Friday, January 24, 2014

Standardization Or Customization

Organizational Process and Structure Q: What would you suggest, normalization or Customization and why? sanctify advantages of the one you suggest and disadvantages if any. A:Standardization is formulation, publication, and carrying out of guidelines, rules, and specifications for  parking atomic number 18a and repeated use, aimed at achieving  scoop degree of  position or uniformity in a given context, discipline, or field. The preceding(prenominal) is the meaning of the word standardization from a business dictionary. The move of standardization caters to a number of advantages to the organization. Standardization is an efficient system to reduce exists and increase quality. By minimizing the differences in your crossroads, you are able to rapidly increase production, streamline distri stillion, slump blunt material costs and reinforce product branding. The best product standardization strategies allow you to balance the drive for targeted adaptation with the cost savings of standardization. The goals of standardization within an attention fill to do with survival and growing of products and manufacturers in that industry. If each manufacturer creates a product that only works with their existing products, past consumers are limited in what they can choose from. In addition, the industry suffers if there is no possibility of overall growth collectable to monopolizing the market. Standardization is utilize to ensure safety, quality, compatibility, repeatability, integration and commodification*. every(prenominal) phenomenon in the real world not only has advantages but too consists of certain flaws. Therefore it will be irrelevant to ordain that standardization does not have its disadvantages. Standardization eliminates or diminishes the pass along through technology, as changing the standards would be time consuming. applications programme of standardization varies from industry to industry; alike s tandards cannot be used in different organiz! ations. Thereby, arising a need for standard customization depending upon...If you compulsion to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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