Friday, February 8, 2019

A Humourous Ritual :: miscellaneous

A Humourous RitualHave you perpetually informanted a humorous ritual that was really funny? I witness one everyday and it makes me wonder. This ritual is the one that many people that you and I both know participate in. this ritual is going to school. Everybody does it nowadays. The reason wherefore it is funny is that we urinate up early everyday to learn nip we dont need to, we fertilize horrible food and blush pay for it, and when we try to be an individual we blend in in swage for doing so.Everyone says All work and no play makes Jack a sc atomic number 18 boy. well that is very, very true statement, even though my name isnt Jack. Millions of students worldwide get up at early hours of the day to get to school to learn a lot of stuff that we dont need to know, such as information about Puritans. Not hardly that, we must endure the torture of worrying about our grades that if we dont work hard then we get bad grades, and that makes it much harder to get into Harvard Law School. Everyday, students must worry about their grades and they must do their work, and it isnt fun. During the school day, one must eat. We get in trouble if we occupy to eat in a classroom or quench our lust by drinking an ice cold beverage during class. So we are forced to either bring a lunch, which is trouble in itself, or eat the school food from the cafeteria. Everyday when I make my excursion across campus and past the cafeteria, I wonder what the intoxicating smell is overture from the building. The fries are not nutritious and are very oily and salty, the chicken burgers are not cooked thoroughly, and the cheeseburgers are tasteless. The only thing I think is edible in the school is a Coca-Cola. The water in the fountains taste really bad. Yet everyday, hundreds of students flock to the cafeteria to poison their bodies, in a sense. Why cant we all just be happy and eat Subway everyday? That would make more sense, no?I was embossed to express myself and be an indiv idual. I was taught to not follow the pack and realize my own trend. So, I try to do just that. I groom different than most, I act the way I want to act, I get piercings, and hopefully soon I will be acquiring some tattoos.

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