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Life Of A Big Event - 843 Words

In June of 2014, I was apart of a big event. Not only was this event big for me but it was big for my whole family, especially my sister Fallon. She got married and I was her Maid of Honor. It was the most nerve wrecking yet amazing thing to be apart of. People who do not have fears of standing in front of a hundred people or so would not be bothered by it, but since I have this fear it was a struggle. From finding a dress, shoes, hair, etc. we struggled to get it all done, but we made it. When my sister first got engaged, her and Andrews wedding was not supposed to be until June of 2015. They both wanted to finish school and save up as much money as they could. The next thing I found out was the wedding was being held back but I was not given a reason. I was absolutely devastated. I was so extremely excited and then I thought they would never get married. After a few months of thinking this way, my sister came over one day and said, â€Å"Better get ready because the wedding is in five months.† My jaw dropped I could not believe it. They had found a place and decided to just do it now, even though they were on a tighter budget. Dress shopping was the worst! The wedding colors were blue, white, and silver accents. I wanted a long dress but the bridesmaids wanted short dresses. My sister liked the idea of the Maid of Honor having a different style dress so that is exactly what we did. I had tried on so many styles of dresses and just could not find the right one.Show MoreRelatedAdvantages of Living in a Big City1121 Words   |  5 Pagesliving in a big city Big city is an exciting place to be in, it’s full live and movement 24 hours a day. Live is very easy. All facilities are available schools, hospitals and malls.    In addition, there are the wide streets and tall buildings. Therefore, most people prefer living in a big city to benefit these advantages. However, I will discuss three main advantages of living in a big city. Big city contains different institutions, banks, hotels and airports. So people living in a big city haveRead MoreSocial Norms Of The Pledge Class Subculture1441 Words   |  6 Pagesmembers. Pledge week is a number of events that the pledges are required to attend to be initiated into the sorority officially. Initiation day is the day when all the pledges that have met the requirements and stayed within all the rules of the sorority itself, are officially named sisters of the sorority and become full members. Each member of the sorority is required to pay dues, this cost covers the expenses for some events, activities, and formal events the sorority hosts. Rushing is whenRead MoreLife in Small Town vs Life in a City Essay766 Words   |  4 PagesLife in a small town vs. Life in a big city Life is a beautiful thing. Everyone has an interesting story about their life. It is known that what is good for one person may not be good for another person. For example, some people always prefer to live in a big city, and some people prefer to live in a small town. Everyone has different points of view for that. A person has different thinking and reason to choose a place for living. Jobs, education, family, lifestyle, personal developmentRead MoreThe Ethics Of Living Jim Crow1746 Words   |  7 Pageschildren. In the book â€Å"Uncle Tom’s Children† by Richard wright, two of the stories clearly display this. As the events of the stories unfold, we are able to see how the main characters’ personalities and mental states change, which involves beliefs, attitude, actions, change of heart, etc. The topic of â€Å"Child Psychology† is shown in the stories â€Å"The Ethics of Living Jim Crow† and â€Å"Big Boy Leaves Home†, throug h how the personalities of the main characters change due to the experiences they go throughRead MoreThe Sniper Response Essay978 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"The Sniper†, is an action thriller about a sniper in the Irish republic, a man who is fighting for freedom, or, as stated in the story, â€Å"A man who is used to looking into the eyes death†(O’Flaharty 1). He is fighting for his life, this is life or death, little did he know who was fighting on the other side. This story is very suspenseful, and I will tell you what makes suspense so intriguing to us readers. Tired, weak, and weary, the sniper lays atop the parapet, it is nighttime, suspense at thisRead MoreThe Days the Cowboys Quit1704 Words   |  7 PagesElmer Kelton The Day the Cowboys Quit Texas Christian University Press, Forth Worth The Day the Cowboys Quit written by Elmer Kelton is an old western novel based on the events of the strike that took place at old Tascosa in the Texas Panhandle in 1883. It portraits in a very unique and interesting way the social, political, and economical changes that were taking place in the years before and after the Civil War in Texas; how the cowboys who for long had being men that in a way representedRead MoreThe Camera Has Made A Great Impact On People, And History Essay1208 Words   |  5 PagesMany people believe that the camera has not changed the world, but have they thought of life without the camera? Without the camera people would be in a vivdless world. The camera has made a huge impact on people s lives and it has evolved over time. The camera is one important tool used everyday by many people. The camera has made a great impact on people, and history. The camera has not always been here. Before it was created there were no; picture ID s, portraits of people, pictures as souvenirsRead MoreAnalysis Of The Novel Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry 1378 Words   |  6 PagesThere are many events that can occur to people that will change their lives tremendously. Racism