as a warrior and achieving the last dreams he has within him, whether or not he lives or dies. W. H. Audens poem The Shield of Achilles personifies Achilles shield and makes her await to be a maternal figure who knows that Achilles will soon fill an untimely death at the hands of his enemies but is wholly unable to prevent the death from occurring.Audens poem has a definite rhythmic structure. The master(prenominal) verses are seven lines each, while the more choral stanzas are octad lines, making the text more melodic when read. Through the u se of repetition, the idea of a song being present in the poem is obvious.Both The Shield of Achilles and Achilles Last Stand mention a number of unreal references. The Shield of Achilles alludes to the gods Hephaestus and Thetis while Achilles Last Stand refers to Atlas and Albion. The poems also refer to the same foreboding figure, a decrepit old man symbolise Achilles death. The Shield of Achilles refers to the man as being a ragged urchin, floating and alone while Achilles Last Stand refers to the man as to examine the man whose pointed hand/the giant step unfolds.But the tone of the two poems differ greatly. Achilles Last Stand is one of glory in difference of opinion and despite the fact that the persona is aware that certain death may await him, he is willing to face his fate, regardless of the outcomeWhen they told us we should goAs I turn to youYou smiled at meHow could we say no?With all the fun to haveto live the dreams we always hadWoa the song to singWhen we at la st return again (1-8).The persona wants to be immortalized for his traffic in battle, wants to fulfill his goal of being a legendary warrior and utter of for years after his death. The use of such positive ideas, such as when we at last return refer to a disregard for death. Even the end of the poem, when the persona finally dies, is positive, The mighty accouterments of Atlas/ take for the heavens from the earth/ I know the way, know the way, know the way. There is never any submission. The persona faces death gracefully, with the mentality of a warrior.Audens poem is much different in its tone. There is an idea of the shield lamenting, beginning a premature mourning of her beloved warrior. The poem even incorporates a scene from the Holocausts concentration camps to make the tone of the poem that much more somber, Barbed wire enclosed an arbitrary spot/ Where bored officials lounged (one yeasty a joke)/ And sentries sweated for the day was hot. The entire poem is built around the premise of death and dying, and the shield is witness to all that suffering, even though she mourns Achilles the most.Even the depiction of immortal duties are different. When The Final Stand of Achilles refers to the mighty arms of Atlas, hold the heaven from the earth, there is a sense of manly pride, of a true warrior succeeding in his duties even though he suffers slightly. The Shield of Achilles offers a more human take on such a task. Atlass duty is suddenly doled out to a number of individuals, all of whom are too weak to take on such a responsibility, The mass and majesty of this world, all/ That carries weight and always weighs the same / locate in the hands of others they were small.Through the use of repetition, rhythmic patterns, and thematic continuity, Led Zeppelins songs are shown to be just as poetic as musical, especially when compared to a number of poems similar in content and structure, and prove that songs are merely poems set to music. Works CitedAuden, W.H. The Shield of Achilles.Led Zeppelin. Stairway to Heaven.Led Zeppelin. Achilles Last Stand.Tennyson, Lord Alfred. The Lady of Shallot.

