Friday, November 8, 2019

Perils of Hope - Analysis

Perils of Hope - Analysis Analysis of "Peril of Hope" The poem "Peril of Hope," by Robert Frost is about having hope. The poem speaks about no matter how things are one minute they can always change. Hope, however, is constantly there and will always be there to help get through the tough times until things get better.Imagery is used throughout this poem to help describe the extent of the boundaries of hope. Hope has endless boundaries in this poem it goes from one extreme to the next. In the first stanza (lines1-4), the poet describes a late fall scene just before winter when all the leaves have already fallen off of the trees. But in the same stanza, he also depicts a beautiful spring day just after all the leaves have come out before all the blossoms appear on the orchard trees. Frost does this to show the extremes in which hope can be found.Hope

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