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Philosophy of Education :: Philosophy of Teaching Statement

Philosophy of EducationBe all that you can be. Find your future- as a teacher. No, joining the army is not what Madeline Fuchs Holzer had in sagacity when she said this reiterate. Being all you can be in brio requires dedication, responsibility and a desire to do what you love. Teaching is a profession that requires one hundred ten% from a person. I have the drive and ability to be the best that I can be as a teacher. There is not anything else I would want to do with my life besides teaching. I want to be a reflection to my students that they can be all that they can be. Another quote by Henry Adams, A teacher affects eternity he can never tell where his influence stops. To be that type of teacher has been a long goal for me. I want to make my mark in the world and this is my way of doing it. To have the ability to affect a childs life for an eternity is something that not everyone can say they have accomplished. Teaching definitely is a profession that will affect eternity.The main reasons for wanting to become a teacher would be my love for children, my family inspirations Gods calling for me, and my love for learning. All my life I have enjoyed being around children. They have wide spirits about them that makes me feel free spirited. Their innocence, undying energy and their love for life makes me take these characteristics and apply them to my own life.Another motivation for me is the inspirations of my grandad and my father. My grandfather died when I was very young and the one thing everyone has always said about him is his love of flying and teaching. His life was spent on teaching others and when he passed away he was remembered as being a great teacher devoting himself entirely to his family and his students. My father spent the first thirty years of his life sacking form job to job since he had not finished his schooling younger in life. At middle age he decided to go back to college and earned his degree in schooling. He felt that becoming a teacher he would be a testimony to children to continue their education to better their future.

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Nuclear war :: essays research papers

The Next EpisodeWould you like to play a gritty? The infamous words muttered by the WOPPER computer in the movie War Games. In this movie an amuter hacker looking for some cool games nearly sets strike a nuclear war by just some simple manuevers. Although just a movie it put light on the easiness of wiz person to start an all out nuclear war. This movie was made in the 80s when we didnt rest on the power of computers to correspond a system and still we almost had an all out nuclear war. Now we reali on computers making us twice as vulnerable. With that in straits I feel that it is my responsibility to affirm the resolution that the possession nuclear weapons is immoral.For clarification of this round I offer the following definitionsBlacks Law, fifth Edition.Possession The detention and control of anything which may be subject of property, for ones use and enjoyment.Nuclear anything with radioactive materials.Weapons Something used to destroy someone or something.From the Lexic on-Webster dictionaryImmoral not conforming to accepted patterns of what is considered right and wrong behavior in a cultureNuclear weapons argon a singular weapon they are one of the feew weapons that can kill long after the initial blast. The radiation emited from this blast would infect all the surrounding nations thus cause a global catastrophy. That is why I would like to adopt the value of Global Security. Along with this value I will use the criterion of Safty because Safty is the barely way to obtain global security.Contention One Nucs have no target only death.The sole purpose for nuclear weapons is to kill large amounts of mess very quickly without the threat of losing men. Let me repeat to kill with out being killed. This sounds like a great dodge except it is no strategy at all. If you have a thousand nucs you are not going to target them at military bases no, you are going to inflict the most persecute and that is the civilian population. People innocent of any cri me put to death by a faceless weapon.Subpoint A Nuclear war is inevitable.The only fountain to create a unseasoned weapon is to use it not to have just sit around and collect dust. History has shown the minute a new weapon is invented people are standing line to use it and show its effectiveness. The bombs we dropped on hiroshima and nagasaki were only one weapon now we have unused missles and bombers that are unused wasting money.

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East of Eden Essay: Steinbeck vs. Christ :: East Eden Essays

East of Eden Steinbeck vs. Christ   In the novel, East of Eden, John Steinbeck proposes the idea that man has much more control over his own tidy sum than many chose to believe-a conclusion reached from Steinbecks own interpretation of the story of Cain and adapted wherein paragon neither instructs Cain to master the sin which is crouching at his door, nor predicts that Cain will master it, but kind of gives Cain the ability to spot. Taking the text out of context, Steinbeck uses it to hire the message that a mans destiny is up to himself and that the ability to choose to do what is right and wrong is as much a curse as it is a blessing. Steinbecks interpretation is incorrect. By taking the clause thou mayest out of its context, Steinbeck twists the truth of free will and uses it to convey his own message that a man, through his own free will, can shape and define his destiny. By reading the text in context-both the story of Cain and Able and the story of Christ, which is the accepted Christian message of the Bible as a whole-the message that thou mayest conveys is quite different in both meaning and gravity.   The very context of the phrase tells its immediate meaning If you do what is right, will you not be accepted? But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door it desires to have you, but thou mayest master it. In context, the phrase thou mayest is more than the blank check that Steinbeck makes it out to be rather, it is a warning and an instruction. God gives Cain the warning that if he chooses not to do rightly, sin will conquer him and at the same time, He offers hope and tells Cain he can and, in context, should choose to master that sin.   The Biblical context of the story goes further, applying itself to life in general. As the whole of the Bible unfolds, the concept of free will is realized on a far greater magnitude than Steinbeck applies it. All humanity is subject to the harassment of a sinful nature and a fa llen world. There is no superstar righteous, not even one there is no one who understands, no one who seeks God. Therefore, instead of the uninfluenced freedom to choose his

Patriarchal Society and the Feminine Self in Kate Chopins Story of an

Patriarchal Society and the Erasure of the Feminine Self in The Story of an Hour Critical readings of Chopins works much note the tension between female characters and the society that surrounds them. Margaret Bauer suggests that Chopin is concerned with exploring the dynamic interrelation between women and men, women and patriarchy, horizontal women and women (146). Often, critics focus on the importance of conflict in these works and the way in which Chopin uses gender constraints on two levels, to open an avenue for the discussion of feminine identity and, at the same time, to critique the time-honored society that denies that identity. Kay Butler suggests that entrapment, not freedom, is the source of Chopins inspiration, for she is primarily concerned with exploring the way in which gender roles deny identity she continues yet without the entrapment, the question of identity, even the inspiration to write about identity, wouldnt exist (18). Chopins The Story of an Hour m ost poignantly balances the dual focus of her work, describing the incipient awakening of Mrs. Mallard, and thereof exploring the possibility of feminine identity, even while, ultimately, denying the fruition of such an experience. Like all of her works, this short story reacts to a specific historical framework, the Cult of True Womanhood, in its indictment of patriarchal culture. As Barbara Welter notes, in the nineteenth century, a women judged herself and was judged by her husband, her neighbors, and society by the attributes of a True Woman which included, especially, purity and domesticity (372). The conceit of purity, because it suggested that women must maintain their virtue, also, paradoxically, denied the... ... Story of an Hour. CLA Journal 16 (November 1994) 59-64. Bauer, Margaret. Chopin in Her Times Critical Essays on Patriarchy and Feminine Identity. Durham Duke UP, 1997. Butler, Kay. Freedom and Desire The beginning of Awakening in the Works of Kate Chopin. Cri tical Interpretations Kate Chopin. Ed. Harold Blooming. New York Chelsea House, 1989. 14-32. Chopin, Kate. The Story of an Hour. The Heath Anthology of American Literature. Ed. Paul Lauter, et al. 2nd ed. Vol. 2. Lexington Heath, 1994. 644-46. Papke, Mary E. Verging on the Abyss The Social manufacturing of Kate Chopin and Edith Wharton. New York Greenwood P, 1990. Welter, Barbara. The Cult of True Womanhood 1820-1860. The American Family in the Social Historical Perspective. Ed. Michael Gordon. New York St. Martins P, 1978. 372-92.

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Georges Braque Essay -- essays research papers

Georges Braque was a French painter born on may 13, 1882, in Argenteuil-sur-Seine, near Paris. He grew up there and in the city of Le Havre where he studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. He began developing his word picture skills while working for his father as a house decorator. By 1900 he moved to Paris to purse the study of painting as o.k. art. In his early works Braques style was early impressionism. It wasnt until a few years later when he was influenced in the works of well cognise artists such as Matisse, Derain, Cezanne, and exspecially Picasso. Braque meeting Picasso was only the beginning of a huge turning point in his artistic development. some(prenominal) Picasso and Braque began to work closely together. The deuce of them began to develop a similar approach in painting and invented analytic cubism. Cubism is a style known for geometric shapes that are seen thorough multiple viewpoints. Both artists produced paintings of neutralized colors and complex patterns. The y worked so closely together that many pieces of their work look almost identical. In many instances only experts can realize Braques paintings from Picassos. Later, they both began to experiment with collage. Collage is a technique of constructing images from everyday life materials such as newspapers, labels, and pieces of fabric. In 1914, Braque enlisted in the French army. During World struggle I he had gotten severely wounded in the head and was discharged from the army. He went back home to Paris to resume his a...

Georges Braque Essay -- essays research papers

Georges Braque was a French painter born on May 13, 1882, in Argenteuil-sur-Seine, near Paris. He grew up there and in the city of Le Havre where he studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. He began developing his painting skills while working for his mystify as a house decorator. By 1900 he moved to Paris to purse the study of painting as fine art. In his early deeds Braques style was early impressionism. It wasnt until a few years later when he was influenced in the works of well known artists such as Matisse, Derain, Cezanne, and exspecially Picasso. Braque confrontation Picasso was only the beginning of a huge turning point in his artistic development. Both Picasso and Braque began to work closely together. The two of them began to develop a equivalent approach in painting and invented analytic cubism. Cubism is a style known for geometric shapes that are seen thorough multiple viewpoints. Both artists produced paintings of neutralized colors and knotty patterns. They worked so closely together that many pieces of their work look almost identical. In many instances only experts can distinguish Braques paintings from Picassos. Later, they both began to investigate with collage. Collage is a technique of constructing images from everyday life materials such as newspapers, labels, and pieces of fabric. In 1914, Braque enlisted in the French army. During World War I he had gotten earnestly wounded in the head and was discharged from the army. He went back home to Paris to resume his a...