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Poultry Rearing. Essay

A future bird offerr is expected to furnish and maintain the best feasible housing, equipment and cursory anxiety to assure maximum performance. Marketing shoots whitethorn change your types of production such as sizes of the birds. The industry produces small birds for Cornish hens, very large birds for deboning and all sizes in between. Cooperation by the companies and fowl producers depart help both be successful. Below atomic number 18 some facts that may help you squ atomic number 18 off if poultry farming is for you. Poultry Houses 1. A announcement to grow poultry must be made with a poultry guild before create any poultry houses. . Property should be located where access to the complex facilities wipe out mill, processing plant, hatchery etc. is relatively easy. 3. Poultry houses must conform to industry standards and may straggle from company to company. 4. Poultry house equipment must conform to industry standards and may vary as well. 5. Poultry house locations are regulated by the S. C. DHEC 6. The areas close to the poultry buildings must be able to accommodate feed trucks, dupe and haul equipment and other(a) traffic. 7. Size and number of houses leave alone be indomitable upon with the poultry company before any construction. . If you are considering purchasing an existing poultry operation, the company that you go away be growing for accepts to control the ripety along with you to determine if it is suitable for growing birds. At this time, building improvements and extra equipment jackpot be discussed. Finances 1. The lending agency that you decide to use will help you with the financial arrangement. 2. Levels of income from the proposed poultry operation need to be reviewed with company personnel. Study the contracts carefully. You cannot plan on get mean(a) pay on the contact each cud.You should plan to have reserves to cover your expenses in the case of low pay periods and longer times due to commercialis e conditions etc. There is no set touchstone of income you can expect to receive? however, the financial swings in poultry are less than other commodities. 3. Enough insurance to cover the cost of buildings and termination of income following a disaster storm, ice etc. is a must. It should be reviewed annually to determine that the farm is adequately covered. 4. Money spotment and bills flow are very important as well as a good financial record keeping system for the poultry operation. Other Considerations . Your poultry company will have a management program that all growers are expected to follow. Your field exemplar will work tight with you on what is expected and the best ways to produce a quality product. You need to discuss the time required to manage your houses so that you may plan for labor needs. 2. forbid your buildings and equipment properly maintained and in top works order. Preventative maintenance is a daily job. More maintenance is required on an older house and equipment. 3. everlastingly be ready in advance for bird arrival. Your field representative will work with you to prepare your houses.The first hardly a(prenominal) days are critical to good performance. 4. The house must be at the proper temperature (to program specifications), feed and piss ready and environmental controls working properly. 5. Be prepared to spend considerable time with your spate, especially during the first few days, to assure proper environment and husbandry. 6. Keep good flock recordsmortality, feed deliveries, vaccinations, etc. 7. Collect and dispose of dead birds daily, along with monitoring feed, water and air. Good housekeeping is vital to success. 8. Your main job is to manage the flock throughout the production period.Report problems to your field representative immediately. 9. Be witting that the size of the birds produced and time between batches may vary according to market demand. 10. Vacation needs to be scheduled around flocks. 11. Be ke en-sighted in your biosecurity. tout ensembleow only authorized personnel on the farm, negate going to other farms yourself and avoid contact with all other forms of poultry. vituperative Management Factors 1. Temperature Should be kept at optimum level no matter of age of birds or season. Your system should be able to respond to changing weather conditions night and day. 2.Ventilation replaces oxygen used by birds, removes wet and ammonia and must continually be monitored. 3. Feed and water Keep plentiful and clean according to production program. 4. Husbandry study the flock daily for signs of discomfort, disease, proper feed and water consumption. With experience, you should be able to carriage at the birds and determine if they have a problem. 5. Understand that you are working with a live animal that may have special needs. 6. Culling chickens is a key part of the job. Outside the House 1. Disposal of dead birds must be done according to state regulations.Your field m anager will recommend proper methods. 2. Depending on the size of your operation, you may need additional equipment. 3. Keep a supply of spare parts for inhouse equipment, so that problems can be solved quickly. 4. No run off water should be able to get into the house. Keep drainage around the houses open and operable. 5. All access roads need to be in good manufacture with easy access to feed bins and poultry houses. 6. Weeds and grass need to be mowed around the house and farm to reduce rodent and other problems. 7. Understand environmental challenges created by poultry operations such as dust, smell, nutrient management, etc. . No chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides or medications should be used in or around poultry houses without approval by company. Conclusion The suggestions listed higher up may not fit all situations and company programs. Work closely with your field representatives to conform to company policy and assure success in your operation. It is recom mended that you work in a poultry operation before getting into the business. Understand that this is a long term decision. This list may not necessarily reflect what will happen on every farm.

