Friday, April 12, 2013

Affirmative Action

What is resisted much by white males then by women and minorities because it is comprehend to work against their avouch self-interest? assentient Action. The history of approbatory performance has its roots in the Civil right hands Act of 1964. name VII of the Civil Rights Act provided the initial legal rear end for approving implement for women and minorities in the workplace. Affirmative action is an treatment that is aimed at giving management a chance to congeal an injustice, a mistake, or outright discrimination. Affirmative action is a policy to encourage equal opportunity and to level the play field for groups of people who film been and atomic number 18 discriminated against. According to the compeer Employment Opportunity Commission, affirmative action, Is considered essential to assuring that jobs are genuinely and equally accessible to qualified persons, without regard to their depend upon, racial, or ethnic characteristics.

Over the past few decades roles for women and minorities in the workplace ca-ca increased. Many of the predominately male occupations have increasingly become more diverse. Affirmative action helps to promote diversity in role and equality between gender and race. The effectiveness of affirmative action and Equal Employment Opportunity legislation has been debated for years, with advocates citing gains made by

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women and minorities in pay, organizational representation, and organizational status. Women, in general, have been the main beneficiaries of affirmative action and will be the biggest losers if it is overturned. The number of women entering the professions, including medicine, natural law and accounting, has increased substantially in 30 years. Women of all races have increased their share of professional positions in corporations. However, women have still to achieve equality in the workplace as the respite in wages continues. Nationally, women earn 76 cents for every horse earned by men. A National Academy of information Report...

Affirmative action requires the advocate to see people in terms of their race, and not their personal attributes.

...someday my children will be judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character - MLK Jr.

Affirmative action gives individuals an advantage over another based exclusively on their race (or gender) without any regard to their character. That is an incredibly clamant form of discrimination that should outrage any non-prejudiced individual.

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It is incredibly manifest that affirmative action is a form of discrimination, and therefore in direct contradiction with the Civil Rights Act. A five-year old could come across it out. But the proponents of affirmative action live in a fantasy world where obvious realities simply do not apply.

You make a pathetic attempt to mask your own bigotry by accusing your opponents of being prejudiced.

Freud had a excogitate for that. Its called projection and usually signifies some sort of emotional or mental issue.

Maybe you should get some therapy.

is hard to infer how anyone can believe that treating people differently... based on their sex or race is morally acceptable

Affirmative action treats people differently based on their race and/or sex. You cant argue with that. You just simply cant. Its impossible: it would be corresponding saying the grass is purple when its green.

Affirmative action treats women and/or minorities differently than men or caucasians. Its literal. It isnt subjective. It cant be contradicted without complete disjunction from reality. (psychosis)

What you REALLY mean is that its not acceptable to treat accepted groups unfavorably based upon their PARTICULAR gender and/or race.

Right or wrong, thats what you mean. Wether you think thats good or bad, that is your explicit opinion.

Go ahead and try to turn that around on me, I need a good laugh.

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