Monday, December 17, 2018

'Hedda Gabler Response Questions\r'

'why is Head so cruel to former(a)wise females in the play? Does she treat women differently from men? * I think Head is so cruel to other females because she wishes she was them. She wishes she had the life and the relationships they have with other men. She wants the attention that she believes that other women turn back. Head is so similar to Regina George, a constituent in the movie Mean Girls. Regina George loved each the attention and love from everyone but it still wasnt enough.The scrap others darted to get the attention that she felt was hers, she wasnt happy. She did whatever it took to get attention back on her. No reckon how drastic. Do you think Head is pregnant? * I think Head is pregnant for several springs. iodin reason Is her hostileness and the increase of her hatefulness. Pregnant women argon often hormonal and In botheration, thus fashioning them hateful most of the time. Head is constantly hateful and a pregnancy would explain every issue. Another reas on is when she burned the manuscript; it was akin burning Georges baby.I spirit like In Heads mind, burning the manuscript symbolizes what she would like to do with an actually child because she probably hates children as much as she secretly hates herself. The final thing that makes me wonder if Head Is pregnant Is the fact that she kills herself. If we go with the assumption that she hates children, why would she put herself through the pain and body changes that she would have to go through to ingest a child she doesnt even want? So killing herself would get rid of the child as well as end her life so she doesnt have to live with her poor decision.\r\n'

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