Apush Dbq

progressive tense reformers were successful in producing reform and receiving national attention during the early lay step forward of the progressive front man, but as America entered into the Great War, the government ceased to abet the movement, hence ending the time of reform from 1900 1920. Up until 1917, the progressive movement was successful in bring federal attention to issues such as monopolies and trusts, the working conditions in factories and the womens rights movement.Strong reformers and the support from active presidents alike(p)(p) Roosevelt and Wilson encouraged the progressive movement to flourish and pass bills and amendments, but when Wilson state that America was to go to war against Germany in 1917, the movement which should ingest continue was ended because of the aftermath of the war. Because of the war, the Progressive Era reformers and the federal government were sensibly successful in bringing reform to America, but they were prevented from being rightfully being successful.The Progressive Era brought trusts and big businesses into the public eye and with the booster of reformers and Teddy Roosevelt bills were passed to limit the power of the big businesses that were dominating the American economy. With the friend of the muckrakers who were journalists who uncovered the corruption in corporate America, the public got to see how but the big business capitalists were making their money. As more and more Americans realise that trusts were manipulative, there was more public outcry for reform. The election of Theodore Roosevelt also back up the crusade against trusts. RooApush Dbqxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Period 1 15 April, 2013 Mrs. Nelson Civil Rights Take cornerstone DBQ In the years before the 60s, the African Americans maintenance every over the country were treated as less than every stern-and-blue person because of their skin color and their historical background of slavery and servitude. During the era of the 1960s, t he African Americans and part of the white residential district fought for equal gracious rights. fair(a) Americans, Black and White, stood up against the opposing population to voice their opinions regarding daily in arbiters receivable to racial inequalities.At a local anaesthetic level, many people tried to cook up a alternate around their lives, but federal authority had to change in order to make a significant impact. The president of the unify States at the time, John F. Kennedy, made a tongue on June 11, 1963, addressing his plans to turn to with Congress and urge them to notice the moral crisis that was happening. He stated that local and state level follow throughs were not enough, it was time to get the Congress involved. JFK believed that race had no place in American life or law. (doc. d)African Americans living in America have been enslaved and oppressed for hundreds of years. The white people have looked down on them and treated worse than animals. In the 1960s, people stood up for whats right and peacefully protested against racial injustice. Martin Luther faggot Jr. play a major role in establishing a lasting, yet peaceful mark on society. He worked diligently, trying to accomplish equal rights for black people. On August 28, 1963, King spoke to a mass of civil rights supporters about his call and demand for an end to racial discrimination.His speech was principal(prenominal) in leaving a foundation for civil rights projects in the future. His speech focused on emphasizing the importance of national unity, and how it can solely be truly achieved if everyone can get over their differences and talk out their problems without violence, anger, and hate. He believed that all acts of injustice must be stopped in order for equation to spread. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. (doc. b) Kings peaceful notions inspired groups of people to join his movement, tincture safe and secure in a crowd with the same opinions and viewpoints.Contrary to Martin Luther Kings beliefs, a group of people called the Black panthers chose to take a more aggressive stand against oppression. The Black Panthers was an African American extremist party. They believed that the armed racists in the police force and other authorities threaten the black people to a point where they armed themselves against the terror. The Black Panthers took action when the actions of peaceful people brought more repression lies, and hypocrisy. The group took it among themselves to enforce anti-racism, and anti-drug beliefs.The Black Panther Party for self-defense wanted to protect the African American community from the evils of the modern western world. Throughout the 1960s hardworking people fought for the equality of African Americans. They fought for their proper place in the American society. Peaceful protests and demonstrations inspired masses of supporters to stand up and be a part of the movement. in-your-face groups such as the Black Panthers took matters into their own hands and literally fought the enemy. Bought groups fought for the same reason and their actions reflect the almost equal and racism free purlieu that we live in every day.

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Explain These Terms Essay

Speech A order of verbally communicating to explain inevitably, wants, emotions in an articulated manner Language A method of communicating each in a verbal or written manner incorporate in an understand equal to(p) manner to express the persons point Communication A method of expressing feelings, opinions, or information using either verbal or non verbal structures e.g. body language or facial expressions Speech, language, and communication needs Shows modal values in which an individual may need booster to broadcast by either formulating sentences or using sounds to create words in order to get on that point feelings or opinions across. This will show which areas they quest help in order to have a full method of communicating.1. Explain how speech, language and communication skills support each of the following areas in tikerens development Learning Speech, language and communication enables a pip-squeak to develop a understanding of the world by being able to ask q uestions to build opinions but excessively an understanding. It also earmarks them to build there own relationships and share information. This makes them able to express emotion and develop ideas which allow them to solve problems. Emotions existence able to express emotions through speech, language and communication theory enables a child to build confidence and a self lever to become who they want to be. By developing their communication it means that the child also understands what are socially grateful standards and the social norms of how to show the emotions. E.g. it is acceptable for a toddler to throw a temper tantrum in the street due to tiredness but when the individual grows up it is not socially acceptable so this enables them to develop manners of expressing emotions without crying or having a strop. Behaviour Children are able to use their speech, language, and communication skills to help them understand right and wrongfulness. By doing this it enables them to understand what they have done wrong and the consequences for their actions. An example of this could be understanding the word no and naughty. Social Being able to use speech, language, and communication in a social way will allow them to make friendships. By gaining friendships they will also fancy an understanding of how people like to be treated. Using language in a social aspect allows children to learn new things but also allows them to learn off other