plays a big part in Cassie Logan’s life and it changes her character throughout the novel as she grows in her understanding of inequality. As the narrator and protagonist of the novel, Cassie’s perspective is captivated very closely with the help of the other character’s conversations. At such a young age she is very naà ¯ve about certain situations but learns how things really are throughout the novelRead MoreEssay on A Brief History Of Time by Stephen Hawking1532 Words   |  7 PagesA brief history of time by Stephen Hawking is a novel about the known range of time from the big bang up to black holes. Hawking talks about different theories and how t hey have changed over time from Copernicus to himself. He combines all known physics and astrophysics and displays them quickly and simply. He states that the goal of science is to able to accurately describe the universe in one theory. As he tells about theories that have disproved other theories of that time, it is proof that scienceRead MoreImagine Living At The Year 1960933 Words   |  4 Pagesyear ago, American life possessed a different culture. Now flash forward to 2016. Expressing happiness about civil rights and space exploration seems pretty redundant because we acquired these luxuries quite some time ago. Similarly, history shown through the October and November issues of The Wheel—the St. Catherine University newspaper—displays the idea that the Katies in 1960 experienced life much differently than they do today. The Wheel depicts the contrasting aspects of life between Katies

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Information Systems About Mobile And Wireless Networks

A Key Concept in Information Systems about Mobile and wireless networks / security In information system there is a wireless network which is a network that uses a wireless instead of a wired technology, and in the wireless technology is Mobile and wireless networks / security. Mobile and Wireless Networks/ Security systems are vital to a burgeoning business landscape that increasing relies on database and information technology at its core by have the use of the internet on the go anywhere in the companies building which speeds up business impressively to a much a faster and reliable way. This paper will be discussing Mobile and Wireless network/ security for business uses. Overview Mobile and Wireless networks are playing a significant†¦show more content†¦The first version of the 802.11 protocol was released in 1997, and was updated to 802.11b in 1999 to permit 11 megabits to be transmitted. But Wireless WANs (WWANs) network cover broader areas then WLANS and includes such things as cellular networks, cellular digital packet data, satellite networks, microwave networks, and much more. But Both WWANS and WLANs rely on the RF spectrum as there communication medium. The security measure for wireless users is strict, even though it can be accessed by walking near a building. Wireless signals are easy too pickup especially with a cellular device but it is usually password but still can access from intruders. But there are many way of preventing these hackers from entering in which will be explained later. Also for Mobile network/and its network security, its network operates on a radio frequency consisting of radio cells, each served by a fixed transmitter , and for both wireless and mobile networks, they have the advantage of mobility, flexibility, ease of installation, and low cost. But some drawbacks for both systems include Limited Throughput, Limited Range, in building penetration problems, vulnerability, and lastly security. Describe Mobile and Wireless network/ security Both Mobile and Wireless network, in today’s world the current use of both concepts has

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Is Easy Oil Really Gone - 1234 Words

A common theory in the oil industry is that the â€Å"easy oil† is gone. As known reserves become depleted and production declines, both national oil companies international oil companies (NOCs and IOCs) are forced to look for oil and gas deposits in more challenging geographical and environmental areas. Andrew George, the chairman of Marsh, an energy risk management company, stated that, â€Å"It is fair to say easy oil has gone, and oil and gas are now found in tricky areas. The risk of extraction, or the risk of problem and failure during extraction, is greater† (Mukul, 2012). New wells being drilled are becoming deeper and hotter, resulting in operating conditions in considerably higher formation pressures. It means that operators (oil and gas companies) are drilling and producing in areas that are higher risk, such as deep water (Gaurav, 2004), and environmentally sensitive areas such as the artic (Chazan, 2012). A risk to any drilling operation is the unplanned release of hydrocarbons to the surface. This condition results from formation pressure of the reservoir overcoming the drilling rig’s safety and control devices (which are a combination of the hydrostatic pressure of the drilling fluid, diverter systems, blowout preventers, etc.). Many factors can contribute to unplanned hydrocarbon escapes to the surface, but the vast majority of events are brought under control in a safe and efficient manner using practices established in driller training, specifically designed toShow MoreRelatedFossil Fuels Essay1081 Words   |  5 Pagesenergy you see? Coal, oil, and natural gas make up the list of major fossil fuels. Almost all energy produced in the United States comes from burning these highly important fuels. That energy powers almost all of our electricity and all of our transportation. We as the people of this very planet are currently in a crisis because fossil fuels are non-renewable; once they are