Friday, May 10, 2019

Water cooler Innovation and Technology (MMBA - 6540 - 1) Essay

Water cooler Innovation and Technology (MMBA - 6540 - 1) - Essay Examplen comes with ownership, introduction of the correct conditions, recruitment of innovative workforce, and development of processes and culture that support invention. I particularly like this word because of its depiction of signs of an innovative leader and his/her importance in making the organizational culture innovative. The author has back up the claims in the article with practical examples e.g. Steve Jobs asking the Why and What if questions and Apple employees following him in the same direction, therefore depicting the organizations innovative culture. None of the four philosophies proposed by the author can be developed unless innovation is taken seriously by every member of the organization. Innovation requires everybodys participation. It is non just the Research and Development (R&D) job. A good idea could arise from the most unexpected source, so nobody should be underestimated in his/her creat ive thinking ability. Initially some failures may be encountered, only when they guide the company towards the success. Overall, the article is very informative and allows a quick insight into the fundamentals of innovation and its

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