Saturday, February 9, 2019

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IntroductionThe relationship among serviceman psychealities and social media dependance has both attract attention of not just psychologists but the semipublic as well. Human personalities Social media cease be use in both healthy and unhealthy ways depending on the individuals, whether are make use social media to its potential or abusing the right one gull causing dependence towards social media making it having similar side set up as substance dependence. Aim of this literature review is to discuss human personalities with the Big Five Personalities Traits as the base of personalities towards the usage social media colony would either be benefiting or marginalising to each one individual. Human personalitiesStudies of human spirit has brought great influence and impact towards our society describing how we behave, perceive and state how each person is different from others. The Big Five Personalities Traits is describe as openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agree ableness, and psychoneurosis known to be sufficient measure and the base of describing a person personality stated by many psychologists ( McCrae, R. R., & Costa, P. C., Jr. 1987 Costa, P. T., & McCrae, R. R. 1992)Social media addictionSocial media is a massive technological publisher spreading news, discoveries and teaching through the internet, due to it al depleteds people to connect not affected by m or distance, people can form relationship, business negotiating, semipolitical and especially for personal usage, making it to become extremely popular. Social media addiction known as one of the major problems that prevent people from baptismal font to face interaction while people are mainly think on technology devices, is affecting not just youngsters but elders can be also ad... along with others which makes them unconcerned of others and less likely to put up themselves. NeuroticismNeuroticism is described as the tendency to experience dreadful emotions easily such as anger, anxiety, depression, or vulnerability.Neuroticism also refers to the power point of emotional stability and impulse control and is sometimes referred to by its low pole, emotional stability. ( Ehrenberg, Jukes, White, &Walsh , 2008) reported that people who is high in neuroticism had greater instant messaging use, because instant messaging provides additional time for individuals to contemplate their responses making neurotic people are more at ease comparing to face-to-face interaction. Individuals are low in neuroticism are less easily upset and are less emotionally reactive. They tend to be calm, emotionally stable, and free from persistent negative feelings

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