gone, they are gone. There is no chance of recreating them for more use. To be able to rest easy about losing these fossilRead MoreOil Change Essay1097 Words   |  5 PagesHow to Get a Good Oil Change People need to understand how to get a good oil change. Many car owners believe that this is a simple service. They also think that anybody can do it. Although these statements contain a few glimmers of truth, its not as easy as it sounds. Yes its a simple service on some automobiles. However, on some cars and trucks the maintenance procedure becomes more complicated. Auto repair shops might have to remove belly pans and stone guards to gain access to the drain plugRead MoreUnderstanding Key Ideas And Issues1260 Words   |  6 PagesFossil fuels consist of oil, coal and gas. Fossil fuels are very important for humans. We use them every day, of every week, of every year. Fossil fuels are used to fuel cars and airplanes, power electricity plants, and heat our homes. They are also used to make medicines, cosmetics, plastics, synthetic fabrics, and lubricants. When you brushed your teeth this morning, you used a product made from fossil fuels – toothpaste. Look at your shoes – they are a product made from oil. Sunglasses, tires, tennisRead MoreAmazon Rainforest Essay1641 Words   |  7 PagesApproximately 20% of the Amazon rainforest has been destroyed by deforestation since the 1960s. At the current rate of deforestation, over half of the remaining rainforest could be gone in the next 17 years (Bradford 2015). Deforestation negatively impacts animal biodiversity in the Amazon Rainforest. There are animal species that can only live in the Amazon Rainforest. With deforestation, they will become extinct. In this paper, habitat fragmentation, the diverse animal and plant population in theRead MoreUnderstanding Key Ideas And Issues1441 Words   |  6 PagesFossil fuels consist of oil, coal and gas. Fossil fuels are very important for humans. We use them every day, of every week, of every year. Fossil fuels are used to fuel cars and airplanes, power electricity plants, and heat our homes. They are also used to make medicines, cosmetics, plastics, synthetic fabrics, and lubricants. When you brushed your teeth this morning, you used a product made from fossil fuels – toothpaste. Look at your shoes – they are a product made from oil. Sunglasses, tires, tennisRead MoreDomestic Oil Drilling1710 Words   |  7 PagesEnglish 102 Monday 6pm 2/13/2012 Domestic Oil Drilling: Benefits and Risks. Senator Everett Dirksen once noted â€Å"The oilcan is mightier than the sword†. In today’s world, it is easy to see why oil can be considered the most important resource to hold. Without oil, many of the common day occurrences we take for granted would be impossible. Oil is used for almost everything; from the fuel used to drive our vehicles, to the plastics used in every facet of life, and providing the heat needed to liveRead MoreWhale Hunting Should Be Banned1074 Words   |  4 PagesWould you eat whale for dinner? Didn’t think so because why would people do such thing. This is really happening to whales. Its not right to whales especially when a certain species is at risk of extinction. The United States is trying to stop these nations from doing this but they wont listen to anyone. They say its their culture which I understand, but really 100 plus whales a year isnt necessary and a lot goes to waste! Whale blubber is over half the whale and Norway hates blubber so they sendRead MoreHow Fracturing Is Supplying About 2.1 Million Jobs1537 Words   |  7 PagesMiddle Eastern mega-suppliers such as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait in the 1960s.† The U.S could be the leader in the oil industry if they establish its oil dependency solely on fracking. The investment in fracking would be beneficial to the consumers of America as natural gas is now becoming the number one source of fuel and energy. According to John Deutch of MIT â€Å"In the United States today, oil is three times as costly as natural gas for a given amount of energy ($12 per million BTUs compared to $4 perRead MoreThe Importance Of Csr And Its Reputation As A Leader Of Corporate Responsibility1403 Words   |  6 Pagesits reputation as a leader in corporate responsibility. This recognition has gone a long way in polishing its image in global standards which has resulted in a positive brand. Business image is significan t to any business in terms of securing positive relationships with stakeholders who associate the brand with sustainability. As a result, any negative publicity is easy to wade off and remaking troubled segments becomes easy. Competitive Advantage: the positive brand image and transparency that comesRead MoreBritish Petroleum ( Bp Plc )1604 Words   |  7 Pagesis one of the world’s seven major oil and gas companies operating in all areas of the oil and gas industry. These industries include the likes of exploration, production, distribution, marketing, and power generation, along with several other areas. With that much integration in one particular industry, a large corporation like that carries a large amount of social responsibility. The company’s origin dates all the way back to the founding of a small Iranian oil discovery company in 1908, but it

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Essay on Is NCLB Necessary - 1369 Words