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Different Topics Writings

The following sentence is an example of Engfish The Nixon years are perhaps the almost well remembered and least forgotten in the eyeball of the American raft. I chose this example because it was a sentence that I actually wrote for a hi narrative paper. later learning what Engfish was, I was a bit surprised to find this type of writing in my OWN papers Not merely did I province that the Nixon years were the most well remembered, I went on to further expound on the fact that they were also the least forgotten.Of course, it goes without saying that if something is the most remembered, it is also the least forgotten, but without my own voice yet discovered, and not knowing what my teacher wanted or was looking for, I wrote like this to fill space and intemperate a bit more formal. Looking at it now, it seems funny. I could have simply written, no one will ever forget the Nixon years. lets not forget in the eyes of the American people.First of all, people dont remember things i n their eyes, and more than the American people will remember the Nixon years. If I wanted to restrict the subject, I could have written, America will never forget the Nixon years. Fabulous Reality The fenced-in school gibibyte echoed of bouncing basketballs, jump rope chants, creaky swing chains and the clanging of eager children pushing and pulling on the fence. At the front of the one story building was a sign that said Parent Teacher Conferences Oct. 27-29 and Fall Festival October 30.On the west side of the drab brick building that faced the quarry and asphalt playground, there were some cracked windows taped with duct tape on the outside, while childrens art work and colorful curtains decorated the interior. The bricks of the mass medium sized building were decorated with black scribbles from spray paint cans. Teens alumnus of the building stating that they had been there, whom they loved, and what teachers they hated. Amid the scribbles arose a large yellow smiley face, perfectly round with oval eyes and a broad black smile. There was a bloody bullet hole in its head.Metaphor/simile 1 My significant other is better than the finest server at the finest restaurant. He treats my feelings as if they were the most valuable porcelain dishes, with soft gloves, and quick and light attention. He lingers in my neck to catch my scent as would a wine lover with a bottle of newly opened wine. He has an artists eye for my eyes, staring at them and studying them to find what lies beneath. I feel like a million bucks and he is the millionaire, keeping close tabs on me, but letting me grow and work into something more as he both flaunts and protects me.Metaphor/simile 2 The childs coos are sweeter than the sweetest song ever composed or heard. Her eyes are more beautiful than the animadversion off of the deep blue water when it catches the sun on its brightest days. Her smile is as sincere as her parents love for her. Her cries are only reflections of need, not s adness. When others are around her, her joy is spread as easily as warm butter on warm bread. Her beauty is as unmingled as is her existence. This tiny little baby girl brings more warmth and joy than a Christmas day fire, yet she does not even know it.

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Poverty essay

It has been verbalize that Poverty is functional to society today, the extent to which this is true rent been explore by theorists of the cultural, bolshie, and functional perspectives and can be examined SSI Eng countries of the Caribbean such as Trinidad and Tobago. To begin, in the late sass, Oscar Lewis, an American anthropologist created t he tillage of mendicancy ideology. It is in this ideology that he states that in that respect ar t here levels in the culture of poverty . The first being the individual level.Here the poor feels helpless, inferior to those around him and marginals from society. The individual De plops a sense of acquiescence and fatalism. He goes to say that the individual desires immediate ratification even through expedient means as the are unable to tick off gratifier action. Secondly, the family level. On this level, there exist consensual marriages or FRR e runs, a high rate of divorce and a significant number of matriarchal families. Lastly, the companionship level in which well-nigh people are fatalistic therefore leading to mini mum effectual corporation in the major institutions.There is non social status in try add unions and other homogeneous organizations. Not to mention, that little use is made of banks, hospitals, museums and other indistinguishable institutions. Lewis concluded his concept y suggesting that the culture of poverty emboldens poverty as the preceding characteristics of poverty act as vehicles to ensure the continuation of poverty If this is applied to the country of Trinidad and Tobago, it can be said that those e Of the Beta residence formerly known as shanty town may experience pope rotor each level.Individualistically, persons of the Beta residences and surrounding areas are often marginals and are left to feel helpless and inferior to those belonging g to other areas in Trinidad and Tobago. Most have given up on finding a way out of poverty a ND has turn o illegal means for immediate gratificat ion. On the family level there are ma NY common law marriages along with a high rate of divorce and separation between couple sees, therefore contributing to the innovation of a notable number of matriarchal households.Also there is little participation in institutions such as schools whether as a teacher or rivet antes suggested by Lewis the persons belonging to this region may never find their way out of poverty as all the aforementioned characteristics encourages poverty to be c intended . Thus, it can be said that Lewis does not believe that poverty is functional in s society. Though Lewis held immense views, Critics have argued that in numerous countries, t poor has found ways of improving their life situation. These include, participate Ins In community groups and politics and also by maintaining strong family units.A Iso other researchers have insisted that the behavior of the poor is not culturally est. Wished but instead is due to situational constraints. For ex underem ployment, unemployed meet low income and other related factors. Conflict theorists induct forward the idea that poverty is a result of the states fail ere to allocate resources equitably. They examine poverty from different angles inch ding that of the comprehend market, stratification frame and capitalism. They state that in the I Barbour market, there is an increasing demand for skilled workers in industrialized societies. Hose who are unemployed and underemployed are most likely unable to meet the require meets and are unable to secure high wages on the parturiency market,thus, remaining in poverty. A great example of this can be seen in Trinidad and Tobago where a person is now ex pecked to have at least three SEC passes in coiffure to work as a cashier in a grocery or in KEF. Alternatively, there is a dual labor market, consisting of the primary labor racket and the secondary labor market. The primary labor market is found in large e profitable companies with job security, high wages and cooking opportunities.While the secondary labor market is found in small companies with little job security low wages a ND few study purport nineties. Conflict theorists suggests that women and those of et hon. minorities are concentrated in the secondary labor market and take low paying jobs. T his too, can be seen in Trinidad and Tobago where the primary labor market is official go Vermont offices or non governmental organizations and the secondary labor market would be irking in hairdressing salons, hardware, groceries, in the market, CHEEP, et c.It is in most of these organizations Women and the ethnic minorities are heavily me played. In addition, Marxist theorist explores poverty from the angle of the stratification system. They indicate that this system relates poverty to class. They believe the at the underclass, namely the retired elderly, the physically disabled and single par .NET families lack prestige and wealth and that their low position is a result of their low sat tutus. They go on to say that it is because of their low wages that opportunities for better pap d jobs are limited. Equally important is the angle of capitalism.It is here that Marxist states that the existence of poverty is in favor of the owners of production, as it allows the m to maintain the capitalist system and maximize profits . It is important to realism that me embers of the working class only owns their labor which is sold at a wage and for those who SSE labor is not in demand, wages are low. Therefore competitions among workers arise which keeps the wage levels in check. The booking theorist says that the state will act in FAA our of the ruling class and therefore, the government would do little to reduce poverty.From this it can be said that Marxist view poverty as being functional in society but to non e other than the upper class or owners of production speckle exploiting the working class. There are researchers who disagree with the Marxist point Of view reason bee Eng, the Marxist view has failed to clearly states what causes certain groups in society to begin poor, also the perspective does not distinctly distinguish the poor from other members of the working class, and therefore fails to offer an explanation for their poverty. Not to mention that the theory does not explore the income variations existing with n the working class.Another Perspective taken on poverty is the Functionalist or conservative app roach led by Herbert . J Gangs. He argues that poverty persists because it IS beneficial to certain non poor and affluent groups in society. Functionalist theorists including Gangs argues that there are certain functions of poverty.

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What Is Demarketing

What is de-marketing? De-marketing is a process to make a crop less attractive (so that the demand of the crop depart reduce). The company will take measures to decrease the demand of customers on a product. A good example of de-marketing is cigarettes. Companies put phrases as smoking kills on the boxes of their cigarettes, to make people witting of the hazards of smoking. They hope this measure will reduce the amount of smokers in the world.This is a great example for de-marketing. I found the following article on the cyberspace Hungary institutes hamburger-tax. Link of article http//www. ibtimes. com/hungary-institutes-hamburger-tax-293105) The article is about the fact that Hungary institutes a tax on unhealthy food. They will raise the taxes on food that deems unhealthy, such as hamburgers, energy drinks, salted nuts, crisps and other junk food. I think this is an example of de-marketing, because they try to make unhealthy food less attractive (with meridian the taxes on i t), in the hope people will buy it less and consume more healthy food.Another example of de-marketing is on the following product Magnum Ice thrashs. Een beroemde De-marketing case Magnum ijsjes In het eerste jaar dat de magnum ijsjes op de markt kwamen kon men niet of nauwelijks aan de vraag voldoen. Men kon de prijs verhogen, maar men koos voor het minder aantrekkelijk maken van het product. Zo werden de mooi ontworpen verpakking vervangen door gewoon een simpele zilverkleurige folie. Het product zag er gewoon wat minder aantrekkelijk uit. Daarnaast werd er juist een grote marketing campagne gestart om de vraag naar Cornettos te verhogen.Hiermee zou de vraag naar Magnums ook iets dalen. I will summarize this article In the first years that Magnum (the ice cream brand) was active, the demand to their product was so high, that the company could not satisfy the demand of their customers. To reduce the demand for Magnum ice creams, they put the ice creams in simple colour in wrappi ng paper to make the packing less attractive. Another measure they took, was to introduce the Cornetto (another product of the company). This would reduce the demand of magnums slightly.

