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Affirmative Action Essay -- essays research papers

Since the beginning of time there has been prejudice and hate. Adam and eve hated snakes. Jews hated Jesus. Sugar Ray Leonard hated Tommy Hearns. Prejudice is caused by two things ignorance and hate. Prejudice and mistreatment has existed in this country, first with American-Indians and wherefore later with African-Americans and galore(postnominal) another(prenominal) minorities. The selling and trading of slaves is a shadow that has been hanging everyplace the heads of white Americans for two centuries. Some people feel that it is the white-Americans duty to contribute the black population back. According to Spencer Perkins, co-author of More than Equals Racial improve for the Sake of Gospel, in reference to the long-standing racial divisions in America, It took us three hundred years to separate ourselves like this, its going to take a plot to undo that. (Perkins 26) approbatory serve is designed to give minorities, such as blacks, the opportunity to maintain jobs in our prejudicial society. For those who support Affirmative execution they define it as a way to give the disadvantaged a chance at the American dream. Those who do not support Affirmative Action define it as giving minorities positions that they are not subordinate to have. As Mr. Khalenberg, head editor of The New Republic says, we will dormant reward those who play the victim (Khalenberg 27). Just imagine that you have departed through six years of college and have gotten your degree. You go looking for a job and even though they are tough to come by you manage to get hold of an interview with a well-known phoner. The interviewer tells you that you and one other person are equally qualified and in the running for the job. You get a call later telling you that you didnt get the job because the company had to hire a minority. You would most likely be angry, right? The answer of this paper is to show the differences in how people feel about the issues complicated with approbat ive action. This paper was written to give different views on positive action. First I will give a little background signal and general information on the subject. Secondly, I will show how those that are in support of affirmative action feel. I will then balance the arguement out by showing how those who oppose affirmative action feel. I will also explore the minorities that are also against affirmative action. Finally, I will tell what causes the consequences that affirmative... ...America today. Because of the horrid history of this nation, the disgust order at White America is not surprising, however, it does seem surprising to some(prenominal) Americans that there are minorities who are against affirmative action. This country, whether we will admit it or not, was built on the blood and sweat of minorities. Therefore it should not be unexpected that minorities would like a fair share of what this country has the to offer. If this happens, mayhap minorities will someday hav e the opportunity to walk our streets of gold. Works CitedFredrickson, George M. racism A Short History. Princeton Princeton University Press, 2002Kahlenberg, Richard. Class, Not Race. The New Republic April 3, 1995 21-27.OGara, Juliane. reservation Workplaces Work. Washington, DC Business and Professional Womens Foundation. 1995Perkins, Spencer and Chris Rice. More than Equals Racial mend for the Sake of the Gospel, Downers Grove, Ill. InterVarsity Press, 1993. Rosen, Jeffery. Is Affirmative Action Doomed? New Republic 17 Oct. 1994 25+Waller, James. Face to Face The Changing State of Racism crossways America, New York Plenum Publishing Corp., 1998.

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