Is the NCLB really necessary? The No Child Left Behind act is a nationwide legal system that is considered to improve our education system. The NCLB act improves our education system by setting a standard for each school to meet (a required academic standard), hire high quality teachers, improve communication with parents, and provide a safe environment for the students. However after the NCLB act took effect, not much was accomplished. Now many question whether the NCLB is really necessary. The No Child Left Behind’s purpose is to improve the education by creating a standard in which all students should meet the requirements. These standards consist of all students meeting proficient or above in reading and math by 2014. Similarly†¦show more content†¦However if these â€Å"standards† are not meet, the schools faces decrease in funding and other punishments that corresponds as a consequence to their accountability. Evidently the NCLB has seriously improved our standard of education. Like the improvement of our standardized educational system, the NCLB act is insuring children to be taught by high quality teachers. These conditions would mean that all students should have highly qualified teachers, especially the minority and the disadvantaged. Likewise, for teachers to be deemed â€Å"highly qualified† they must have: â€Å"a bachelor’s Degree, full state certification or licensure, and prove that they know each subject they teach†. Teachers in middle school and high school must prove that they know the subject with: â€Å"a major in the subject they teach and credits equivalent to a major in the subject.† They must also have a â€Å"passage of a state-developed test, an advanced certification from the state, or a graduate degree. â€Å" Currently science teachers are in great demand. And in most cases, science teachers need to teach more than one field in science. â€Å"Some states allow a general scienc e certification, while others require subject specific certification (such as biology, chemistry, or physics).† The NCLB polices’ for the â€Å"high quality teacher† are enhancing the field of education that most people are taking for granted, and this shouldn’t be overlooked. The safety of the student is also a significant issue for theShow MoreRelatedNclb Political Issues1439 Words   |  6 PagesBehind Performance Task 1 In Partial Fulfillment of AP Seminar Exam Introduction The No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) was introduced March 22 2001, and enacted January 8th 2002. NCLB was enacted after the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) of 1965 was determined to be out of date, and underperforming by the majority of US legislatures. The goal of NCLB was to improve the overall success rate of students in The United States compared to other developed nations. The initial actRead MoreEssay On No Child Left Behind719 Words   |  3 Pages Ever since President George W. Bush implemented the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) act in 2002, states across the nation have developed a wide array of methods to keep education systems accountable. When identifying the role the NCLB has in America’s education systems, Professor of Educational Policy Studies at the University of Arizona Jill Koyama determined that the NCLB act requires â€Å"†¦ states [to] implement accountability systems that assess students annually and, based on those assessments, determin eRead MoreLeft Behind Education1542 Words   |  7 Pageseducational system has had an unhealthy focus on testing and accountability — unhealthy because it has driven public policy to concentrate on standardized tests of uneven quality at the expense of the more important goals of education† (112). Although the NCLB act is placed upon the affluent and working-class students, evidently the working-class undergoes the hardship to obtain a well-rounded education. In support to the previous claim, the social activist, Jean Anyon states in â€Å"From a Social Class to theRead MoreThe American Occupational Therapy Association993 Words   |  4 PagesIn order to drive the change, it is necessary to create a sense of urgency among the stakeholders, such as occupational therapists, educators, OT students, and parents. The sense of urgency can be established by pointing out possible consequences of not specifying OTs as school mental health providers under the NCLB. It is ne cessary to convey to stakeholders that the current trends will continue to restrict the role of OTs to the special education population. In the long run, this trend will furtherRead MoreEffectiveness Of The No Child Left Behind Act Of 2001 ( Nclb )1613 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction This study will focus on the effectiveness of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB). The NCLB Act of 2001 was a reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA) (www.newamerica.org). The Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 was a Great Society program that allocated federal funds for education and looked to hold schools accountable (www2.ed.gov). The NCLB Act of 2001 was passed through Congress in 2001 with bipartisan support and greatly increasedRead MoreEssay on Evaluating Published Research Problems976 Words   |  4 Pagesaccommodations that are being provided for students who have been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome (AS) and if these services are addressing the needs of the students. The study was conducted to inform Disability Support offices of what services are necessary for the population of AS higher education students to support them in their educational journey in higher education. Summarize the basis for the problem. Smith (2007) states that there has been an increase in diagnosis of AS. The Americans withRead More No Child Left Behind Act Essay1247 Words   |  5 Pagesand secondary education. The NCLB emphasizes accountability and abiding by policies set by the federal government. This law sets strict requirements and deadlines for states to expand the scope and frequency of student testing, restore their accountability system and guarantee that every classroom is staffed by a teacher qualified