Friday, February 22, 2019

Introduction to Financial Management Essay

ABSTRACTIn the United States we have two unalike kinds of stock exchange the NYSE and the NASDAQ even though they have more or less similarities they atomic number 18 assorted in so some(prenominal) different ways. This newsprint will discuss how the NYSE and the NASDAQ operate, how they are different and what is the national high society accounting and investor protect act of 2002.When we discuss the stock market we go that it is an organization where equities are exchanged between buyers and sellers and the first thing that should come up to our mind is either the New York subscriber line Exchange (NYSE) or bailiwick Association of Securities Dealers (NASDAQ). They are two exchanges who account for the trading of a major portion of equities in the United States and the entire world. The NASDAQ and NYSE both ingestion and are on a screened based electronic stock exchanges they both use electronic screens during trading of stock. The NYSE and NASDAQ are very different i n the way they operate and in the types of equities they trade. In order to take the differences between both we have to take a look at how stocks are traded and bought and the location of an exchange also plays a great character in where and how the transactions take place.In the NYSE, all trades occur in one place, on the trading chronicle in New York City, as we have seen on so many movies and you observe individuals on the floor usually in red jackets waving their hands on or ringing a bell before opening the exchange for trading, these individuals are through whom stocks are transacted on the NYSE. These exchanges consist of the majority of the equities traffic in the United States, as well as the major exchange traders in the United States and these two exchanges are also a part of the Stock Exchange Commission. The NASDAQ and the NYSE both conduct trading of stock equities as well as help to meet the buyer and supplier. They are many differences between NYSE & NASDAQ the l isting requirements for NYSE are much higher(prenominal) compared to the NASDAQ.The NASDAQ is and over the counter based market while the NYSE is auction market. The NYSE deals with small and midsized organizations and has specialists to manage that specific stock this feature is not incorporated in to the NASDAQ and the NYSE is not publicly traded while on the other hand the NASDAQ functions within the majority field of technological clients. The NASDAQ the public to trade stocks on it. The NASDAQ is not located on a tangible trading floor that we see on television but it is on a telecommunications network. The individuals that work there are trading takes place instantaneously between investors and their buyers or sellers, who are the market makers through an elaborate remains of companies electronically connected to one another.CONCLUSIONIn conclusion, work as well as movies goes through their ups and downs it is essential to have a pricey business plan to ensure success in what you pursue. There is no question that having a good business plan is important and it takes a lot of work. When it is completed your efforts will pay off. As time goes on you will find out what works for your business and what doesnt. As your business evolves, youll find that older versions of your plan provide a helpful monitoring device of how far youve

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