Saturday, February 2, 2019

George and Lennie in the First Three Chapters of Steinbecks Of Mice an

In chapter one, George and Lennie ar introduced onto the scene and you entrance to know them a little bit and you get to see how they are related/ their relationship. When I read this first part, I could tell that George was comely much Lennies caretaker and it was his business organization to find Lennie a job and shop sure he ate enough and stayed a live. He genial of resented having to drag Lennie around (pg 1112 Well we aint got any George exploded. What ever we aint got, you want. If I was alone I could live so easy that wadda I got? I got you. You discharget keep a job and you loose me every job I get.), because Lennies a bit slow and he messes up a lot. He tries re each(prenominal)y hard to be good and get a line to what George tells him to do, but in the end of every raguation, Lennie forgets what George told him beforehand and sometimes it creates a little trouble (pg 4546 Well, he seen this girl in this red dress. Dumb like he is, he likes to touch ever is sue he likes. Just wants to feel it. So he reaches turn out to feel this red dress an the girl lets out a squawk, and that gets Lennie all mixed up, and he holds on cause thats the only thing he can think to do. Well, this girl just squawks and squawks. I was jus a little bit off, and I heard all the yellin, so I comes running, an by that time Lennies so scared all he can think to do is jus hold on. I socked him over the lintel with a fence picket to make him let go. He was so scairt he couldnt let go of the dress. And hes so strong, you know Well, that girl rabbits in an tells the law shes been raped. The guys in so-and-so start a party out to lynch Lennie. So we sit in an irrigation ditch under water all the rest of that day.). But when you look at them, you can tell that George is... ...e Lennie is scared and confused (and thus far dazzled by the farm memory), he doesnt even sample to protect himself. He just cries to George to make Curley stop. George just want s Lennie to stand up for himself, so he tells Lennie to get him. Lennie obeys George and, in the process, breaks every bone in Curleys hand. (pg 69 Curleys fist was swinging when Lennie reached for it. The next second Curley was flopping like a fish on a line, and his closed fist was lost in Lennies big handwe got to get him in to a doctor, he said. Looks to me like ever bone in his han is bust.) shrink threatens to make Curley the laughing stock of the town if he tells what really happened kind of of saying that his hand got caught in a machine. I knew that somehow, somewhere in the storyline, Curley was gonna get into a fight with Lennie and Lennie was gonna hurt Curley badly.

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