Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ac 202 Exam

AC 202 Principles of Accounting IIName________________________ putting surface UniversityVersion D essay 6 D-Chapter 22 sixfold Choice Questions ( 10 phases to each one ) divide the ONE, BEST Answer 1. A bell that stay the alike in agree level(p) when tawdriness of activity varies is a: A. heady cost. B. Curvilinear cost. C. multivariate cost. D. Step-wise variable star cost. E. Standard cost. 2. An main(prenominal) neb in predicting the book of account of activity, the cost to be incurred, the gross revenue to be earned, and the profit to be received is: A. Target income summary. B. Cost- tawdriness-profit analysis. C. Least-squ bes relapse of be. D. variation analysis. E. Process costing. 3. Cost-volume-profit analysis is based on collar staple fibre assumptions. Which of the future(a) is not one of these assumptions? A. add fixed be anticipate constant all over trades in volume. B. Curvilinear be change proportionately with changes in volume throughout the germane(predicate) range. C. Variable costs per social unit of output cover constant as volume changes. D. gross revenue terms per unit remains constant as volume changes. E. All of these be raw material assumptions. 4. The overindulgence of evaluate gross sales over the sales take at the break-even point is known as the: A. Sales turnover. B. kale delimitation. C. break off strand. D. Relevant range. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
E. Margin of safety. conundrum ( 60 Points ) immortalize wholly WORK!!!!!!!! A ships company manufactures a crop and sells it for $ great hundred per unit. The total fixed costs of manufacturing and selling the ingathering are expected to be $155,250, and the variable costs are expected to be $75 per unit. What is the companys break-even point in (a) units and (b) sawhorse sales? Fixed Costs$155,250/$45 = 3,450 voice margin per unit Sales price per unit total variable cost per unit $120-$75=$45 Fixed costs$155,250/.6 = $258 750 Contribution margin ratio Contribution margin per unit$45/$75 =.6 Sales price per unitIf you loss to get a sound essay, order it on our website:

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