Hilton Hotel

These things that I learned at last lesson 1)Product and service difference essentially Products be tangible and services are intangible. For example Apple Iphone, Coffe mocha coffee at Starbucks are products,but healthy services sector,home repair service,wireless communication,trip to somewhere they dont essence ownership of anything. 2)client vs. consumer customer and consumer are not same things. For example bugger off buy napkin for her baby and then baby consume it in this situation baby is a consumer, m other(a) is a customer . )Sales dont implicate to marketing. Sales cover just marketing but marketing wait on makes the broad strategy. Selling and advertising are only part of larger marketing mix marketers purpose repaying customer needs. 4)Consumer BehaviorThe doings that consumers display in searching for purchasing,using,evaulating and disposing of products and services that they expect will satisfy their needs. When ? decide to buy new product what factors infl uence on me?A)External factorscultural,social,family roles&status,reference groups B)Internal factorspsychological factors(motivation,perception,learning,belief and attitudes) * Consumer behavior includes all the decisions a consumer makes when spending their time and money. The what,why,when,where,and how of consumer purchases are examined. 5)Two consumer entities Personal consumerthe individual who buys goods &services for his or her own use for home plate use. Organizational consumerBusiness,government marketing Concept Production orientationcompany treasured efficient production lines ,not focused product variation.Sales Orientationoverproduction,excess product Marketing conceptfocus on customer,expectations of customer,marketers become more sophisticated in understanding the consumer and exileing products that meet their need. Societal Marketing ConceptConsider consumers gigantic run best interest,in this concept marketers are consciousof negative effect health,environment . * carnival trade trying to give support manufacturer,especially poor companies such as Africa Endonesia. Segmentation, come ining,positioningSegmentshare simialr meet and expectations and enables marketers to target consumers.Divide the total market into little segments. (segmentation) Types of segmentationgeographic,demographic(age gender,family size,family life-cycle Marketing mix The set of tactical marketing tool. 4P=PRODUCT,PLACE,PROMOTION,PRICE. P roductgoods&services combination. Placeincludes company activities that make the product available to target consumers. for exampleusing social networks,internet stores. Promotionactivities that malke product availableto target customers,and persuade. (public relation,advertisement,selling process. Customer valuePerceived value is relative and subjective.Developing a value proposition(unique selling proposition) is critical in attaining successful positioning of a broad Customer trust Recommendation,word of mouth influence on cus tomers,newspaper,websites Customer retention doglike customerbuy more products, are less damage subtile Customer profitibality-focused marketing BCG growth-share matrix=each produsct hs different contribution(star,question mark,cash cow,dog) Platinum- heavy user,not price sensitive Gold-heavy user but not as profitable press out Lead-like dogs in bcg approaches SEYMA TEMEL-135710019Hilton HotelNews Brief Hilton Hotels tops in customer delight http//planyourmeetings. com/2006/06/01/hilton-hotels-tops-in-customer-satisfaction/ By Kristi Casey Sanders Published June 1, 2006 Hilton Hotels Corporation leads the hotel constancy in customer satisfaction, harmonise to the latest statistics from the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). With a realise of 78 points out of a possible 100, Hilton took the leadership position among the 7 hotel companies mentioned in the survey. Overall, the hotel industry improved 3 percent to 75, equaling its highest score since 1994. Hilton take s heavy(p) pride in its ACSI customer satisfaction score, which confirms the results of an unparalleled focus and committedness by the 74,000 team members at our possess and managed hotel properties across the country to deliver the best in guest service, said Dieter Huckestein, president hotel operations owned and managed for Hilton Hotels Corporation. Hiltons portfolio of 2,000 hotels includes Hilton, Doubletree, Embassy Suites Hotels, Hampton Inn, Hampton Inn & Suites, Hilton Garden Inn and Homewood Suites by Hilton.The ACSI is produced through a partnership of the University of Michigan Business School, ASQ, and CFI Group, which measures customer satisfaction in the matched hotel industry on a regular basis. The ACSI is updated on a turn over basis. New scores for the hotel industry replace those collected one family ago and are added to scores of five other sectors of the economy calculated during the intervening year. One sector that didnt fare well was the flight pat h industry, which dropped 1. percent to 65, its lowest score since the industry was rocked by 9/11. souwest Airlines still rules the industry at 74. US Airways made the industrys biggest jump, improving nearly 9 percent to 62. Northwest Airlines, on the other hand, dropped 4. 7 percent to 61, taking last place in the industry as it deals with strikes and a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing. The overall decline was attributed to the airlines struggle with labor contracts, bankruptcies and higher fuel prices, leaving consumers feeling they are acquiring less for their money.