to teach in his or her subject area. Furthermore, the NCLB requires states to improve the quality of their schools from year to year. The NCLB pushes state governments andRead MoreStandardized Testing And Its Impact On Education1547 Words   |  7 Pagesuse of the standardised test in the United States didn’t become common in secondary education until the 1980s when several governors argued that testing students in schools was necessary to raise school standards. This would be expanded upon se veral decades later with the introduction of the No Child Left Behind Act(NCLB) which required that annual testing in math and reading be implemented into the teaching curriculum; while at the same time mandating that students be at a certain level in bothRead MoreHigh School and Act1525 Words   |  7 PagesAct of 2001 (Public Law 107-110), more commonly known as NCLB, is a United States federal law signed on January 8, 2002 by George Bush, that reauthorizes a number of federal programs that aim to improve the performance of primary and secondary schools by increasing the standards of accountability for state, school districts and schools, as well as providing parents more flexibility in choosing which schools their children will attend. NCLB is built on four principles: accountability for results,Read More No Child Left Behind1472 Words   |  6 Pagesgreat future that it rely on by initiating a war on the minds of the children. No Child Left Behind (NCLB) is a federal education policy that was developed in 2001. (Lagana-Riordan and Aguilar 135). NCLB is a program designed to minimize the differences in the level of education that white or rich people get to poor African-American, Hispanic or any other race who have low standards of life. NCLB is basically a program to test students’ performance on reading and math standardized tests. AYP or â€Å"adequate

Essay about Descartes First Meditation - 924 Words

Descartes#8217; first meditation, his main objective is to present three skeptical arguments to bring doubt upon what he considers his basic beliefs. Descartes believes this to be an intricate part of his complete epistemological argument. Descartes skeptical arguments are not intended to be a denial of his basic beliefs. On the contrary, he uses these arguments to help prove one of his main theses, which is the existence of God. One of the main premises that Descartes uses in his proof for the existence of God comes from the evil demon argument, which he proposed, in the first meditation. It is this evil demon argument, which will be the topic of the following discussion. The purpose of Descartes#8217; evil demon argument is to†¦show more content†¦Therefore meaning that the world that we live in, the external world, is non-existent and merely a mirage placed into our minds by an evil demon. Obviously, to any sane person, this would sound irrational, but this is the p ossible world that Descartes presents to establish doubt in his common beliefs, mainly his belief that there exists an external world. One of the questions that needs to be raised when discussing Descartes#8217; first meditation and his skeptical arguments is; is it possible to completely separate one#8217;s self from all their current beliefs? For this is what Descartes sets out to do in the first meditation. This question is highly relevant in terms of Descartes evil demon argument, for it appears no matter what, he is not able to separate himself from his belief in God. Descartes#8217; argument is not that the evil demon is replacing God, which would seem to be the logical view. Instead, Descartes says that the evil demon is coexisting with God. Therefore, even though Descartes claims to be starting at ground zero and proceeding to prove that his common beliefs are true, he never actually denies the existence of God. In the later meditations, he reveals his belief in innate ideas and the existence of God is one of them. Yet as far as Descartes evil demon argument is concerned, the fact that he maintains this belief in God throughoutShow MoreRelatedDescartes Meditations On First Philosophy1318 Words   |  6 PagesPhilosophical Questions November 2, 2017 Cogito Ergo Sum Descartes Meditations on First Philosophy and his questioning of our existence in reality is a question which philosophers have tackled throughout time. Cogito ergo sum or I think therefore I am, a phrase brought about by Descartes is the backbone of his whole philosophy of our existence in reality. As long as we are thinking things, we exist. When we look at this approach to our existence we must first deny that any sensory data that we receive is believableRead MoreDescartes First Meditation Essay1328 Words   |  6 PagesDescartes First Meditation Rene Descartes decision to shatter the molds of traditional thinking is still talked about today. He is regarded as an influential abstract thinker; and some of his main ideas are still talked about by philosophers all over the world. While he wrote the Meditations, he secluded himself from the outside world for a length of time, basically tore up his conventional thinking; and tried to come to some conclusion as to what was actually true and existing. In orderRead MoreDescartes Meditations On First Philosophy1961 Words   |  8 PagesIn Descartes’ Meditations on First Philosophy, I will be considering if Descartes resolution to the â€Å"dreaming argument† seems acceptable to trust. The First Meditation is where the â€Å"dreaming argument† is first mentioned and then gets resolved later in the Sixth Meditation and the Objections and Replies. I will be touching on the idea that our experiences could be dreaming experiences based on personal experiences and thoughts I have had regarding this topic. Then I will go on to explain how it isRead MoreAn