Monday, February 25, 2019

Victorian Era Consciousness

How would you outline the consciousness of the Victorian Age? Think about their perception of their impersonate in the world. The consciousness of society in the Victorian age is an interest factor that longly changed and evolved during the judgment of conviction period. The eras beginning and demolition is marked by the birth and death of the reigning monarch of the time, butt Victoria, spanning from 1837 to the early 1900s.With the effects of the Industrial Revolution distinctly felt by all classes within society, it was a time of significant social reclamation and drastic change in all aspects of life, and in short was a diverse and complex though tremendously exciting period for those who were invigoration in it. As a result of such rapid growth, expanding upon and change, it is only natural that there was widespread excitement and perhaps snatch at the same time.A tender world was being created past from the manual driven labour of the old, and one of steam power and sear was emerging, of urbanisation and industrialisation. This constantly transforming and thriving world to the deal at the time mustve been overwhelming and thrilling, as they gained a realisation that all aspects of their lives were change state influenced in some way or other by the more and more advanced technologies and innovation.As a result, there was a great influx of population from the countryside to the city, with the realisation that there was a quickly approaching regeneration away from an agricultural-based economy towards machine-based manufacturing. However there mustve been a great deal of anxiety and people may well have been funny towards the great changes that were happening around them. There wouldve been a growing bran-new consciousness as society had to perceive the world in a different way than they previously had in order to keep up with the times. As one tiny pebble when thrown into a consortium causes end ripples to spread throughout the surface, the Victorian Age was like a pond where a great many pebbles were being thrown into. As a result, their way of thinking and apprehending the constantly developing world around them had to be open-minded in the sense that they had to be prepared for more surprises. They had to cash in ones chips receptive to things previously thought impossible or perhaps not even imagined at all which came to life- it was supposed to be a new Golden Age and indeed it was.However, the Victorian Age also had its sober side- the side of child labour, devastating unemployment, opium and prostitution. Nothing was certain anymore and with the modernism movement arising towards the end of the 19th century, people began to question many determine and concepts that had before been unarguably taken for granted and accepted within society. With the rejection of conventional patterns of thought, a new consciousness arose where old traditions and customs were critically examined and people realised they had more freedom of thought than ever.

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