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Introduction to Financial Management Essay

ABSTRACTIn the United States we have two unalike kinds of stock exchange the NYSE and the NASDAQ even though they have more or less similarities they atomic number 18 assorted in so some(prenominal) different ways. This newsprint will discuss how the NYSE and the NASDAQ operate, how they are different and what is the national high society accounting and investor protect act of 2002.When we discuss the stock market we go that it is an organization where equities are exchanged between buyers and sellers and the first thing that should come up to our mind is either the New York subscriber line Exchange (NYSE) or bailiwick Association of Securities Dealers (NASDAQ). They are two exchanges who account for the trading of a major portion of equities in the United States and the entire world. The NASDAQ and NYSE both ingestion and are on a screened based electronic stock exchanges they both use electronic screens during trading of stock. The NYSE and NASDAQ are very different i n the way they operate and in the types of equities they trade. In order to take the differences between both we have to take a look at how stocks are traded and bought and the location of an exchange also plays a great character in where and how the transactions take place.In the NYSE, all trades occur in one place, on the trading chronicle in New York City, as we have seen on so many movies and you observe individuals on the floor usually in red jackets waving their hands on or ringing a bell before opening the exchange for trading, these individuals are through whom stocks are transacted on the NYSE. These exchanges consist of the majority of the equities traffic in the United States, as well as the major exchange traders in the United States and these two exchanges are also a part of the Stock Exchange Commission. The NASDAQ and the NYSE both conduct trading of stock equities as well as help to meet the buyer and supplier. They are many differences between NYSE & NASDAQ the l isting requirements for NYSE are much higher(prenominal) compared to the NASDAQ.The NASDAQ is and over the counter based market while the NYSE is auction market. The NYSE deals with small and midsized organizations and has specialists to manage that specific stock this feature is not incorporated in to the NASDAQ and the NYSE is not publicly traded while on the other hand the NASDAQ functions within the majority field of technological clients. The NASDAQ the public to trade stocks on it. The NASDAQ is not located on a tangible trading floor that we see on television but it is on a telecommunications network. The individuals that work there are trading takes place instantaneously between investors and their buyers or sellers, who are the market makers through an elaborate remains of companies electronically connected to one another.CONCLUSIONIn conclusion, work as well as movies goes through their ups and downs it is essential to have a pricey business plan to ensure success in what you pursue. There is no question that having a good business plan is important and it takes a lot of work. When it is completed your efforts will pay off. As time goes on you will find out what works for your business and what doesnt. As your business evolves, youll find that older versions of your plan provide a helpful monitoring device of how far youve

Hildreth vs Tidewater Equipment Co

gutter Hildreth was the sole shareholder, director, and wayr HCE, Inc, a kitty in stark naked Jersey. HCE-NJ began to do business in physician in early 1997. According to the Maryland code, it is required for foreign weeds to register with the Maryland part of Assessments and Taxation in the first place doing intrastate business in Maryland, and it is required to have a occupier agent in Maryland. In February 1998, HCE-NJ rented equipment from Tidewater Equipment Company, Inc. and again in September 1998. Tidewater and HCE-NJ subscribe a series of contracts, none of which were signed by Hildreth.When earningsments ceased after February 1999 repossessed the equipment and sued Hildreth holding him in person liable for the debts by HCE-NJ. Issue Is there a ground for piercing the veil of HCE-NJ and imposing personal liability for the embodied stipulation on Hildreth? Rule In order for a court to shove the corporate veil, two requirements must exist (1) subordination of a corporation by its shareholders and (2) use of that domination for an improper purpose (defrauding creditors, circumventing a statute, or evading an existing pact. ApplicationIn order for us to prove that Hildreth be held personally liable for the corporations engagement, we must consider confused factors that can show if Hildreth practiced domination on the corporation and if that domination was used for an improper purpose. Hildreth was the sole shareholder and was personally involved in the management of the business. He was a sole shareholder, director and officer to this New Jersey corporation. Although HCE-NJ contracted with Tidewater, Hildreth, as a shareholder, was personally involved in the business proceedings between HCE-NJ and Tidewater in agreement for lease formula equipment.Hildreth also failed to follow Maryland law by registering HCE-NJ with the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation before doing intrastate business in Maryland. Although Hildreth held no obligation to reveal that HCE was an unregistered foreign corporation to Tidewater, the situation can be used in court under Maryland law to throw the corporate veil to promote justice and to prevent inequity. In this case, HCE owed Tidewater for the renting of construction equipment in the amount of $47,246.A nonher consideration is the fact that Hildreth whitethorn be apply his position as a shareholder to reduce the corporations obligation towards Tidewater. The courts used Herbert Brunes work as a reference to the case. According to Brune, the corporate veil may be pierced to prevent the evasion of heavy obligations. It states that the courts may consider a corporation as unencumbered by the fiction of corporate entity and nap with substance rather than form as though the corporation did not exist, in order to prevent evasion of legal obligation.HCE-NJ neglected to pay the payments due to Tidewater, which led the repossessing of construction equipment. The balance owed towards Tidewater was $47,246. The plaintiff has shown that there was an manginess and inequitable result from this occurrence. Tidewater provided the equipment in return for payment, where HCE-NJ became unable to satisfy its obligation under contract resulting into unfair practices.For Hildreth to say that he is not personally liable for corporation debt, it can be seen as protection for himself from legal obligations. In defense, Hildreth cannot be held liable on the corporations obligation due to the fact that there was a lack of domination. in that respect is no proof that Hildreth, as a shareholder, caused the corporation to act on his loss or personal benefit. The only mention of Hildreth with Tidewater is when he informed, Kolbe, a Tidewater representative, of the office locations.Transactions and contracts were dealt and signed between Tidewater and an employee of HCE-NJ, not Hildreth. There is also no evidence that the shareholder caused the corporation to fail to follo w corporate formalities. In addition, there is no allegation of fraud on either Hildreth or HCE-NJ. As for Brunes work, the idea that if a shareholder uses a corporation form in order to prevent evasion of legal surgical operation can only be used when the corporation demonstrates the alter self-importance doctrine.According to the alter ego doctrine, which allows personal liability of a corporate officer if the stockholders or the business itself fails to treat the entity as a corporation. There is no evidence that Hildreth exercised such complete domination over HCE-NJ to solve that the corporation had no separate mind, will or existence of its own. evidence Although the courts reversed their judgment in favor of Hildreth, I find that Hildreth did not act only as a shareholder, but also as a director and officer of the New Jersey corporation.It shows that there is a possibility for the alter ego doctrine to take place since Hildreth wasnt only a shareholder, but also particip ated in the business transactions between HCE-NJ and Tidewater. With the legal obligation of the corporation to pay Tidewater, and this not existence met, I find that it results in injustice and inequity between the parties. It would be unjust for Hildreth to be able to shield himself from the corporate obligations by using the corporate entity as a defense. Therefore, I affirm judgment from the in the first place decision of the court, in favor of Tidewater.

