Monday, May 27, 2019

Different Topics Writings

The following sentence is an example of Engfish The Nixon years are perhaps the almost well remembered and least forgotten in the eyeball of the American raft. I chose this example because it was a sentence that I actually wrote for a hi narrative paper. later learning what Engfish was, I was a bit surprised to find this type of writing in my OWN papers Not merely did I province that the Nixon years were the most well remembered, I went on to further expound on the fact that they were also the least forgotten.Of course, it goes without saying that if something is the most remembered, it is also the least forgotten, but without my own voice yet discovered, and not knowing what my teacher wanted or was looking for, I wrote like this to fill space and intemperate a bit more formal. Looking at it now, it seems funny. I could have simply written, no one will ever forget the Nixon years. lets not forget in the eyes of the American people.First of all, people dont remember things i n their eyes, and more than the American people will remember the Nixon years. If I wanted to restrict the subject, I could have written, America will never forget the Nixon years. Fabulous Reality The fenced-in school gibibyte echoed of bouncing basketballs, jump rope chants, creaky swing chains and the clanging of eager children pushing and pulling on the fence. At the front of the one story building was a sign that said Parent Teacher Conferences Oct. 27-29 and Fall Festival October 30.On the west side of the drab brick building that faced the quarry and asphalt playground, there were some cracked windows taped with duct tape on the outside, while childrens art work and colorful curtains decorated the interior. The bricks of the mass medium sized building were decorated with black scribbles from spray paint cans. Teens alumnus of the building stating that they had been there, whom they loved, and what teachers they hated. Amid the scribbles arose a large yellow smiley face, perfectly round with oval eyes and a broad black smile. There was a bloody bullet hole in its head.Metaphor/simile 1 My significant other is better than the finest server at the finest restaurant. He treats my feelings as if they were the most valuable porcelain dishes, with soft gloves, and quick and light attention. He lingers in my neck to catch my scent as would a wine lover with a bottle of newly opened wine. He has an artists eye for my eyes, staring at them and studying them to find what lies beneath. I feel like a million bucks and he is the millionaire, keeping close tabs on me, but letting me grow and work into something more as he both flaunts and protects me.Metaphor/simile 2 The childs coos are sweeter than the sweetest song ever composed or heard. Her eyes are more beautiful than the animadversion off of the deep blue water when it catches the sun on its brightest days. Her smile is as sincere as her parents love for her. Her cries are only reflections of need, not s adness. When others are around her, her joy is spread as easily as warm butter on warm bread. Her beauty is as unmingled as is her existence. This tiny little baby girl brings more warmth and joy than a Christmas day fire, yet she does not even know it.

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