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Brand Naming: Kraft Foods’ ‘Isnack 2.O’ Controversy in Australia

Australia Consumer packaged goods Abstract This reason is about Kraft Foods Incs decision to launch a breakfast spread with the name iSnack 2. 0 in Australia, and the hostility that followed which forced the company to withdraw the brand name. The company had decided to give the name iSnack 2. 0 to a new version of the Australian food icon Vegemite in September 2009.While the company felt that the name it had arrived at after conducting an on-line brand naming contest would appeal to the generation Y element who were using popular products such as the iPod and the iPhone, the target segment rejected the name outright and there was a huge backlash against the company. Marketing and brand experts were divided in their reactions to Krafts branding exercise.While some experts felt that this was a genuine misjudgment on the part of the company, others felt that it was a clever marketing ploy to raise awareness about its new product. While the debate on this issue raged on, experts were almost unanimous in their view that this episode would not lone(prenominal) be remembered as a horrible example in the history of branding, but would also serve as a valuable lesson in branding strategy for all marketers.The case will help students to (1) understand the issues and challenges in naming a brand (new brand, brand extension, rebranding) (2) analyze the effectiveness of crowd sourcing in branding decisions (3) appreciate the importance of marketing research in branding decisions (4) analyze the pros and cons of using social media as a marketing tool to find publicity for a product (5) understand why the target segment rejected the brand name iSnack 2. for the brand extension of the iconic Vegemite brand (6) contend and debate whether Krafts decision was a deliberate attempt to create controversy to create awareness for its new product and the related ethical issues and (7) explore slipway in which Kraft could have made the branding campaign more effective and also explore branding strategies that Krafts marketing team can buy out in the future.This case is meant for MBA / MS students as part of the brand management / consumer behavior/ marketing communications curriculum. The teaching note includes the abstract, teaching objectives and methodology, assignment questions, feedback of the case discussion, and additional readings and references. It does not contain an analysis of the case.

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Baldrige Award Recipient

One of the 1995 Manufacturing Award Recipients of the Malcolm Baldrige National theatrical role Award was Corning Incorporated. The April 8th 2008 issue of Forbes. com print an article titled, Out of the Gate Corning Inches Up which is the article that I am reviewing for this assignment. Some of the main points of the article included that Corning sh bes were going up suggesting that the strong choose for their liquid crystal display glass panels contributed to this rise.It was mentioned that the Corning stock was upgraded from neutral to outperform. The New York based company is state to be the worlds largest maker of liquid crystal display glass used in flat-screen televisions and computers. Since television sales are healthiest in U. S, China, Japan, Europe and Russia, these countries are said to be contributing the most to that growth. The article noted while broader stock markets are on the decline, Corning is continuing to rise. I found this article interesting for various reasons.While many people may see a successful company as one that makes a profit on a regular basis, the qualities of this company which may get ignored or are unknown to some, created the opportunities within that continues to challenge its employees to perform their best and the end result is a successful company, not the other way around. Corning encourages creativity in its employees and thus creating its own success by the quality of the companys foundation and principles.Due to some of the reasons a company receives attention and awards such as the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, is that the companys practices awards those within that in turn strengthen the company. For example, this company awards and encourages employees with creativity and future vision, thus currently they are in the lead in the area of liquid crystal display glass panels. Corning didnt hop on the bandwagon mid-stream, they were entrepreneurs in this area.When members of their team suggested th is would be something worth developing years ago, those members were listened to and it has salaried off and is continuing to pay off for Corning. While many in the public may see Corning as making profits at a time when few are, it was actually a more committed decision of conducting research into this long before others and then having time to refine their products when others just generate to recognize the value of this product.The author just stated the facts in this article of Cornings stocks, so therefore was very objective in all of his/her (authors name not given) points. The article was uninfluenced by any emotion by the author. However, knowing more about this company than this article, to me the end product shows that whether or not one sees it as such, valuing, motivating and encouraging ones employees can be time worthwhile in the end for a company.Any awards a company gets are always partly due to its employees, so the more a company can communicate and demonstrate t his to their employees, the more motivated employees see to be to add to the success of their company (ies). Reference Out of the Gate Corning Inches Up. (2008, April 08). Retrieved April 22, 2008, from http//www. forbes. com/feeds/ap/2008/04/08/ap4866495. html

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Osmosis in Different Concentrations

I am going to investigate osmosis when murphy is powerd in contrary compactnesss of saccharose. I am aiming to witness osmosis in 5 different concentrations of saccharose. I get out use 5 varying concentrations so that I excite a wider spread to compare the results, and check that I dont have each anomalies Prediction Osmosisis the process of diffusion of body of piddle molecules from a weaker solution into a stronger solution, through a semipermeable membrane.The tiny pores in the membrane of the tateres leave alone allow the weewee molecules to go in and step to the fore of the potato prison cell, depending on the concentration gradient between the potato and the sucrose solution. If thewater concentrationis lower in the potato than in the sucrose solution, thus water will pass from the sucrose solution into the potato, and it will re walk out metric heaviness unit.If in that location is a higher concentration of water in the potato, therefore the water will go out of the potato and into the sucrose solution, as osmosis is the movement of water molecules from a region of high concentration to a region of low concentration, through a semi permeable membrane. So, I predict that the higher the concentration of sucrose, the lower the weight of the potato as water from the potato percolates into the sucrose solution. Predicted graph of results IMAGE Apparatus * 6 test tubes * 6 different concentrations of sucrose solutions * murphy white potato cutter/ philia * Digital meter scales * Measuring cylinders * Knife * Test tube racks * Tissue paper Method I will learn 1 piece of potato in each tube. As there are 15 tubes I will have to calculate how some(prenominal) pieces I will need altogether. I think this would be a suitable calculation 115=15. So, I will pierce out roughly pieces of a potato using a core, and then cut 15 slices with a knife. Then I will measure 10ml of each of the 6 sucrose solutions using a measuring cylinder. I will b e given these different concentrated solutions in the general laboratory.I will label the tubes 1 to 15 and fill each one with 10ml of the solution. Tube 1-3 will have a concentration of 0 Tube 4-6 will have a concentration of 0. 4 Tube 7-9 will have a concentration of 0. 8 Tube 10-12 will have a concentration of 1. 2 Tube 13-15 will have a concentration of 1. 4 I will measure each slice on the measuring scales to identify each potato slice with its weight before and later immersion in the sucrose. Having measured each slice on the scale and entered its weight, I will then place the slices in the test tube containing the solution for 24 hours.Then I will empty the solution from the test tube by pouring it in the sink and take up the potatoes by hand and place them one by one on the scale. For accuracy, I will make sure that I wipe off any excess solution on the scale before placing each new slice on it. I will record the weight after placing them in the solution for 24 hours. Thi s process will be repeated for tubes 1 to 15 and the results will be noted in a table and then plotted on a line graph. I will make this a fair test by only varying the concentration of sucrose and the size of the potato slices, but keeping ein truththing else the same.The same potato must be used for the whole taste or otherwise, the results would differ as the shape up and sizes might be different, which means one potato might have more(prenominal) water in it than the other. I will use a 10ml measuring cylinder so that I can accurately measure the exact amount of sucrose needed. As the cylinder measures different sucrose solutions, it has to be rinse out each time I measure another 10ml of sucrose for the next tube, because it whitethorn be contaminated with the different sucroses.All the tubes will be kept for the same time, in the same place, so that the uncontrollable temperature would not affect the tubes separately. I will not be able to control * Temperature because I wont be in the laboratory for 24 hours, and the temperature could change in the night, or morning. *Temperature of solution- because I was not able to obtain a thermometer and I was not in the laboratory for 24 hours so it could change. * Weighing scales because these are digital and therefore, it produces results by itself. I will be able to control Concentrations of sucrose they are already measured * Time I will do the experiment, and come back the next day at the same time, and promptly record the results *weight of the potato- I weighed the potato slices before the experiment. For safety in the laboratory, I will be very careful using the sharp knife which I will be using to cut the potatoes with. I will make sure that I have an overall so that my clothes dont get dirty if the solutions spills. I will remember not to put potatoes or sucrose in my mouth as they might have been infected by chemicals in the lab, which are poisonous.I will measure the weight of the potato in gra ms, and the concentration of sucrose in percentage. I am expecting everything to work out well as I have a perfectly good method but if I feel that the results may be wrong, I will repeat my experiment. Preliminary results These are my results This experiment supports my plan and prediction. The carrot gains weight in normal water, and decreases weight in concentrated sugar solutions. By doing this experiment, I believe that my method is good, and it will work. I think I should specifically be aware of the scales, because they alter a lot.However, this was carried out at home, so the planning scales may have not been so accurate, as accuracy is not very important in cooking. Results these are my first results. They proved to be wrong. This luxate would have been made my human. I assume that I used two different scales, and have got all the weights jumbled up. The weight taken at the starting line is also not correct, so I may have made a mistake right from the start. Concentratio n of sucrose. Weight before Weight after 0 1. 28 0 1. 33 0 1. 29 0. 4 1. 29 0. 4 1. 27 0. 4 1. 2 0. 8 1. 31 0. 8 1. 3 0. 8 1. 3 1. 2 1. 29 1. 2 1. 37 1. 2 1. 27 1. 6 1. 26 1. 6 1. 3 1. 6 1. 31 Conclusion I found out that as the concentration of sucrose increases, the weight of the potato decreases. In water it gained 1. 26 grams, but in 1 Sucrose solution, it lost 0. 16 grams. My prediction supports my conclusion. I have calculated the average change in weight to have a simple, clear supposition where the experiment is leading me to. Instead of having a large number of weights, I combined them into one by averaging them.I found the average by adding the weight gain/loss for each tube and divided it by three. To find the percentage, I multiplied that decimal by 100. I drew a line graph, and then a line of best fit, which is sloping downwards, negatively. This proves that the weight is getting lower as the percentage of the sucrose concentration is getting higher. In my investigation I found a definite relationship between the 2 variables weight and concentration of sucrose. Any increase in sucrose concentration led to a decrease in weight. The prediction is supported by the evidence of the graph.Although there is one anomaly, all the other results stand out and give a sequent line of best fit exactly as I predicted. The point of early plasmolysis is where the concentration of sucrose and potato are even. There is no osmosis taking place at that point. As I said in my plan, if the water concentration is lower in the potato than in the sucrose solution, then water will pass from the sucrose solution into the potato, and it will gain weight. If there is a higher concentration of water in the potato, then the water will go out of the potato and into the sucrose solution.This is because osmosis is the movement of water molecules from a region of high concentration to a region of low concentration, through a semi permeable membrane. The up raise of sucrose is the downfall of potato mass. IMAGE Osmosis In osmosis, water diffuses through a semi-permeable membrane. This diagram illustrates the concentrated sugar solution, unconnected from dilute sucrose solution by a selectively permeable membrane. This has pores (holes) in it which are very humiliated, and selects what it wants to allow through i. e. small molecules.Water molecules are very small. Each one is made of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. However, sugar molecules are many times larger. In potatoes, the pores of the membrane only let the water through. There is a higher concentration of sugar molecules on the right-hand side of the membrane in the diagram, than in the left-hand side. Sugar molecules would diffuse from the concentrated solution into the dilute one until they were evenly spread out if there was no membrane, but they cannot do this as the pores are too small for the sugar to get through the membrane.Therefore, the small water molecules diffus e into the concentrated sugar solution, to make it more dilute. This process is called osmosis. It is the diffusion of water molecules from a place where they are in a higher concentration, to a place where they are in a lower concentration, through a selectively permeable membrane. Potato cells plasmolyse in concentrated solutions. This diagram illustrates a plant cellIMAGE (which is similar to a potato cell) in a concentrated solution. It will lose water by osmosis. The cytoplasm and the vacuole will shrink.The cell membrane is semi-permeable and the vacuole contains a sucrose solution. So when a cell is placed in distilled water (high concentration) water will move across the semi-permeable membrane into the cell (lower water concentration) by osmosis, making the cell swell. This cell is called turgid. In potato cells, the cells would increase in length, volume and weight because of the extra water in the potato. If the potato was to be placed in a lower concentration, then the o pposite would happen, because water would move out of the cell into the solution.If the solution is very concentrated, then a lot of water will diffuse out of the cell. The cytoplasm and vacuole will keep shrinking, but the cell hem in will not as it is too stiff. As the cytoplasm shrinks further and further into the centre of the cell, the cell wall gets left behind. The cell membrane, surrounding the cytoplasm, tears away from the cell wall. If this happens, the cell is said to be plasmolysed. The potato will therefore, decrease in length, volume and weight. Plasmolysis is the point where the membrane is totally detached from its ell wall, and the potato is killed. Evaluation my experiment shows whatsoever accurate results. It concludes the experiment, and proves my prediction. My final results were quite reliable due to the precautions I took to make thisa fair test. The graph has a unbent slope pointing downwards, which is the clearest way to understand my prediction. All of them are not that closely together, neither far away, so a line of best fit joins some tips of the points, and causes it to go straight down.I have one anomalous result, which falls on 0 on the x axis. This occurred in tube 5, which contained a concentration of 0. 4. perhaps I did not carry out that properly. These were the main(prenominal) problems in carrying out the experiment- * Scales kept moving * Difficult to get out the potato from the core * Potatoes get stuck in tube. * Solution is still left after wiping the potato and the scales * Different scales * couldnt control the temperature the point of early plasmolysis would not be valid.This is because I have just plotted it on the graph on a line which suits my results. To prove that it is the right point, I would have to do another experiment to find that out. The other evidence is likely to be valid, because as all the evidence links to the results. My investigation is fair because I did not change many things, expect the concentration of sucrose. I think that I have collected quite a lot of evidence to support my conclusion. The result table is the main source of evidence.I could try investigating with more percentages of sucrose concentration, the size of the potato and have more short intervals between the sucroses. This would have a more spread to the results, and therefore, results can be compared and evaluated more thoroughly. They would be very accurate as well as reliable. As I have an anomaly, my evidence may not be extremely correct. I would have to do more research to what I have already done (in the conclusion) on osmosis, and see what in reality happens, and see if it occurs in plant cells all the time.If I were to repeat the experiment, I would use a very accurate scale, so that results would come out accurately and then I would have a accurate average. The graph will be fairly accurate. I would also make sure that the scale and the potato slices are properly wiped. This is because if they are not wiped, the weight would increase, and will not be accurate. I could use a syringe or a burette to measure the 10ml of sucrose solution, because those two apparatus are very accurate.I would do several more experiments with bigger sizes of potatoes to obtain more evidence to support my conclusion. I will also do some research on osmosis, and this will make me certain of my evidence if I have many to compare with. I will agree with the majority. Overall, I am very pleased with these results and with the evidence I have so far, that osmosis occurs when there is a high concentration and a low concentration, both aside a semi-permeable membrane. The lower concentrated substance diffuses through the membrane to where there is the higher concentrated substance.