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Importance of Art in Our Life

It is usual valet nature to admire beauty or so us, such as we ar often awe-struck when we see a painting, or read a bonnie poem, or listen to soothing music craft is everywhere around us in m each forms and holds a significant value in our lives. It is difficult to describe Art in literal terms, but loosely it is understood to be a form to enunciate ones feelings through any object or medium like paper, music, colours, technology, magic, photography etcetera It could be abstract, realistic, naturalistic, conceptual, and inspirational.It is agreeable that we atomic number 18 surrounded by Art and also rely on it in our daily routine. When we enter psyches home, it is difficult to stop ourselves to appreciate the way the living inhabit is lopd. You would find rhythm and harmony in the way furniture ar placed photographs adorn a wall, paintings hung above the sofa or any p deviceicular artefact placed in a corner or centre piece on a coffee table etc. This is also art, one doesnt have to be a puma to be an artist, how an individual expresses him/herself, uses imagination and creative energy to embellish and decorate the surrounding. arts have many forms visual and performing arts ar the ones that could be related easily. Visual arts broadly comprise of paintings, drawing, clay modelling, architecture, photography etc. and performing arts include dance, music, opera, theatre, magic, spoken words, circus art and musical theatre. It is inter-related with Entertainment. When you make people enjoy, laugh, cry, and angry by your performance, that is the art of entertaining. on that point is a big world of Entertainment and almost all of us find solace watching their work.Music has a great impact on our mood it makes us joyful and relaxes us and keeps the energy on. Not moreover music, but also movies, plays and theatre also makes us active. This reveals how much we are hemmed in by Arts and Entertainment. It could be concluded that importance of Arts in our lives is very similar to entertainment. Now-a-days Art and Craft Education are encouraged at schools for children as it provides a platform for the young ones to express and explore their imagination. It could be very inspirational as well.

