Thursday, February 7, 2019

Schools Should Prepare Children For Life In Society :: essays research papers

Schools Should Prepare Children For Life in SocietyIn todays reading friendship hoi polloi often think that characters from TV-showsor talkshow guests reflect our society. Although that doctrine is rather based onthe disability of people to use education than on any logical thoughts, thereis approximatelything every talkshow reminds us of people are non perfect. So, I say,society can not be perfect either. I believe that society works by that societydoesnt work. People are too different to put them each(prenominal) into wiz melting pot, butyou concur to, because otherwise society would end in destruction and hate (asseen in the Third Reich).I believe that schools provoke an obligation to prepare children for life insociety. Therefore they dont necessarily have the ability to change society butI think todays state of affairs in Germany is not nearly as bad as the post in"Dead poets society", a movie based on a true story. In the movie a teachertries to let his st udents be creative and critical towards everything they seeand hear while neglecting determine like punctuality and obedience. At first he issuccessful, but as soon as the school board notices his ambitions, he getssuspended for some odd reason.If a teacher in Germany tries to influence students in the substance that they aremore creative that is generally seen as positive, but what virtually makes thisimpossible is the number of students in a class and the time skeleton in the cupboard of just 45minutes, which is short if you are going to hear all the different opinions ofall the students.If we accept that there do exist problems in society that need to get fixed, wealso have to see that it is not schools job to do this alone.

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