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Toyota Australia to UAE Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Toyota Australia to UAE - Essay ExampleThe popularity of the Toyota and its reputation has been considered in dealing with the analysis. pickax of areas were highlighted which could provide added benefit to the export of the business. The underlying risk associated with the entry of foreign marts was also studied in detail. The market of UAE have been found to be promising for the Australian export market and owe to the benefits the market provides Toyota should not resist its temptation to test its fortune in the market. An added advantage which the market of UAE provides is in the pitiable price of diesels, which generally increases the sale of cars. Other than the general market analysis a study of the associated wait on has been done to find out whether any obstacles lie in the smooth running of the business. 7. Macro-environmental analysis of UAE 7.1 political and Legal Environment of UAE The government of UAE is the conclave of seven emirates which is ruled by the president . The government of UAE is flexible relating to the investiture from the foreign countries. It promotes and encourages foreign countries to enter their region and carry out business. Despite the nation being the combination of seven different emirates but there exist federalism in the UAE companies law and is applicable throughout. The UAE free partition offers 100%foreign ownership and revenue enhancement exemptions to companies operating over a period of 15-50 old age (United Arab Emirates UAE tax rates, n.d). So it is quite encouraging for the companies to invest in UAE. Owing to such favorable factors the foreign investment in UAE accounted to108 one thousand thousand dollar in 2011. (FDI in UAE, 2008,) 7.2 Economic Environment of UAE The economic condition in UAE is constantly on a high and in recent times it is expected to grow at a rate of 3-3.5% in 2011. UAEs rising economy can be contributed to the export of oil, which over the years have gained considerable sum tota l of revenue for the country. It significantly rose to 30% and caused earnings of 74 billion dollars (UAE oil income up 30% in 2010, 2011). It happens to rise at a considerable rate all year. The employment rate in UAE is considerably high as the foreign companies are obliged to enkindle local people. Out of approximately 2 million populations in the emirate a staggering 86.6% of them are economically active. (Holdsworth, 2010) Dubai sees 19% decrease in unemployment rate 7.3 Socio-cultural Environment of UAE The standards of living of the inhabitants are pretty high owing to the good financial position of most number of people. UAE has a diverse culture of people as many foreign bodies have established their base in the country. 7.4 Competitive Environment in UAE The penury for luxury cars in UAE is always on a high and the automobile industry faces sufficient harvesting over the years in UAE. There is a strong presence of local car manufactures as well as the presence of inter national brands like Hyundai. The sales figure of Arabian automobiles recorded an 18% growth and the increase in sales of the Japanese firm was accounted due to introduction of new brands of car. The overall market grew by 19.7% in the year of 2010. The rise in sales of cars have added considerable amount of competition among the big players in the market. (UAE automotive industry record high growth in sales, 2011) 8. prepare analysis STRENGTH 1. The company ,Toyota had

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