Saturday, April 13, 2013

Why I think Methanol would be the best fuel for the future

Why I think methyl alcohol would be the scoop terminate for the future

I have been asked to find out which fire would be best to replace accelerator pedal in a beat back vehicle.

The fuel that i think would be best to replace accelerator pedal in a motor vehicle is methyl alcohol, there ar many reasons for this and i have a listed them below.

Methanol is a transp arnt fuel made from natural gas or reneawable biomass resources it is predoninantly produced by steam reforming of natural gas to dcreate a sythesis gas, which is then dfed into a reactor vessel in the presence of a throttle valve to produce methanol and water vapour.

There is clearly a racetrack on for the fuel for the future, i think Methanol is the pencil lead cadidate and think that it should be used in future motor vehicles, even now people and and countries are employ Methanol for example formula 1 racing drivers are using Methanol rather than petrol as it is less fickle and less likly to explode in a collision. Even demonstrable countries such as Part of the USA and Germany who are know for quality cars such as Bmw and Mercedes. They have started to use Metanol altougth mixted with petrol.

Methanol fire cleanly in car engines and its combustion is more comlete than that of petrol so emmisions are reduced especially that of carbon dioxide. Methanol has a high octane number and its uses require only atomic changes to engine and petrol pump design.

Why Methanol?

A number of fuels are in contension to be the fuel of choice for the future of vehicles such as pure Hydrogen, gas, Ethanol, Metane and many more. But the fuel which as the greatest support from the automotive industrie is methanol. The advantage with Methanol is that it... is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!




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