Analysis of Descartes’ First Meditation Essay example1448 Words   |  6 Pages13th, 2012 An Analysis of Descartes’ First Meditation In Descartes’ First Meditation, Descartes’ overall intention is to present the idea that our perceptions and sensations are flawed and should not be trusted entirely. His purpose is to create the greatest possible doubt of our senses. To convey this thought, Descartes has three main arguments in the First Meditation: The dream argument, the deceiving God argument, and the evil demon â€Å"or evil genius†. Descartes’ dream argument argues thatRead MoreEssay on Rene Descartes Meditations on First Philosophy2121 Words   |  9 Pages  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Descartes believes that knowledge comes from within the mind. This is a single indisputable fact to build on that can be gained through individual reflection. While seeking true knowledge, Descartes writes his Six Meditations. In these meditations, Descartes tries to develop a strong foundation, which all knowledge can be built upon. In the First Meditation, Descartes begins developing this foundation throu gh the method of doubt. He casts doubt upon all his previous beliefs, including â€Å"mattersRead MoreDescartes First Three Meditations And Explain How Descartes Discovers The Foundation Of Knowledge1503 Words   |  7 Pageswill go over Descartes’ first three meditations and explain how Descartes discovers the foundation of knowledge, I will go over his problems with sensory knowledge, I will evaluate his claims, and I will present my objection to them. Descartes is very well known as the father of skepticism, which is very ironic, considering his main goal was to make a fool proof reason to believe in the existence of God. He wanted to make a case so strong, that if any atheist were to read his meditations, they wouldRead MoreBeliefs Beyond Doubt, What All Other Respond To: Rene Descartes Meditations on First Philosophy1998 Words   |  8 PagesRene Descartes Meditations on First Philosophy is considered to be one of the most important works in modern philosophy. John Locke, Immanuel Kant, and countless other philosophers wrote largely in response to Descartes. Yet there are serious doubts related to the treatises major argument. In the Objections and Replies, a collection of objections to the work along with Descartes personal and often very detailed replies to said objections, the philosopher Antoine Arnauld raises the question of whetherRead MoreDescartes First Meditation2099 Words   |  9 PagesDescartes First Meditation Descartes believes that knowledge comes from within the mind, a single indisputable fact to build on that can be gained through individual reflection. While seeking true knowledge, Descartes writes his Six Meditations. In these meditations, Descartes tries to develop a strong foundation, which all knowledge can be built upon. In the First Meditation, Descartes begins developing this foundation through the method of doubt. He casts doubt upon all his previous beliefsRead MoreDescartes Meditations On First Philosophy807 Words   |  4 PagesConner Ruhl Professor Copley Philosophy 1000C 4 May 2015 Descartes, Meditations on First Philosophy Rene Descartes was the first great philosopher of the modern era, He had a new approach which was focused on scientific and mathematical truths. Descartes came to reject the scholastic tradition, one of which he was educated, due to his pursuit of mathematical and scientific truth. Much of Descartes work was done to secure advancement of human knowledge through the use of the natural sciencesRead MoreDescartes Meditations On First Philosophy1079 Words   |  5 PagesThroughout Descartes’ Meditations on First Philosophy, Descartes argues for the ideas and philosophical beliefs behind skepticism. In his writings, he describes the fallibility and importance of the body of man and through extension the senses with which we observe the world. This paper will first show that within Descartes’ writings the body is an extension of the mind. Secondly, this paper will prove that the senses are a false form of understanding which leads to the deception of the mind. Finally

Youthanasia by Megadeth free essay sample

Bubbling over with exhaustion and the robbery of their #1 record, Megadeth came out of 1992 with success. Some would say Megadeth hit their peak in popularity. They began recording a follow-up to their highly-acclaimed record Countdown To Extinction in 1994. The follow up was titled Youthanasia, and isolated many fans while at the same time creating a stronger fan base for years to come. The album was recorded in a hand-built studio in Arizona. Every song was written and arranged totally and 100% exclusively in the studio, front man Dave Mustaine said. Youthanasia boasted three singles including Reckoning Day, Train of Consequences, and A Tout Le Monde. The latter piece has been highly accused of promoting suicide, but Dave Mustaine has been quoted numerous times fighting this accusation. A Tout Le Monde has been re-recorded and released on the bands 2007 release, United Abominations. Youthanasia showcases a much more melodic side of Megadeth than any album had before. We will write a custom essay sample on Youthanasia by Megadeth or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page A harmonica is even present on songs such as Train of Consequences and Elysian Fields, something Dave would have never predicted would be included back in the 80s. If you like Countdown to Extinctions melody, be ready for more. Youthanasia takes Countdowns melodic themes and mixes it with thrash roots previously found on releases such as Peace SellsBut Whos Buying? and Rust In Piece. Even if you dont like metal music this is an album that may change your mind.