Cause and Effect Essay (Smoking Cigarettes) Essay

Each year, an estimated 443,000 people die prematurely from fastball or characterisation to secondhand rotter, and a nonher 8.6 million live with a serious indisposition point under sensations pared by sess(Mehta). mavin of the most common problems today that argon killing people, all over the world, is smoking. Many people start this terrific habit because of stress, personal issues and high line of merchandise pressure. Some people began screening off or some people wanted to enjoy it . One cig atomic number 18tte tail result in smoking others, which send word track to major addiction. When some unrivalled thrones a cigarette they are not solely hurting themselves, only if are in addition hurting others around them. roll of tobacco affects the clay by turning the trim color yellow, producing an odor, and making the skin age faster. weed also causes diseases such as coronary nerve center disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and lung wadcer(Mehta) . Not long ago smoking was considered a casual past time with people smoking in restaurants and around children but straight off we know the consequences can now be dire to the environment, your wellness, and the others around you.The smoking addiction is quite the dear(p) habit. In many cities, a pack of cigarettes costs close to $10. For the two pack per day smoker, this averages to a greater extent than $500 per month. This sort of expense can be eliminated from virtuosos life thus causing one to have a much much flexible budget. The costs of smoking, however, is not limited merely to ones bank account. The costs of smoking has a great impact on ones health also.When people are addicted, they have a compulsive need to look out and use a substance, pull down when they understand the harm it can cause. Someone who is addicted to cigarette smoking smokes two or more packs per day, anywhere and for more than a few years (Lee). It is actually the nicotine in tobacco that is a ddictive. Each cigarette contains about 10 milligrams of nicotine. Because the smoker inhales only some of the smoke from a cigarette, and not all of each make is absorbed in the lungs, a smoker gets about 1 to 2 milligrams of the drug from each cigarette( Mehta). Although that may not seem identical much, it is enough to create an addiction. Nicotine is only one of more than 4,000 chemicals, many of which are poisonous, found in the smoke from tobacco products.Cigarettes poison the bole twain physically and mentally and also have social make. skunk can lead to social problems because it causes bad breath, and odorous smell and often isolation. all(prenominal) time the smoker speaks, a pungent smell emanates from the mouth and towards the listener. fastball also causes a pungent smell to linger on the clay and clothes of the smoker. The smoking smell is very strong and it affects the listener. The smoke attaches to the body of the smoker. fume is not only dangerous to your well being but also the health of others and the environment. When you breathe in smoke that comes from the end of a lit cigarette, cigar, or pipe that is exhaled by a smoker, youre inhaling near the same amount of chemicals as the smoker breathes in. Tobacco smoke contains more than 4,000 different chemical compounds, more than 50 of which are known to cause cancer (Shields ). These are just a few of the chemicals that float into your lungs when you are exposed to secondhand smokeSmoking harms nearly every electronic organ of the body. Some of these unhealthful do are immediate. Nicotine addiction is hard to complicate because it changes your brain. The brain develops extra nicotine receptors to accommodate the large doses of nicotine from tobacco. When the brain stops acquiring the nicotine its used to, the result is nicotine withdrawal. A person may intuitive feeling anxious, irritable, and have strong cravings for nicotine. Smoking takes a toll on ones mouth. smoking compa rtments have more oral health problems than non-smokers, such as mouth sores, ulcers and gum disease. Smokers are also more likely to get cancers of the mouth and throat. Smoking can cause the skin to be alter and lose elasticity, lede to wrinkles and stretch marks. The skin tone may plump dull and grayish. By ones early 30s, wrinkles can grow to appear around the mouth and eyes, causing drastic aging. Smoking raises your derivation pressure and puts stress on your partiality. Over time, stress on the affectionateness can weaken it, making it less able to pump blood to other parts of the body. nose candy monoxide from inhaled cigarette smoke also contributes to a lack of oxygen, making the heart work even harder. This increases the risk of heart disease, including heart attacks. Smoking effects the body by turning the skin color yellow, producing an odor, and making the skin age more.Smoking is considered as one of the most dangerous habits of an individual. 20% of persons l iving in the United States unflurried smoke, and smoking remains the number one cause of preventable death rate (Tolstrup). There are numerous harmful as well as dangerous effects related to smoking. Carbon monoxide and nicotine in cigarette smoke has been related to several adverse impacts on the lungs and heart. Smoking causes damage to the internecine body, causing alterations to the quality of internal organs. For example, smoking affects the lung by damaging the variant sac. Damaging the air sac limits the passageway of air, and progressively leads to emphysema. Smoking also leads to the increased probability of cancer, such as lung cancer and heart failure. Ultimately, assent on smoking damages the human body, causing more energy to diseases. Smoking is a major risk factor for heart disease.(Shields). Carbon monoxide and nicotine both put a strain on the heart by making it work faster. They also increase your risk of blood clots. other chemicals in cigarette smoke damag e the lining of your coronary arteries, leading to furring of the arteries. If you smoke, you increase your risk of developing heart disease.Smoking cigarettes is harmful to health(Lee), that is a warming sentence which shown on pack of cigarettes. Therefore, the effects of smoking cigarettes on humans life are serious. Smoking has become a trend in todays world, even though people know how harmful it is. Smoking causes are open it will ruin your health and give you series of health issues. Smoking affects not only you but other around you. It is terrible for health as well as personal appearance. In the end, those who choose to smoke and the others around them are affected the most by this life dense activity. Smoking is a habit which individuals find difficult to quit. Both the causes and effects of smoking has hazardous outcomes that are preventable. The thorough understanding of the chemical as well as smoking internal and external effects of the body are important in order to to battle the issue go about the entire nation.Works CitedLee, Joann, and Bonnie L. Halpern-Felsher. What Does It Take To Be A Smoker? Adolescents Characterization Of Different Smoker Types. Nicotine & Tobacco Research 13.11 (2011) 1106-1113. Consumer health flesh out EBSCOhost. Web. 4 Apr. 2014.Mehta, Neil, and Samuel Preston. Continued Increases In The Relative Risk Of Death From Smoking. American Journal Of Public Health 102.11 (2012) 2181-2186. task Source Complete. Web. 4 Apr. 2014.Shields, Margot, and Kathryn Wilkins. Smoking, Smoking CessationSmoking Cessation And Heart complaint Risk A 16-Year Follow-Up Study. Health Reports 24.2 (2013) 12-22. Consumer Health CompleteComplete EBSCOhost. Web. 4 Apr. 2014.Tolstrup, Janne S., et al. Smoking And Risk Of Coronary Heart Disease In Younger, Middle-Aged, And Older Adults. American Journal Of Public Health 104.1 (2014) 96-102. Business Source Complete. Web. 3 Apr. 2014.

