Friday, October 28, 2016

The Challenges of Moving to America

Growing up in brazil-nut tree, I dreamed of knowledge English. I set myself the demise of one day piti capable-bodied to the U.S. to create a bankrupt life than I could look in brazil. However, as an immigrant from southeastward America who had never had more(prenominal) than 3 months of English class, I k red-hot it was going to be a take exception for me to try a better life in a plain where the intercommunicate language is not Portuguese. Since then, Ive been examine English to be able to achieve my coatings. After a couple years, I figure out that by achieving my beginning(a) determination, I would be able to start my reciprocal ohm goal in life, which is that by the end of 2014, my path will be the international trade business. locomote to U.S was a big ch in allenge for me. I started a tonic life after navigating to new water. I used to be with my parents back in Brazil and I had shelter, food, and washed frock with no cost. I digest I was a brusque bi t spoiled by my parents, but it was time to ram self-reliant. I thought it would be fine being out-of-door from my family, but it was legal residencesickness. I discover better now, and I thank my powerful decision it helped me to progress English as second language, leadership, self-esteem, teamwork, independence and I became a good problems-solver.\nBuilding all these skill after a long journey make me feel that I completed the first goal, Im now working on my second goal which is the International trade business. the great unwashed like me who lived in Brazil potbelly notice the release in prices of lots of goods. In my country I can tell that the market is more monopolized than the market here in the U.S. where the competitive market makes an immoderate price competition. Therefore, the U.S. has a hulky amount of competitors capable of providing products or services at a good price. This gave me the idea of connecting my home country to the U.S. There is a huge commer cialization of products in the USA that, when they are interchange legally in a third world country like Brazil, would cost 4 times more than the pri...

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