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Julian Assange; Hero or Villain?

Julian Assange Hero or Villain? The question of whether WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, whose organic law can be credited with psych other(a)apeutic thousands of classified documents from various countries, is a hero or a villain depends entirely on ones political opinions. Those who believe in pellucid government and freedom of speech/publishing would call Assange a hero. Those who believe governments must have some secrecy from citizens would call him a villain. As a believer in the ideals America was founded on it is clear that Assanges actions be heroic.He is fighting to keep the average citizen informed of any corruption at bottom their government, fighting for the mainstream press to stop supporting the governments views on everything, fighting to introduce the power of technology into a political system that has baffle outdated and corrupt. The United States is looked on as the ideal utilization of democracy. People have freedom of speech, elect the officials who rep resent them and the government works to benefit the commonplace person. Right? Wrong.How can we try and set up a new government where the people are actively involved in countries such as Iraq when the average American doesnt know anything about whats going on in our own government. Julian Assanges organization revealed 1,500 civilian deaths in Iraq previously unreported to the American public. (4) Our relatives are fighting for their country and were told that civilian casualties are going down when in fact there are 1,500 previously unreported deaths, theres something wrong with that picture. Outside of the U. S.WikiLeaks has made an impact in Tunisia when they published remarks made by Ambassador Robert Godec stating that the governments inner circles were corrupt. The leaks added with the already tumultuous anger at the government pushed Tunisians over the edge, and they overthrew the corrupt government. (1) Those who believe Assange to be a villain site his vendetta against th e U. S. as the primary reason for distrust and hatred, but the publication of Robert Godecs statements helped the U. S. gain power in the Middle East and succeed in their, efforts to work with other countries to solve shared problems. agglomerateary Clinton) The leaks posted on WikiLeaks aided the U. S. more so than it harmed them, reservation Julian Assange a hero, not a villain. If Julian Assanges raise up isnt against the United States, then what is he fighting for? How about for the mainstream press to report more than one side of the story? The mainstream press refuses to even concede Assange as a legitimate journalist and publisher in fact the freedom of the press committee of the Overseas Press Club of America in New York City declared Assange not one of us. 2) This seems odd when the duty of the press has always been to inform the people, which Assange is doing, albeit in an unconventional way. Take for example the war in Afghanistan, without WikiLeaks the public is subj ected to claims that the Taliban is losing and that al Qaeda has been severely weakened and yet were told that our country will have to stick it out until 2015, preferably contradictory Organizations such as WikiLeaks force the traditional press to acknowledge inconsistencies in Washingtons story.Although they do continue to try and control the archives so that it does not radically digress from the official Washington storyline. Without the pressure put on by Julian Assange freedom of press would be declining, making him a hero, At least once a century governments encounter radical change. In the 1700s it was the American Revolution, in the 1800s it was the French Revolution, in the 1900s it was the Russian (Bolshevik) Revolution.What will the revolution of the 2000s be? Governments have already been de-stabilized in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen. Who says that the protests wont continue over to the United States? Protests in other countries happened because the systems were o utdated and corruption was suspected. This is certainly true in the U. S. , where the governments inefficiency is being blamed on outdated technology.Peter Orszag, the director of the berth of Management and Budget admitted that the gap between the public and private sectors results in billions of dollars in waste, slow and inadequate customer service and a insufficiency of enhancer about how dollars are spent, this lack of transparency is exactly what Assange is fighting against. (3) WikiLeaks forces the United States government to think about the extreme secrecy it operates under and whether this is the best for its citizens. Without Assange the lack of transparency would only grow, making him a hero.Julian Assange has been called many names traitor, anarchist and even a high-tech terrorist, but the proper name for him is hero. WikiLeaks is an organization that truly works for the people. Keeping people informed with the inner workings of government, putting pressure on the pre ss to acknowledge the truth and forcing change within government. WikiLeaks is driving journalism into the future and Assange is the driver. Sources 1) Jackson, William E. , Jr. A Liberated Press and WikiLeaks Bulwarks Against Claims of Victory in Afghanistan . The Huffington Post.N. p. , 2 Feb. 2011. Web. 2 Mar. 2011. . 2) Zapata, Xavier. Is Julian Assange a hero or a villain? World Have Your Say Blog. BBC, 7 Dec. 2010. Web. 2 Mar. 2011. http//www. bbc. co. uk/blogs/worldhaveyoursay/2010/12/is_julian_assange_a_hero_or_vi. html 3) Swanson, Ian. Budget director blames old computers for ineffective government. The Hill. Capital Hill Publishing Co. , 14 Jan. 2010. Web. 6 Mar. 2011. . 4) Assange, Julian. Julian Assange The Man Behind WikiLeaks. Interview by Steve Kroft. 60 Minutes. CBS News. 30 Jan. 2011. CBS News. Web. 6 Mar. 2011. .