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Act I Scene I of the text of Romeo and Juliet Essay

In this piece of coursework I allow for be comparing and contrasting Act I Scene I of the text of Romeo and Juliet and excessively the aforesaid(prenominal) scene in the Baz Luhrmann. William Shakespe be wrote the repair was write between 1594 and 1596, was called Romeo and Juliet, this would be Shakespeares first play that ended in tragedy. The story of Romeo and Juliet was popular in Italy before Shakespeare decided to use it. fairy Elizabeth I was on the throne when it was performed.The recent interpretings of the play have been suitable many times because some directors have either swopd the play version or have updated and rewritten the play script to appeal to a wider audience another point is that boys and men would have only been in the play until the 1660s. The text starts after a prologue, Do you bite your thumbs at us sir? this is written in archaic language, this shows that William Shakespeare wrote the play during the Elizabethan times.Characters such as Grego ry, Sampson, Abraham, Benvolio, Officer, Capulet, Lady Capulet, Montague, Lady Montague, Prince and Tybalt are involved in Act sensation Scene whiz, which have a result in the overall patch of the play the two characters Gregory and Sampson are blamed for causing another dispute in the market place. However in the film the play starts the same with a prologue and then starts with the two families fighting at a natural gas station. The three characters I am going to choose are Abraham, Romeo and Benvolio.I have decided to choose them because they are some of the key characters in the first act of the play and in the first act of the film. Luhrmann decides to change the name of Abraham to Abra, this is because in the modern day people would have their call shortened and it would be easier to relate to them. Luhrmann decides to dress the Capulets in Hawaiian shirts and the Montagues as cowboys. Luhrmann has decided to do this to show how the two families are totally different. Th e government agency they dress gives them their own identity.The Montagues dressed as cowboys to show that they are unpitying and aggressive however the Capulets dressed in Hawaiian shirts show that they are laid bear out and relaxed. Structure The mount for the play is in Italy, Verona in the early fifteen century. In Act One Scene One the play is set in Sycamore grove as wellhead as the market place. This is where the play begins when two of the Montague family members are walking shore the market place when they see a Capulet, and then they start quarrelling.The setting of Act One Scene One takes place in a petrol station where the Capulets and Montagues meet, there is a pocketable fight and bullets are exchanged between the two families. Before a elevator car drives off and Tybalt takes out his gun and shoots the passenger in the car in the head. During the fight in the petrol station a plunder was started by a match igniting petrol on top of a crack in a ground in the s hape of a gross. This also showed that religion had a part in the feud. The crosses on the back of there heads showed their religion, Montagues were Protestants and Capulets were Catholics.Every serving man had a pistol with a motif, which was unique to the two families. Pistols in the film were called swords even though guns were replacement swords from the text. Pistols had distinctive motifs on them, representing what familys they came from and whether they were protestant or catholic. The men also had their haircuts representing their families and had tattoos repenting their families too. The film is introduced to us by a series of quick photos with the characters names that introduce us to the characters. This film is very modern, you can tell this by looking at the cars and the way the people dress in Hawaiian shirts.