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Fiji gained Independence from Britain in October 10th, 1970. Fiji achieved this by telling Britain that they are able to stand on their make feet. And so wish was granted. No arguments, dissatisfaction, fight or whatever came in between

The seas take up been a dump site for human race for thousands of years. Every day, hundreds of thousands of pounds of glassful are discharged into the ocean whether it be from private, domestic, industrial or municipal sources.  Much of the trash cast aside into the oceans, such as plastics which account for 90% of all trash in the oceans, are very harmful to marine manner and ocean aesthetics (Rudd, 2008).  Millions of marine animals, including birds which rely heavily on marine manner, are killed as a direct resultant of pollution.  Other types of oceanic pollution such as oil color spills and radioactive and industrial waste are just as costly , and can contaminate the oceans for thousands of years to come. Dead zones, colossal areas of oxygen deficient water were life ceases to exist, feed change magnitude by one third in the past two years because of the amount of waste being added to the oceans (Ocean Planet, 2005). is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!

  Humans have even started to change the chemistry of ocean water. This is due to unnaturally high levels of carbon dioxide in the environment as vigorous as spent CO2 being stored and pumped into the oceans (Science Daily, 2007).  This CO2 dissolves into a hazardous substance that can hinder the harvest-festival of phytoplankton and zooplankton, the base of the food chain for all marine life (Science Daily, 2007).  The damage we humans have brought to the oceans show how irresponsible our actions have been and acts as a wakeup call on a international level.  If us humans do not change our ways and begin to respect the oceans, they will be changed irreparably forever.  
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