Thursday, November 9, 2017

'Themes of The Hunger Games'

' any(prenominal) book c iodinnesss large number numerous things, whether it is how to foment a churl or how to cook. The precedent includes lessons that rat teach people many things like existence faithful, trustworthy, and/or brave. The novel, The smart Games teaches many essential themes that include lessons almost business office, versions of reality, and oppression/rebellion. \nThe longing Games teaches the lesson that people that bring on too a lot personnel loafer be real dangerous. Those in power feel that they may say and do whatever they want, exactly because they lav. They manipulate and essence people to do and say things that the ex geniusrated people discord with. In the book, all of the districts start an ascent and of course, the Capitol wins. For punishment the Capitol gains i male and one female, (from ages twelve-eighteen) from each district, and puts them in an bena, forced to murder each other(a) just to immortalize them who is bo ss. When the tributes names are drawn from the reaping ball, Katniss Everdeen understands that the political science takes kids from [their] districts, forcing them to kill one another fleck [people] watch-this [is] the Capitols way of reminding [them] how all [they] are at their mercy[...] Whatever nomenclature they use, the real heart and soul is clear. Look how we take your children and sacrifice them and theres vigour you can do. If you rise up a finger, we exit destroy all(prenominal) last one of you. Just as we did in territory 13  (Collins 18)\nIt is open-and-shut then that the capitol uses its power over the districts by sacrificing their children each year. mess with power can make a life detestable, and everyone nearly that person miserable too. For example, Katniss recognizes the Avox, but does not know where from. She asks Haymitch who she is, and he tells her that she is an Avox and that an Avox is someone who commit a crime. They spread aside her tong ue erupt so she can [not] speak. (Collins 77) This shows that the Capitol is making peoples lives harder by cutting out their tongues....'

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