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marketing SESSION 1 freshen up Questions: 1. Marketing is a organisation of business activities designed to: A: achieve organisational goals B: pay off customer wants C: develop; promote and deliver harvest-homes and go D*: completely of the above E: no(prenominal) of the above attend to: D PAGE: 7 FEEDBACK: each(prenominal) is an explanation of the constitution of marketing. 2. Which of the following statements is true active the change-orientation stop of the intersection point disembodied spirit cycle? A: sell and gross sales managers atomic number 18 given new wonder and responsibilities B: the unassailables emphasis shifts from harvest-timeion to selling its output C: promotional efforts argon dramatic all toldy increased D: the bring home the bacon of goods haps demand E*: all of the above reception: E PAGE: 9 FEEDBACK: A to D define the sales-orientation award in the evolution of marketing. 3. A follow that changes its packaging to flagellate less natural resources and reduce dribble that has to be prone of is probably to be at the _____________ gunpoint of marketing evolution.
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A: selling B: marketing C*: societal-marketing D: all of the above E: no(prenominal) of the above rejoinder: C PAGE: 10 FEEDBACK: Selling-oriented firms design the product first and and then catch out people who washbowl they can sell it to. Marketing-oriented firms look into customers and make full their needs at a profit exclusively do non consider their jounce on social hostelry or the environment. 4. We can unless expect to retain customers in markets where competitors offer similar products, services and benefits if we build the relationship by: A: offering break down prices B: offering the exceed products and services C*: value adding D: all of the above E: none of the above ANSWER: C PAGE: 14 FEEDBACK: ameliorate prices are not lovable if the product does not fill customer needs. The best product might not be attractive; if the added quality isnt film the customer will not want to pay for it. 5. rundown total quality...If you want to wreak a full essay, wander it on our website: Ordercustompaper.com

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