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Essential Functions of a Project Manager free essay sample

The Essential Functions of a Project Manager A project manager (PM) is a facilitator. The ideal project manager does whatever it takes to ensure that the members of the project team can do their work. This means working with management to ensure they provide the resources and support required as well as dealing with team issues that are negatively impacting a teams productivity. The project manager must possess a combination of skills including the ability to ask penetrating questions, identify unstated assumptions, and resolve personnel conflicts along with more systematic management skills. This person is responsible for initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing a project. The actions of a project manager should be almost unnoticeable and when a project is moving along smoothly people are sometimes tempted to question the need for a project manager. However, when you take the skilled project manager out of the mix, the project is much more likely to miss deadlines and exceed budgets. The project manager is the one who is responsible for making decisions in such a way that risk is controlled and uncertainty minimized. Every decision made by the project manager should ideally be directly benefit the project. A successful PM must simultaneously manage the four basic elements of a project: resources (people, equipment, material), time (task duration, dependencies, critical path), money (costs, contingencies, profits), and most importantly, scope (project size, goals, profit). All these elements are interrelated. Each must be managed effectively. All must be managed together if the project, and the project manager, is to be a success. The Scope element of a project is the most important and it is the first and last task for a successful project manager. First and foremost you have to manage the project scope. The project scope is the definition of what the project is supposed to accomplish and the budget (of time and money) that has been created to achieve these objectives. It is absolutely imperative that any change to the scope of the project have a matching change in budget, either time or resources. If the project scope is to build a building to house three widgets with a budget of $100,000 the project manager is expected to do that. However, if the scope is changed to a building for four widgets, the project manager must obtain an appropriate change in budgeted resources. If the budget is not adjusted, the smart project manager will avoid the change in scope. Usually, scope changes occur in the form of scope creep. Scope creep is the piling up of small changes that by themselves are manageable, but in aggregate are significant. It is necessary to make sure any requested change, no matter how small, is accompanied by approval for a change in budget or schedule or both. A PM cannot effectively manage the resources, time and money in a project unless you actively manage the project scope. When the project scope is clearly identified and associated to the timeline and budget, the PM can begin to manage the project resources. These include the people, equipment, and material needed to complete the project. A successful PM must effectively manage the Resources assigned to the project. This includes the labor hours of the designers, the builders, the testers and the inspectors on the project team. It also includes managing any labor subcontracts. However, managing project resources frequently involves more than people management. The project manager must also manage the equipment used for the project and the material needed by the people and equipment assigned to the project. Managing the people resources means having the right people, with the right skills and the proper tools, in the right quantity at the right time. It also means ensuring that they know what needs to be done, when, and how. And it means motivating them to take ownership in the project too. Managing direct employees normally means managing the senior person in each group of employees assigned to your project. These employees also have a line manager to whom they report and from whom the usually take technical direction. In a matrix management situation, like a project team, the PM’s job is to provide project direction to them. Managing labor subcontracts usually means managing the team lead for the subcontracted workers, who in turn manages the workers. The equipment a PM has to manage as part of the project depends on the nature of the project. A project to construct a frozen food warehouse would need earth moving equipment, cranes, and cement trucks. For a project to release a new version of a computer game, the equipment would include computers, test equipment, and duplication and packaging machinery. The project management key for equipment is much like for people resources. They have to make sure workers have the right equipment in the right place at the right time and that it has the supplies it needs to operate properly. Most projects involve the purchase of material. For a frozen food arehouse, this would be freezers, the building HVAC machinery and the material handling equipment. For a project to release a music CD by a hot new artist, it would include the CD blanks, artwork for the jewel case, and press releases to be sent to deejays. The project management issue with supplies is to make sure the right supplies arrive at