Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Women, Media and Domestic Violence

When turn overing about the family, thoughts of whop and support come to mind. Family washbowl be the people well-nigh related to a psyche or just a close friend that you phone call a member of your family. each(prenominal) in all when we pretend about the family we seldom think about the rough condemnation they go through. A puzzle that nearly families have approach throughout the years is domestic help help force. home(prenominal) military force which is specify as any suit of abuse inflicted on a member of the family is a austere problem. Domestic craze has been unembellished in the family, even during the 1950s, what was go through as the golden ages but seldom musical themeed. through some research we layabout arrest that even the golden ages werent so golden. Popular TV builds during that eon such as straggle it to Beaver depict a perfect nuclear family where the mystify tries to keep up with snip and leisure time with the kids and a mom who sta ys al-Qaeda and obligates a perfect determine and keeps the house tidy. Even the media tries to get the picture up that family life isnt so perfect all the time. Domestic violence in families is plain but seldom utter about for many reasons such as trying to maintain the ideal traditional family pictured through the media. In this report I will scene at reasons as to why domestic violence occurs, the gene linkage between how family was portrayed in the media and why domestic violence goes unreported, I will also look at some separate reasons as to why domestic violence goes unreported other than maintaining a perfect family status. I will use authors such as Coontz, Cheal, Mitchell, Dorothy Smith, Rutherdale , Berk, Sherman, Langan, Innes, Felson et al and Carlson to show these. \n\nReasons for Domestic Violence\n there are different types of ship canal that a family member can be abused. In this screen it will be pore on the domestic violence inflicted against women by their husbands. Some of the violence that women encounter can be physical violence. This is where pain, or soreness is inflicted on to their pa...

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