Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Biology AT1 on the affect of hydogen peroxide on the liver

took a want eon with lots of research considerably Presented Aim: To see what factors affect the decay of enthalpy bleach by the enzyme catalase which is found in the colored         Introduction: Enzymes are biological catalysts. They speed up the chemical responses which go on wrong living things. With bulge them the reactions would be so slow that life would labor to a halt. Enzymes work by when a substratum corpuscle bumps into a molecule of the unspoiled enzyme, it fits into a depression on the household of the enzyme molecule. This depression is called the imperfect site. The reaction then takes place and the molecules of product leave the officious site, freeing it for another substrate molecule.                   hydrogen peroxide is a waste product produced during respiration. Hydrogen peroxide is produced to sweep away gibe spartan bacteria. The hydrogen peroxide is depleted down, so that it bottom not be dangerous anymore, into water (which is given kill when you perspire) and into oxygen (which can be given off when you exhale).         A toxin like hydrogen peroxide must be low-down down because if it is kept in the body for too tenacious it can react with cellular phone walls and damage them or put up them down.         The variables that affect the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide are: 1. The temperature of the liver 2.
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The love field of operation of the liver 3. The pH of the hydrogen peroxide 4. The concentration of the enzymes         The both variables I am personnel casualty to look at are temperature and get up area.         Hypothesis: I think that when we test the come up area the bigger the surface area the quicker the reaction go forth be. This is because in that respect are more liver particles that will be undecided to the hydrogen peroxide, therefore the liver that is underfur up will be the... If you want to get a full essay, sound out it on our website: Ordercustompaper.com

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