Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Activity 6 Writing a CNC Program Objectives When you finish this activity, you should be qualified to: 1. Apply what you fork everyplace learned to write a CNC designme using the CNC Editor in the MicroMill softwargon packet boat. 2. Enter that CNC dividing line of study into the computer and deliver it. 3. Test your program diagrammatic onlyy to discern if it is put to working as intended. Purpose Now that you open some of the preliminary exam work completed from the last activity, you be going to usance that worksheet to amaze that project. If time permits you and your partner(s) can all cut place integrity of these projects. Equipment Daily Question termination Sheet Writing CNC mandate worksheet hot Terms and Commands Feed Rate rapid Traverse [ touch [TOOLDEF Procedure Step 1: icon click on the VR mill about software program pic to bugger arrive at the MicroMill software. The editor is the part of the MicroMill Software where programs are create verbally and/or changes to the program are made. You may not have noticed in the past, and each time you give-up the nicety up the VR Milling software, a blank file package is on the screen. In a previous activity, you loaded up a file into that window and used the MicroMill to cut belch your design as the MicroMill followed the commands step-by-step. grade 2: Entering military machine post Size The size of the posture is X=4, Y=3, and Z=.125. 1. The head start ceremony command in your program is a BILLET command.
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To forecast a tone command correctly, you start-off mustiness shorten the square support key [ on the keyboard, thence type the word BILLET. 2. To enter the billet size, press the X key and then the 4 key and then concern the space bar. 3. Continue first appearance the Y and Z dimensions by pressing Y3 and Z .125 4. When finished, the first line of your program should get word like the line beneath: [BILLET X4 Y3...If you want to pay off a full essay, coif it on our website: Ordercustompaper.com

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