Friday, February 8, 2019

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War impulsive to Disney World Summer of 2004War driving involves roaming around a contiguity looking for the increasingly numerous hot spots where high-speed internets entre is free. What I found interesting was that the hacks were pretty base and that most of the information on how to break into disregard systems, how to look for pumped-up(a) Equivalent Privacy (WEP) being enabled and other wireless steps could be found in a Google search.My brother Carlos a full beat computer geek and I had decided at the beginning of the pass that we were taking the family to Disney but I wasnt passing play to take whatsoever downtime or a vacation per se. Instead, I would validate through fight driving around an area with a laptop computer and an 802.11 entanglement card to identify the battlefront of wireless networks. Let me preface, my brothers experience with wireless networks. He embraces new technologies and tries to understand how to make the employment safe with security controls. My short(p) brother has actually taught me every issue I know about IT.Packing my car with the necessary cogwheel and my brothers Dell Inspiron laptop, a newly purchased Orinoco wireless network card, lots of CDs and my wireless 2-GHz antenna we started the trip to Disney. We got on the turnpike and I was hoping for some placidity and quiet from our kids but I should have known better, kids will be kids. While on this mission, it was critical for us to identify if the following could be picked up from the war drive. Think about it. Youre surfing the boodle at home or in the office, and someone just hops onto your network connection. With information about whether or not WEP is disabled and SSID default settings, an unauthorized user could access your documents, financials or other sensitive information.The WEP encoding method was designed to provide wireless networks with the same security purchasable in wired networks however, there are some challenges with this s tandard .The presence of the service set identifier (SSID), the name assigned to a wireless network. Usually, the SSID comes by default using the vendors name and should be changed to something characterless .With these two pieces of information, an unauthorized user could be able to acquire access to a wireless network. Upon our first rest stop we exited near little town that was almost unpopulated .We knew that most likely nothing was going to pop- up on the screen not even a those headache advertising pop- ups .

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