Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Negative Impacts of Capitalism on Marginalised Social Groups Essay

Capitalism is the predominant political economic governance in the developed world where citizens and companies are able to elect which goods and services to commence and how they will procure and disburse their earnings. It is highly based on confidential property and private profit however the government controls some portions of the preservation within nations. Although capitalism is beneficial for citizens in various ways, it also creates damaging impacts on marginalised kind groups due to uneven distribution of wealth. These communities have critiqued on capitalism as they debate that the economy system limits democracy, disobeys democratic principles of social justice and enables forms of human suffering and shortage in individual emancipation. These issues are further discussed in Greenes (2003) studies as he examines how mega-events, slum head and global capital negatively impacts the lives of socially marginalised populations. Capitalism is an economic system driven by the endless pursuit of profits. In Seoul and Santo Domingo, however, capitalists debate that these benefits ...

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