Saturday, April 13, 2013

Should Someone With Depression Still Run for President of the United States of America

Imagine you are attending a party with Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Robert Schumann, Ludwig von Beethoven, Edgar Allen Poe, Mark match, Vincent avant-garde Gogh, and Georgia OKeefe. Maybe Schumann and Beethoven are at the dinner party table discussing the crescendos in their most recent scores, while Twain sits on a couch telling Poe ab show up the spot of his latest novel. OKeefe and Van Gogh may be public lecture about their art, while Roosevelt and Lincoln discuss political endeavors. notwithstanding in fact, these historical figures as well as had a much much than personal common experience: each of them was dealing with drop- shoot.

Depression is an affection that involves feelings of sadness lasting for two weeks or longer, often attended by a loss of interest in life, hope slightness, and lessen energy. Like other medical disorders, clinical depression should not be ignored or dismissed. A clinically discourage person cannot simply snap out of it any more than a person with an ulcer could simply volition it away.

Now if a candidate for the Presidency of the United States suffers from depression, I salve ph genius that she is capable conclusion maker. Being depressed doesnt mean having a character flaw or the sign of a nerveless personality. It means the person has a medical illness that is tho as real as diabetes or ulcers. They can still make important decisivenesss. If you tell the public, then people will doubt her ability to be president. Also, if you tell the public, then you must tell all the candidates health information to the public. This allows slippery tilt to happen.

In conclusion, I wouldnt tell the public that the candidate for president has depression. Its their decision to tell the public, not mine.

This is a very(prenominal) interesting offspring that helps us understand the influences of an illness and how these influences actually dont make our decision making process as irrational as one would hypothecate. Only thing is, is that without the title(which i hadnt seen) its hard to figure out that you are specifically addressing the issue of Presidents who are in a state of depression until you get to the conclusion. A stronger thesis, in my sound judgment would make this so much better. Even in its brevity, its rise written... good job.

you should get into more detail describing the effects of depression. this was very interesting it just seemed to be short and missing detail.

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I mention that it needs a little bit more lucubrate in it of why you are talking about the president.

This essay has a very good introduction, and more facts and supporting information is really needed. It is important that you have statistics on depression and descision making, a good introduction notwithstanding the body of the essay really needs to be expanded.

The scratch line is funny and interesting, but the concluding papragraph is a little weak. The usage of I makes it sound less formal; who are you to tell the public about the presidents lieu.

The beginning is funny and interesting, but then in the concluding paragraphs the idea gets rather weak. The usage of I makes it unformal, immature, and less professional; who are you in the first place to inform the public on the presidents status?

This paper was alright, but ya know its extremely short, im really not sure if three paragraphs even equals an entire page. I also really coulnt tell what the paper was specifically address but i got the main point by the time i read it all.......

nice one, although its short it shows all of the main point. this one should went off to bushs office right away ^_^

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