Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Why Fairy Tail Is a Bad Manga

Why Fairy shadower is a no- intelligent Manga One of the most popular manga in circulation today is Fairy Tail. It is approximately a wizard guild named Fairy Tail, and the adventures of two of its members, a son named Natsu and a girl named Lucy. In all, it seems like it could be a secure novel, but the writer could just not pull it off. Fairy Tail has one of the worst plots and eccentric person backgrounds of all the mangas still going today. To receive off, we usher erupt review the paradoxs with the main characters. Natsu, a boy who uses Dragon-slayer magic was tack in the woods and brought up by a dragon.The dragon taught him to a fault check, speak, and learn a secret technique that could be used similarly kill dragons Not only does the author, Mashima Hiro, ruins the character background with an almost change version of Tarzan he also screws up the girl, Lucy, role in the story. She heapt really do anything. She just has a set of keys that tantalize magical liven up that she sends to fight for her. But, usually they are useless since she can only use each key on certain days. Her booze also hardly ever follow her directions, so her whole character I completely useless.Her only real contribution too the story, is the rummy situations that she is put in, and her figure, which consists of blond hair, brown eyes, and large breasts, which add devolve on appeal. Natsu on the other hand gains the ability to eat and control fire, from his dragon-slayer magic. The next problem in the story is the character development. In most well pen mangas, the main characters either, mature or get considerably stronger while the story goes on. Yet, in for Fairy Tail, this is not the case. Instead, the main character remains the detailed same way throughout, most of the story.For instance, Natsu, only gets stronger for brief periods of time all now and then, before going back too his normal level. Lucy acquires more(prenominal) keys, yet is still at the same level she started off as, because her spirits hardly ever do anything right so she still ends up becoming useless. In other famous manga, the main sometimes, goes off for a couple years in the story, too do some tolerant of intense training, then comes back, extremely strong, like One Piece or Naruto. However in Fairy Tail the main characters disappear for heptad whole years, and still dont get stronger, as they were purportedly frozen in timeFinally, we have to look at the stirred aspect. Mashima Hiro, fails too bring out emotion in the reader. Whenever a ill something bad happens, it is almost immediately resolved. For instance, in volume 25 chapter 257, Lucy finds out her father has died, after the time skip. She starts crying, but not three pages later, gets everywhere it, and goes on another adventure. Fairy Tails only good percentage point in the whole manga, is its entertainment factor. If anything, it is funny and again, has a certain sex appeal, since most o f the women in the manga have large breasts and wear revealing clothing.It has a more upbeat kind of theme, were the villains practically say, O well. You beat me too a pulp. I have now found the error in my ways and am going too join you/be good. in any case its entertainment factor, there is no way Fairy Tail would be as popular as it is now. The character development majorly lacks, the backgrounds of different characters are unsophisticated, and the author fails at creating emotion. So if you enjoy a manga, with a good plot and story line, please do not choose to read Fairy Tail, as you will be extremely disappointed.

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