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Unit 4 Essay

social unit 4 assignment instructions This week, our writing assignment focuses on private definitions of bliss. For this writing assignment, you will prepare and conduct interviews with two people about their definition of happiness, how they gained this view, and whether they feel happiness is achievable. Choose two people who vary in age and experience. Only one of the subjects can be someone you know well. This is an opportunity to learn about acquaintances and strangers as well. These should be face-to-face interviews.Introduce this assignment by introducing each subject one at a time. Who are they? What is the nature of your relationship? Next, ask a variety of questions to get them to consider not just their definition of happiness, but its origins and development. You can use these take questions to get you started, but should add more questions or change the interview as it develops Has your definition of happiness changed over time? What experiences have influenced you r definition? Do you expect the definition to change again? view the Unit 4 template for this assignment in DocSharing. It includes submitting a transcript of your interviews, including your questions, so take notes or record the discussion. Finally, you should draw conclusions about the process and the answers that were given. Compare and contrast the results of the interviews. Discuss what was similar or polar in the replies, whether the subjects were honest, or if the concept of happiness was difficult to define. The essay should be at least 750 quarrel and should employ terms from the text.The assignment should be completed in Microsoft Word and should follow the template provided for the archetype transcript, essay, and reference page. CLA assessment This unit 4 assignment corresponds to the CLA rubric for HU300-02 please review the CLA rubrics document for sale under Course Home. APA formatting Incorporate APA citations throughout the analysis as well as a references secti on at the end of the analysis. (The references section does NOT count towards the required word count for the Unit 4 assignment. ) Review the APA quick reference guide on the left-hand sidebar under course floor for APA formatting guidelines.

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The Worst Hard Time

In this work of non-fiction Timothy Egan expresses his wish for sounder government activity insurance to avoid natural disasters. Egans The Worst Hard Time is a harrowing tale round farmers who decided to stay on the plains stretching across Texas panhandle, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Colorado during the major drought in the 1930s. The disaster, known as the Dust Bowl, is largely regarded as a human caused problem. Egan, who is a national alike on environmental issues for the New York Times, expertly incorporates diachronic facts from the time with real throwaways from those who stayed.Although Egan sees farming as the reckon cause of the drought, winds, and carcass, he portrays his characters as hardy entrepreneurs who were duped onto unsustainable farm-land. These individuals, who were known as Sod-busters, started moving into the field of study during the 1800s when federal government was selling land for next to nothing. They quickly tore up huge regions of recently settle d grass-land to found wheat. This quick change in topography caused high winds to blow off top soil that had been accumulating over millennia.High temperatures and dust storms ravaged the battleground killing animals and humans in its wake for most of the 30s. On April 14, 1935 the region sawing machine its worst dust storm which rained more than 300,000 tons of dirt and dust. This day became known as glowering Sunday because those who witnessed it said it blotted come to the fore the sun. The dry grass became fuel for praire fires that were sparked by lightning. Swarms of grasshoppers and rabbits plagued the region. In one invention Egan describes a story in which the bunnies are brutally beaten while theyre assailants are quiet down dressed in the Sunday best.The worst effect was the endless wind and dust. One young mother, hazelnut tree Shaw, lost her baby daughter and grandmother within hours of each other to dust pneumonia. Using ad hominem stories such as this, Egan t ries to point out that this disaster could turn out been pr correctted with more cautious government indemnity. Egan portrays his characters as innocent victims of railroad companies and the government. However, as the situation got worse no one told them that their promises where founded on speculation.Egan describes how Germans, who had been lured to Russia by Catherine the commodious to serve as a human buffer from the Turks, headed for the American plains when her promise of free land and no taxes was found to be false. One such man was George Ehrilich. He didnt flee the czars army, survive a hurricane at sea and live through homegrown hatred caused by the Great War meet to abandon 160 acres of Oklahoma that belonged to him and his 10 American-born children. In stories like this Egan portrays his characters as resilient and even stubborn. To survive they did what they had to do but did not give up on their dreams.Egan follows the stories of families that move into new lands in the region that rarely turned out worthwhile. In one story a family moves to an inhospitable country after grueling journey. Upon arrival their horses fell over dead and their owners were forced to drink the blood from a sows ear to stay alive. Egan expertly incorporates facts and vivid stories to gain sympathy for hard working Americans and reveal the spread-eagle cause of the Dust Bowl. Hopefully Egan can reach enough people that control government policy to prevent another catastrophe like the Dust Bowl.The worst hard timeWhat lessons, If any, have we intimate from the dust bowl catastrophe-? slightly how human actions, well-intentioned or not, can lead to environmental handicap? Is there anything comparable on the horizon today? 225). What lessons, If any, have we learned from the dust bowl catastrophe-?about how human actions, well-intentioned or not, can lead to environmental damage? Is there anything comparable on the horizon today? Drawing on more contemporary example s of environmental disasters or concerns, write a paper that explores how this debate continues to be timely or hat come tos a stand on this debate. . tally to the Houston Chronicle, The Worst Hard Time documents how government and business with the best of Intentions can facilitate the destruction of an stainless region. Explain how this Is true with regard to the Dust Bowl, and then extend your analysis to include the relevance of this contention to more recent events. What parallels to on-going events do you see? What are the implications for our society today? 3. Watch the 2012 nonsubjective film by Ken Burns called The Dust Bowl (PBS. Erg/sunburns/dustbins), and then write a unconditional analysis of the documentary film and Jeans book. Note any conflicting accounts of the dust bowl or the demo of events or any additions of details In one account that arent present in the other, and then contemplate on the significance of these differences. Do the accounts share the s ame purpose and audience? How do the messages vary? crumble how the different medium and genre-?a historical book vs.. A documentary film-?employ similar or differing strategies to appeal to the audience and carry out their message. 4.As noted at the end of the book, in the section on Notes and Sources, Egan conducted the investigate for the book using multiple methods and by compiling various types of data. Besides consulting public documents (like U. S. nose count reports), local anesthetic public library collections, local newspapers, and other historical societies and historical sources, Egan also did primary research by visiting the High Plains and interviewing people who lived through the Dust Bowl. What is the effect of weaving personal stories and stories of individuals and families Into his historical account?What is the effect on you, as a deader, and your understanding of this historical event? Carry out your own cast In which you 1) consult a secondary source on a l ocal historical event (environmental, political, or cultural) and then 2) interview an older relative or acquaintance or community member who has a recollection of the event. Write a report on the event, followed by a reflection on how your understanding of the event and presentation of the report were affected by these deferent types of evidence. 5.Conduct merely research on the political and social events coinciding with Jeans Dust Bowl portrayal ?such as the Stock Market Crash of 1 929, the Homestead Act, the Hoover administration policies, the election of FED, the New cumulus programs implemented by FED, etc. Then write an analysis of how an understanding of the larger cultural, historical, and economic setting can transfer our understanding of the Dust Bowl. As an alternative, you might research and write a project that examines the local context in Kansas, drawing on Kansas History resources (see the links at assassinations. Us/ dustbins. HTML).Or, explore, In particular, the political effects of the Dust Bowl. How multimedia project-?a website or video-?that integrates print, audio, video, and images to capture the multi-layered experiences of various families and regions portrayed in Jeans book, along with the multi-sensory experiences of the Dust Bowl. You might create a timeline or use maps, oral histories, photos, etc. To champion convey the experience via a multimedia format. Or you might focus on a signalise event or issue, such as Black Sunday, dust pneumonia, static electricity, soil 8 spirit u I t y G u I d e eating away and conservation, etc. ND organize your multimedia presentation around en of these topics in order to deepen and enrich understanding of these issues. 7. Write a response to the question How is this book relevant to 21st light speed readers? You might consider the most serious ecological or environmental issues that we currently face, and the responses and actions of individuals, communities, activists, and government s. Or, as a group collaborative project, define an ecological or environmental problem, and outline a proposal or solution that might address the problem. Present this as a multi-part paper or website. . During the Dust bowl, a umber of people left their homes-?a migration about which Steinbeck Grapes of Wrath is written. But most residents chose to stay. Write a response in which you evaluate why the residents stayed. Would it have been better to have left? Which choice would you have made? Use illustrations and examples from the book to support your analysis. 9. Create a class environmental blob in which you include discussion threads of historical accounts of environmental disasters-?such as the Dust Bowl-?along with accounts of current environmental events or concerns.With he purpose of creating collective action, include concrete steps that individuals and communities might take to address environmental concerns, and include links to relevant national and local organizations an d community groups. 10. Imagine that the sequences of daybook entries from Don Harebell in Nebraska (pages 244-48 274-78 294-302) were presented in the current day as a toddle or blob. Harebell, like many floggers, has chosen to leave the entries open to comments from readers. Write a comment in response to one of the sequences of diary entries. Harebells last entry name in the form of a numbers (page 302).Analyze the significance of that poem, or write a response to that in the form off blob entry. 11. Jeans historical account incorporates multiple disciplinary perspectives ranging across the sciences, the social sciences, and the humanities. While the environmental perspective is crucial to Jeans account of the Dust Bowl, he is also interested in effects on human psychology, family behavior, marriage, labor conditions, agriculture, the regimen industry, the liquor laws and trade, political systems, religious systems, economic systems, music, the arts, etc.Drawing on your own a cademic (or personal) interests or the subject area or field in which you are planning to major, look for appearances of this interest/area of interest in the book. What role does your disciplinary interest (or related interest) play in Jeans historical account? Or, if you dont see your area of interest or study represented in Cantors account, explain what role it might have contend had it been factored in. Links to further questions for discussion or short writing prompts.

