Monday, April 8, 2013

Reputation and Socrates

Most people would agree that ones reputation is extremely important in well all social situations. Whether it is making a enormous business deal or going on a first date, a persons reputation will always be with them and affect their interactions with others. Socrates, along with society, has put a hefty strain on reputations for pretty much everything. But reputations do not always reflect the truth. The underlying theme byout Platos The ladder and Death of Socrates is of the effect of reputations, real and perceived.

... in my investigation in the service of the god I found that those who had the highest reputation were nearly the most deficient, while those who were theory to be inferior were to a hugeer extent knowledge suitable (Plato, p.25)

This paraphrase is saying that those people that are thought to be superior to others are not necessarily held in the highest regards by the gods. He continues to say that those people who do not feel so highly about themselves are very more well-informed and are more respected by the gods because of their modesty. This is very typical of how Socrates feels towards those people who feel they have a high reputation. He feels modesty is the greatest attribute and accordingly you are looked upon more favorably by the gods for possessing it.

The above quote is the basis of both Socrates charges and the defense in his trial. He was charge because he developed a reputation for being unconsecrated because of his study of the earth and sky. Also his reputation for being able to discrediting others is a factor in his accusations. Socrates believes that accusers whole reason for place blame on him centered on pride, jealousy, and greed.

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they would not privation to tell the truth, Im sure, that they have been...

This was a very well written essay although just a tad short for my liking. This could in addition be linked to modern day representations of truth through the media. e.g. the reputation of the media networks and our unquestioning attitudes towards the truths that they put forward.

This was very interesting and do me want to look further into these ideas. Good work!

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