the right time. All the skill in managing resources wont help, however, unless the PM can stic k to the project schedule. Time management is critical in successful project management. Time management is a critically important skill for any successful project manager. Project managers who succeed in meeting their project schedule have a good chance of staying within their project budget. The most common cause of blown project budgets is lack of schedule management. Fortunately there is a lot of software on the market today to help manage project schedule or timeline. Any project can be broken down into a number of tasks that have to be performed. To prepare the project schedule, the project manager has to figure out what the tasks are, how long they will take, what resources they require, and in what order they should be done. Each of these elements has a direct bearing on the schedule. If a task is omitted, the project wont be completed. If the length of time or the amount of resources required for the task is underestimated, the schedule will be missed. The schedule can also be blown if a mistake in the sequencing of the tasks is made. The PM needs to build the project schedule by listing, in order, all the tasks that need to be completed. Assign duration to each task. Allocate the required resources. Determine predecessors (what tasks must be completed before) and successors (tasks that cant start until after) each task. The difficulty in managing a project schedule is that there are seldom enough resources and enough time to complete the tasks sequentially. Therefore, tasks have to be overlapped so several happen at the same time. Project management software greatly simplifies the task of creating and managing the project schedule by handling the iterations in the schedule logic. When all tasks have been listed, resourced, and sequenced, it is noticeable that some tasks have a little flexibility in their required start and finish date. This is called float. A line through all the tasks with zero float is called the critical path. All tasks on this path, and there can be multiple, parallel paths, must be completed on time if the project is to be completed on time. The Project Managers key time management task is to manage the critical path. Be aware, that items can be added to or removed from the critical path as circumstances change during the execution of the project. Installation of security cameras may not be on the critical path, but if the shipment is delayed, it may become part of the critical path. Conversely, pouring the concrete foundation may be on the critical path, but if the project manager obtains an addition crew and the pour is completed early it could come off the critical path (or reduce the length of the critical path). Regardless of how well you manage the schedule and the resources, there is one more critical element called managing the budget. Often a PM is evaluated on his or her ability to complete a project within Budget. If the project resources and project schedule is managed effectively, this should not be a problem. It is, however, a task that requires the project managers careful attention. Each project task will have a cost whether it is the cost of the labor hours of a computer programmer or the purchase price of a cubic yard of concrete. In preparing the project budget, each of these costs is estimated and then totaled. Some of these estimates will be more accurate than others. A company knows what it will charge each of its projects for different classifications of labor. Commodities like concrete are priced in a very competitive market so prices are fairly predictable. Other estimates are less accurate. For instance, the cost of a conveyor system with higher performance specifications that normal can be estimated to be more expensive, but it is hard to determine whether it will be 10% more or 15% more. For an expensive item, that can be a significant amount. When the estimated cost of an item is uncertain, the project budget often includes a design allowance. This is money that is set-aside in the budget just in case the actual cost of the item is wildly different than the estimate. Unusual weather or problems with suppliers are always a possibility on large projects. Companies usually include a contingency amount in the project budget to cover these kinds of things. So a project budget is composed of the estimated cost, plus the contingency and design allowance, plus any profit. The project managers job is to keep the actual cost at or below the estimated cost, to use as little of the design allowance and contingency as possible, and to maximize the profit the company earns on the project. To maximize the chances of meeting the project udget, the PM must meet the project schedule. The most common cause of blown budgets is blown schedules. Meeting the project schedule wont guarantee the project budget is met, but it significantly increases the chances. And above all, management of the project scope is detrimental. PM should not allow the project scope to creep upward without getting budget and/or schedule adjustments to match. Successful project management is an art and a science that takes practice. The ideas presented above can give a basic understanding of project management, but consider it is only the beginning. In order to have a successful career in project managements, it is necessary to talk to successful project managers, read, and practice to acquired experience and confidence.