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Contextual Knowledge in Program Planning: A Personal Reflection

Program planning is a challenging and complex task. Its complexity lies non only in the syllabus details or the audience to which the program is targeted to, but in the different personalities or experiences of the planners. many times as planners, we communicate what we ar. We want to inculcate our belief and personal perception to audience including our biases. cooking itself requires much effort. With interpersonal issues among planners, the issue becomes more difficult to deal with as experts rub against each other. assist to Question 1Planning involves the participation of different stakeholders or team members. Different ideas flow and clash against each other. agent issues surface and the battle over whose idea or whose proposal is better rages. When faced with this circumstance, I melt to speak show up my mind. I listen to others thought as easy. I go over the constructive and negative aspects of each idea. I weigh the options and vote for the best one. I respect e ach person or team member. I realized that when it comes to power relations, there are different motivations lying beneath.At first, I believed planners are sincere and focused in doing service. Yet, when I had my first brush with power struggles within my circle, it dawned on me that some planners have their personal agenda. It could be something beneficial to them. So far, there is nothing I would the wish wells of to change just about my current beliefs. But I want to reinforce the notion that planners must be objective and must be wiling to let go of personal biases or motivation for the good of many. reception to Question 2 audience and open communication are the skills that I utilize in of all timey planning session. auditory sense requires much effort as it involves more than hearing different ideas. Listening is digesting each idea and respecting it. Listening is acknowledging one planners thoughts and knowledge. Communication, on the other hand, is being open with the possibilities of accepting and trying out the ideas. It may also mean acceptance for every mesmerism turned down. Open communication is well-grounded and acts as a bridge.If there is something that I would really want to practice in my belief system is the win-win solution. Negotiation is coming up with the best solution with minor compromises that serve both rallying parties. solve to Question 3 Planning a program for adults is an enjoyable task. Ethically speaking, adults are go forthing scholars who are experts in their own right. They can make decisions with or without outside intervention. Each adult is a well of knowledge having gone by different life experiences.These learning are brought out through a participatory learning process. Usually, my beliefs are challenged when a co-planner becomes so very intellectual in approach and dismisses my suggestion that adult learners are learned, by virtue of experience. I usually respond by reasoning that through the adult learne rs participation, the program can be much more engaging with the learner themselves speaking out and contributing to the discussion. The conventional funnel method or top-down approach in teaching is not the best way.I get frustrated when participatory learning is bypassed. I feel like the learners have so much to offer. As a program planner, I would like to stress on the value of a person or a learner in the learning process as very ethical and critical. This is one reality that I would like to emphasize in my practice. A learner-centered program is needed to effect change in a training program. There are messages than can be more effectively conveyed to the learners or audience through participatory method. People learn by themselves.Learning is not imposed or enforced. In his 1982 book, Living, Loving and Learning, Buscaglia cited Carl Rogers who wrote You know that I dont believe that anyone has ever thought anything to anyone. I question the efficacy of teaching. The only thing that I know is that anyone who wants to learn will learn. And maybe a teacher is a facilitator, a person who puts things down and shows people how exciting and wondrous it is and asks them to eat. (p. 7) We are all learners. We learn from each other.Even experts learn many things from their participants. No man has the monopoly of knowledge and experiences. iodine mans learning differs from others. We all have our own way of learning. Answer to Question 4b I have not left a planning situation even if I am not totally sold to the agreed ideas or methods even if my own suggestions are downplayed. I stayed to learn from them. I still joined to see if their methods based on their belief system will work. It is all about respect and giving opportunities to other parties to have their own way.I hanged on to see the results of the evaluation. Probably, what would make me leave is the unspoiled and face-to-face rejection of my ideas after a poor training program. I would leave if they l ost trust and hire all the blame to me. I would humbly resign. I will not burn the bridge amid us but hope to re-connect with them again in the future, should they need my services again. After all, the world is excellent and who knows, we may end up needing one another at the end of the road someday.ReferencesBuscaglia, L. (1982). Living, loving and learning. bare-assed York Random House.

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A Detailed Lesson Plan in MAPEH Essay

Before we start with our lesson for Today, let us have first an action songentitled Its I who develop communityReady?Yes sirOkay, let us do it alltogether.Its I ( 3x) who build community(4x)*You*WeRoll over the ocean, cut into over the seaRoll over the ocean and the deep blue sea.(The students willdo the action song)Very goodDo you like it?Yes sir2. reassessmentClass, what was our lesson lastmeeting? Sir, our lesson last meetingwas all about the meaning,source and form of drugs.Very good Where does the term drugderived?The term drug derivedfrom the Dutch joint droogwhich means dry.Well said What do you mean by theword drug in the filed of medicine? In the battleground of medicine, drugis any chemicalsubstance intended for use indiagnosis, cure, mitigation,treatment and prevention of diseases in animals.3. MotivationClass, I am release to show you a short video clip.What you are personnel casualty to do is to observe andafterwards Im going to ask your reactions basedfrom the vid eo presented.Am I understood class?Yes, sirNow, what have had you observed fromthe video presented?We observed that the personsuffered a severe headache,He is hallucinating andexperienced difficulty inbreathing.What do you think are the reasons whythese particular situations happen?These situations happenbecause of the personal effects of taking or abusing drugs.Very good B. Developmental Activities1.PresentationThis morning, we are going to discussall about the classification of drugs concord touse and effect.a. Setting of StandardsBut before that, what will you do while yourteacher is discussing in front?Listen, behave, sitproperly, understandthe lesson, cooperate,and participate.Can I acquit that from you?Yes, sir2. Lesson ProperClass, I will group you into three. This willbe the group 1, 2 and 3. I have here several(prenominal) strips/photocopied materials containing the three classificationof drugs according to uses and effect. All you have to dois to discuss the number, n ote/lists and write the importantdetails on your manila paper.Am I understood?Yes, sirI will give you 5 minutes to do it. After yourgroup discussion, you are going to select 1 representativeto report it in theclass.Am I understood?Yes, sirGo to your respective groups now.GROUP 1GROUP 2GROUP 3Teacher supervises his students in every group.Students report what they have had discussed in their group.Teacher gives additional information and makes some clarifications asregards to the topic presented.IV. EvaluationIn a crosswise of pad paper, explain briefly.1. What are the effects of abusing stimulants, depressants, and hallucinogenstoa. oneself b. familyc. communityV. engagementHave an advance reading about the topic Prevention of drug abuse.MAPEH-I textbook, pp. 378-380

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Practical Demonkeeping Chapter 29-30

29RIVERARight in the middle of the interrogation detective Sergeant Alphonse Rivera had a vision. He saw himself butt end the counter at Seven-Eleven, bagging microwave burritos and pumping Slush-Puppies. It was unambiguous that the suspect, Robert Masterson, was telling the truth. What was worse was that he non plainly didnt have any connection with the marijuana Riveras custody had undercoat in the trailer, notwithstanding he didnt have the slightest idea where The Breeze had g unrivaled.The deputy district attorney, an busy little weasel who was only putting prison term in at the D.A.s office until his fangs were sharp enough for nonpublic practice, had made the states position on the case clear and simple Youre fucked, Rivera. Cut him loose.Rivera was clinging to a single, micro-thin strand of forecast the second suitcase, the one(a) that Masterson had made such a big deal ab bug out stern at the trailer. It lay open on Riveras desk. A jumble of note make reputatio n, cocktail napkins, matchbook c overs, old business cards, and whoremongerdy wrappers stared out of the suitcase at him. On each one was written a name, an address, and a date. The dates were obviously bogus, as they went back to the 1920s. Rivera had riffled through with(predicate) the mess a dozen times without making any demeanor of connection. delegate Perez approached Riveras desk. He was doing his best to affect an attitude of sympathy, without practic all toldy success. Everything he had said that morning had carried with it a sideway smirk. Twain had put it succinctly Never underestimate the number of people who would make do to see you fail. pay off anything yet? Perez asked. The smirk was on that point.Rivera looked up from the papers, withalk out a cigarette, and lit it. A long stream of crazy weed came out with his sigh.I cant see how any of this connects with The Breeze. The addresses are sp memorandarize all over the country. The dates run too distant back t o be real.Maybe its a list of connections The Breeze was planning to dump the crapper on, Perez suggested. You know the Feds estimate that more than ten percent of the drugs in this country move through the postal system.What approximately the dates?Some kind of code, maybe. Did the handwriting check out?Rivera had sent Perez back to the trailer to scrape a sample of The Breezes handwriting. He had re turned with a list of engine parts for a Ford truck. no.match, Rivera said.Maybe the list was written by his connection.Rivera blew a blast of smoke in Perezs administration. Think about it, dipshit. I was his connection.Well, someone blew your cover, and The Breeze ran.Why didnt he take the pot?I dont know, Sergeant. Im incisively a uniformed deputy. This sounds like detective work to me. Perez had s outdoped trying to hide his smirk. Id take it to the bird of passage if I were you.That made a consensus. Everyone who had seen or heard about the suitcase had suggested that Rivera take it to the bird of passage. He sit down back in his chair and finished his cigarette, enjoying his last few mo handsts of peace before the inevitable confrontation with the Spider. afterwards a few long drags he stubbed the cigarette in the ashtray on his desk, ga at that placed the papers into the suitcase, closed it, and started down the steps into the bowels of the station and the Spiders lair.Throughout his life Rivera had known half a dozen men nicknamed Spider. Most were tall men with angular features and the wiry agility that one associates with a wolf spider. important Technical Sergeant Irving Nailsworth was the exception.Nailsworth stood five feet nine inches tall and weighed over three hundred pounds. When he sat before his consoles in the main figurer room of the San Junipero Sheriff Department, he was locked into a matrix that extended not only throughout the county but to any state capital in the nation, as well as to the main computer marges at the FBI an d the Justice Department in Washington. The matrix was the Spiders web and he lorded over it like a fat black widow.As Rivera opened the steel door that led into the computer room, he was hit with a blast of cold, dry air. Nailsworth insisted the computers functioned better in this environment, so the department had installed a special climate control and filtration system to accommodate him.Rivera entered and, suppressing a shudder, closed the door behind him. The computer room was dark except for the soft green glow of a dozen computer screens. The Spider sat in the middle of a horseshoe of keyboards and screens, his huge buttocks spilling over the sides of a minute typists chair. Beside him a steel typing table was covered with junk food in various stages of distress, more often than not cupcakes covered with marshmallow and pink coconut. While Rivera watched, the Spider peeled the marshmallow cap off a cupcake and popped it in his mouth. He threw the chocolate-cake insides int o a wastebasket atop a pile of crumpled tractor-feed paper.Because of the sedentary nature of the Spiders job, the department had excuse him from the minimum physical fitness standards set for field officers. The department had also created the position of chief technical sergeant in order to feed the Spiders ego and keep him happily clicking away at the keyboards. The Spider had never gone on patrol, never arrested a suspect, never even qualified on the injection range, yet after only four years with the department, Nailsworth effectively held the alike(p) rank that Rivera had attained in fifteen years on the street. It was criminal.The Spider looked up. His eyes were sunk so far into his fat face that Rivera could see only a beady green glow.You smell of smoke, the Spider said. You cant smoke in here.Im not here to smoke, I need some help.The Spider checked the data spooling across his screens, then turned his bountiful attention to Rivera. Bits of pink coconut phosphoresced o n the front of his uniform.Youve been working up in languish Cove, havent you?A narcotics sting. Rivera held up the suitcase. We found this. Its full of call and addresses, but I cant make any connections. I view you mightNo problem, the Spider said. The Nailgun give queue an opening where there was none. The Spider had disposed himself the nickname Nailgun. No one called him the Spider to his face, and no one called him Nailgun unless they take something.Yeah, Rivera said, I thought it needed some of the Nailguns wizardry.The Spider swept the junk food from the top of the typing table into the wastebasket and patted the top of the table. Lets see what you have.Rivera placed the suitcase on the table and opened it. The Spider immediately began to shuffle through the papers, picking up a piece here or there, reading it, and throwing it back into the pile.This is a mess.Thats wherefore Im here.Ill need to put this into the system to make any sense of it. I cant use a scanner o n handwritten material. Youll have to read it to me while I input.The Spider turned to one of his keyboards and began typing. go me a second to set up a data base format.As far as Rivera was concerned, the Spider could be speaking Swahili. Despite himself, Rivera admired the mans efficiency and expertise. His fat fingers were a blur on the keyboard.After 30 seconds of furious typing the Spider hesitated. Okay, read me the names, addresses, and dates, in that order.So you need me to sort them out?No. The machine will do that.Rivera began to read the names and addresses from each slip of paper, by design pausing so as not to take down ahead of the Spiders typing.Faster, Rivera. You wont get ahead of me.Rivera read faster, throwing each paper on the floor as he finished with it.Faster, the Spider demanded.I cant go any faster. At this speed if I mispronounce a name, I could lose control and get a just tongue injury.For the first time since Rivera had known him the Spider laughed. Take a break, Rivera. I get so used to working with machines that I forget people have limitations.Whats going on here? Rivera said. Is the Nailgun losing his disrespectful edge?The Spider looked embarrassed. No. I wanted to ask you about something.Rivera was shocked. The Spider was almost omniscient, or so he pretended. This was a day for firsts. What do you need? he said.The Spider blushed. Rivera had never seen that much flaccid flesh change color. He imagined that it put an incredible strain on the Spiders heart.Youve been working in Pine Cove, right?Yes.Have you ever run into a girl up there named Roxanne?Rivera thought for a moment, then said no.Are you sure? The Spiders voice had taken on a tone of desperation. Its probably a nickname. She works at the Rooms-R-Us Motel. Ive run the name against Social trade protection records, attribute reports, everything. I cant seem to find her. There are over ten thousand women in atomic number 20 with the name Roxanne, but none of th em check out.Why dont you just drive up to Pine Cove and tack together her?The Spiders color deepened. I couldnt do that.Why not? Whats the deal with this woman, anyway? Does it have to do with a case?No, its its a personal thing. Were in love.But youve never met her?Well, yes, sort of we talk by modem every night. Last night she didnt log on. Im worried about her.Nailsworth, are you telling me that you are having a love affair with a woman by computer?Its more than an affair.What do you want me to do?Well, if you could just check on her. See if shes all right. But she cant know I sent you. You mustnt tell her I sent you.Nailsworth, Im an undercover cop. Being sneaky is what I do for a living.Then youll do it?If you can find something in these names that will bail me out, Ill do it.Thanks, Rivera.Lets finish this. Rivera picked up a matchbook and read the name and address. The Spider typed the information, but as Rivera began to read the next name, he heard the Spider pause on t he keyboard.Is something wrong? Rivera asked.Just one more thing, Nailsworth said.What?Could you find out if shes modeming someone else?Santa Maria, Nailsworth You are a real person.Three hours later Rivera was sitting at his desk waiting for a call from the Spider. While he was in the computer room, someone had left a dog-eared paperback on his desk. Its title was You backside Have a Career in Private Investigation. Rivera suspected Perez. He had thrown the book in the wastebasket.Now, with his only suspect back out on the street and nothing forthcoming from the Spider, Rivera considered fishing the book out of the trash.The phone rang, and Rivera ripped it from its cradle.Rivera, he said.Rivera, its the Nailgun.Did you find something? Rivera fumbled for a cigarette from the pack on his desk. He found it impossible to talk on the phone without smoking.I think I have a connection, but it doesnt work out.Dont be cryptic, Nailsworth. I need something.Well, first I ran the names throu gh the Social Security computer. Most of them are deceased. Then I noticed that they were all vets.Vietnam? terra firma War one and only(a).Youre kidding.No. They were all World War One vets, and all of them had a first or middle initial E. I should have caught that before I even input it. I tried to run a coefficient of correlation program on that and came up with nothing. Then I ran the addresses to see if there was a geographical connection.Anything there?No. For a minute I thought youd found someones research flip on World War One, but just to be sure, I ran the bill through the new data bank set up by the Justice Department in Washington. They use it to find criminal patterns where there arent any. In effect it makes the random logical. They use it to track serial grampuss and psychopaths.And you found nothing?Not exactly. The files at the Justice Department only go back thirty years, so that eliminated about half of the names on your list. But the new(prenominal) ones ra ng the bell.Nailsworth, please try to get to the point.In each of the cities listed in your file there was at least one unexplained disappearance around the date listed not the vets other people. You can eliminate the large cities as coincidence, but hundreds of these disappearances were in small towns.People disappear in small towns too. They run away to the city. They drown. You cant call that a connection.I thought youd say that, so I ran a probability program to get the odds on all of this being coincidence.So? Rivera was acquiring tired of Nailsworths dramatics.So the odds of someone having a file of the dates and locations of unexplained disappearances over the last thirty years and it being a coincidence is ten to the power of fifty against.Which means what?Which means, about the same odds as youd have of dragging the wreck of the Titanic out of a trout stream with a fly rod. Which means, Rivera, you have a serious problem.Are you telling me that this suitcase belongs to a serial killer?A very old serial killer. Most serial killers dont even start until their thirties. If we assume that this one was cooperative enough to start when the Justice Departments files start, thirty years ago, hed be over sixty now.Do you think it goes farther back?I picked some dates and locations randomly, going back as far as 1925. I called the libraries in the towns and had them check the newspapers for stories of disappearances. It checked out. Your man could be in his nineties. Or it could be a son carrying on his fathers work.Thats impossible. There must be another explanation. Come on, Nailsworth, I need a bailout here. I cant pursue an investigation of a geriatric serial killer.Well, it could be an elaborate research project that someone is doing on missing persons, but that doesnt explain the World War One vets, and it doesnt explain why the researcher would write the information on matchbook covers and business cards from places that have been out of business for years.I dont understand. Rivera felt as if he were stuck in the Spiders web and was waiting to be eaten.It appears that the notes themselves were written as far back as fifty years ago. I could send them to the lab to confirm it if you want.No. Dont do that. Rivera didnt want it confirmed. He wanted it to go away. Nailsworth, isnt possible that the computer is making some impossible connections? I mean, its programmed to find patterns maybe it went overboard and made this one up?You know the odds, Sergeant. The computer cant make anything up it can only interpret whats put into it. If I were you, Id pull my suspect out of holding and find out where he got the suitcase.I cut him loose. The D.A. said I didnt have enough to charge him. regain him, Nailsworth said.Rivera resented the authoritarian tone in Nailsworths voice, but he let it go. Im going now.One more thing.Yes?One of your addresses was in Pine Cove. You want it?Of course.Nailsworth read the name and address to Rivera, wh o wrote it down on a memo pad.There was no date on this one, Sergeant. Your killer might still be in the area. If you get him, it would be the bailout youre looking for.Its too fantastic.And dont forget to check on Roxanne for me, okay? The Spider hung up.30jennetJenny had arrived at work a half hour late expecting to find Howard waiting behind the counter to reprimand her in his own erudite way. Strangely enough, she didnt care. Even more strange was the fact that Howard had not shown up at the cafe all morning.Considering that she had drunk two bottles of wine, eaten a heavy Italian meal and everything in the refrigerator, and stayed up all night making love, she should have been tired, but she wasnt. She felt wonderful, full of humor and energy, and not a little excited. When she thought of her night with Travis, she grinned and shivered. There should be guilt, she thought. She was, technically, a matrimonial woman. Technically, she was having an illicit affair. But she had nev er been very technically minded. Instead of guilt she felt happy and anxious(predicate) to do it all again.From the moment she got to work she began counting the hours until she got off after the lunch shift. She was at one hour and counting when the cook announced that there was a call for her in the office.She quickly refilled her customers coffee bean cups and headed to the back. If it was Robert, she would just act like nothing had happened. She wasnt exactly in love with someone else as he suspected. It was it didnt matter what it was. She didnt have to explain anything. If it was Travis she hoped it was Travis.She picked up the phone. Hello.Jenny? It was a womans voice. Its Rachel. Look, Im having a special ritual this good afternoon at the caves. I need you to be there.Jennifer did not want to go to a ritual.I dont know, Rachel, I have plans after work.Jennifer, this is the most important thing weve ever done, and I need you to be there. What time do you get off?Im off a t two, but I need to go firm and change first.No, dont do that. Come as you are its truly important.But I reallyPlease, Jenny. It will only take a few minutes.Jennifer had never heard Rachel sound so adamant. Maybe it really was important.Okay. I guess I can make it. Do you need me to call any of the others?No. Ill do it. You just be at the caves as soon as you can after two.Okay, fine, Ill be there.And Jenny Rachels voice had lowered an octave dont tell anyone where you are going. Rachel hung up.Jennifer immediately dialed her al-Qaeda phone and got the answer machine. Travis, if youre there, pick up. She waited. He was probably still sleeping. Im going to be a little late. Ill be home later this afternoon. She almost said, I love you, but decided not to. She pushed the thought out of her mind. Bye, she said, and hung up.Now, if she could only avoid Robert until she could think of a way to destroy his hope for their reconciliation. Returning to the floor of the cafe, s he realized that someplace along the way her feeling of well-being had vanished and she felt very tired.

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Toyota Australia to UAE Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Toyota Australia to UAE - Essay ExampleThe popularity of the Toyota and its reputation has been considered in dealing with the analysis. pickax of areas were highlighted which could provide added benefit to the export of the business. The underlying risk associated with the entry of foreign marts was also studied in detail. The market of UAE have been found to be promising for the Australian export market and owe to the benefits the market provides Toyota should not resist its temptation to test its fortune in the market. An added advantage which the market of UAE provides is in the pitiable price of diesels, which generally increases the sale of cars. Other than the general market analysis a study of the associated wait on has been done to find out whether any obstacles lie in the smooth running of the business. 7. Macro-environmental analysis of UAE 7.1 political and Legal Environment of UAE The government of UAE is the conclave of seven emirates which is ruled by the president . The government of UAE is flexible relating to the investiture from the foreign countries. It promotes and encourages foreign countries to enter their region and carry out business. Despite the nation being the combination of seven different emirates but there exist federalism in the UAE companies law and is applicable throughout. The UAE free partition offers 100%foreign ownership and revenue enhancement exemptions to companies operating over a period of 15-50 old age (United Arab Emirates UAE tax rates, n.d). So it is quite encouraging for the companies to invest in UAE. Owing to such favorable factors the foreign investment in UAE accounted to108 one thousand thousand dollar in 2011. (FDI in UAE, 2008,) 7.2 Economic Environment of UAE The economic condition in UAE is constantly on a high and in recent times it is expected to grow at a rate of 3-3.5% in 2011. UAEs rising economy can be contributed to the export of oil, which over the years have gained considerable sum tota l of revenue for the country. It significantly rose to 30% and caused earnings of 74 billion dollars (UAE oil income up 30% in 2010, 2011). It happens to rise at a considerable rate all year. The employment rate in UAE is considerably high as the foreign companies are obliged to enkindle local people. Out of approximately 2 million populations in the emirate a staggering 86.6% of them are economically active. (Holdsworth, 2010) Dubai sees 19% decrease in unemployment rate 7.3 Socio-cultural Environment of UAE The standards of living of the inhabitants are pretty high owing to the good financial position of most number of people. UAE has a diverse culture of people as many foreign bodies have established their base in the country. 7.4 Competitive Environment in UAE The penury for luxury cars in UAE is always on a high and the automobile industry faces sufficient harvesting over the years in UAE. There is a strong presence of local car manufactures as well as the presence of inter national brands like Hyundai. The sales figure of Arabian automobiles recorded an 18% growth and the increase in sales of the Japanese firm was accounted due to introduction of new brands of car. The overall market grew by 19.7% in the year of 2010. The rise in sales of cars have added considerable amount of competition among the big players in the market. (UAE automotive industry record high growth in sales, 2011) 8. prepare analysis STRENGTH 1. The company ,Toyota had

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Global Investments- Portfolio Building Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Global Investments- Portfolio Building - experiment ExampleModern Portfolio Theory developed by Nobel Prize winner Professor Harry Markowitz demonstrates how the risk-adjusted returns of a portfolio can be improved by diversification of investments across assets with varied correlations. This paper takes this theory philosophy, and it forget be the foundation in which portfolios leave behind be constructed (Riley, 21-38).Considering that investment management involves much of art as science, qualitative considerations will play a critical role in this portfolio development (Reilly, 47). Precise distinctions among asset classes is subjective, on that pointfore no clear distinctions exists. Returns and correlations are difficult to forecast, though historical data may reserve a guide, which will be modified to incorporate structural changes and compensate for anomalous periods. Taking into delineate the prevailing market conditions, this paper makes the below judgment on market returns and their associated risks.Mixing the above assets will produce a real return of 11.5%, with an expected growth of 6.3% annually, and a standard difference of opinion (risk) of 10.2%. acquirable resources for current operations will utter the purchase power of assets, and this pushes this impacts investment policy. The above mix of assets is specify by their differences expected in their response to economic conditions, among them price inflation, interests rates and economic growth.Over the recent few decades, most of the Universitys endowment funds invested highly on US marketable securities, and were there core factors in their investments. Taking into account the prevailing economic times, this paper finds that it will be wiser to shoot some of it assets to developed markets outside the United State with a percentage of 6.5% and a standard deviation of 14.3%. These markets are given preference taking into account the globalization of trade, where these markets opera te

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Product Packaging Analysis Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

output Packaging Analysis Assignment - Essay Examplethe product originates from high temperature and low humid region, the commensurate package for this product is a cylindrical, transparent, container varying in sizes according to quantity inside. The container should be made of flexible and fitted with tight brown plastic lid too. After which, the container should be wrapped with transparent polythene paper. On the half side of the container, on the polythene used for wrapping, there should be nice brown drawings of waste date fruits and underneath the fruit there should be writings in pink stating the nutrient set of the product, it uses, and storage conditions (Sinha 637-641). The remaining half of the package container should be left as transparent as it is so that buyers who have never tested the dates can see exactly how it look like before remunerative for it.Packaging the desert dates in a transparent cylindrical plastic container fitted with an airtight lid protects th e fruits from deformations payable to clamping together and dissolution of the fruits outer coating by moisture. It also enhances its longer conservation and displays the fruits nicely to attract buyers, which is the ultimate objective of any

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Southeast Asia Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Southeast Asia - Assignment Example picnic pollution is caused by air particles, biological molecules, or other harmful materials into primer coats atmosphere that cause diseases and eventually death to humans. Additionally, burned land can be sold at a higher price illegally, and eventually used for activities including oil palm and pulpwood production. It is also considered to be cheaper and faster compared to virulent and clearing using excavators or other machines damaging living organisms such as animals and food crops, or the natural environment. The average record high levels of air pollution caused by haze were in June 2013 in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. In having to response to regional pressure after the latest haze crisis, Indonesia has finally agreed to sop up the ASEAN agreement on Transboundary Haze Pollution from 2002. This kind of problem flares up every dry season, in varying degrees.Overpopulation is when undesirable conditions of a number of existing hu man populations exceed in the carrying capacity of Earth which is caused by reduced mortality rate, better medical facilities, and depletion of precious resources. In addition to that, conflicts and wars rise in unemployment, and high cost of living also make up causes of overpopulation. Philippines is one of the countries in Southeast Asia that flavor this issue and believed to why the country has sustained poverty and poor economic growth among families by depriving them of the monetary resources that were required to secure education and adequate health care for their children.

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Technical Rationality and Reflection in Action Essay

Technical reason and Reflection in Action - Essay ExampleBoth skilful reasonableness and notice in action represents the views of a society that can be measured and explained logically. The two concepts are essential in the finding of solutions for most professional problems and difficulties. Therefore, technical reason is concerned with establishment of technicality in a profession while reflection in action is concerned with the application of the acquired knowledge. Both technical rationality and reflection in action limit the application of real knowledge in professionalism. Reflection in action is also considered as the first step towards attaining technical rationality. This is because technical rationality is vital in defining technical proficiency. Technical proficiency in turn determines the professional capacity or big businessman of an individual.Technical rationality and reflection in action have often been considered as theoretical concepts. However, technical rati onality and reflection have a high degree of application (Smith, 1999). Technical rationality and reflection are essential in health care administration. The healthcare celestial sphere is a significant sector to the country and this makes the sector to be of interest to the judicial system of a country. The sector also has a significant number of employees who need clear specification on their duties and limitations. Health practitioners also require erudite their limitations and expectations in the medical practice. Medical ethics provide essential guidelines for heath workers in their practice. Efficient and across-the-board health workers policies and ethics can only be achieved through application of technical rationality. Technical rationality enables healthcare administrators to design logical policies for healthcare practitioners (Kraska, 2004). Healthcare administrators are also responsible for handling legal issues within the practice. This proves technical rationality and reflection

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Water cooler Innovation and Technology (MMBA - 6540 - 1) Essay

Water cooler Innovation and Technology (MMBA - 6540 - 1) - Essay Examplen comes with ownership, introduction of the correct conditions, recruitment of innovative workforce, and development of processes and culture that support invention. I particularly like this word because of its depiction of signs of an innovative leader and his/her importance in making the organizational culture innovative. The author has back up the claims in the article with practical examples e.g. Steve Jobs asking the Why and What if questions and Apple employees following him in the same direction, therefore depicting the organizations innovative culture. None of the four philosophies proposed by the author can be developed unless innovation is taken seriously by every member of the organization. Innovation requires everybodys participation. It is non just the Research and Development (R&D) job. A good idea could arise from the most unexpected source, so nobody should be underestimated in his/her creat ive thinking ability. Initially some failures may be encountered, only when they guide the company towards the success. Overall, the article is very informative and allows a quick insight into the fundamentals of innovation and its