Wednesday, February 8, 2017

HIV and the AIDS Epidemic

The epizootic of acquired immune deficiency syndrome in the joined States has been seen as both a bio health check phenomenon as fountainhead as a sociable phenomenon since the 1980s. More so as a tender phenomenon for the transp bent fact that many individuals be ignorant to the specifics about assist. A lot of individuals believe that aid is a unsoundness that is ancestral and can easily be spread, with minimal contact. However they be unaw ar of the idea that AIDS is spread through incarnate fluids. AIDS has also pass a societal bring down because of the stereotypes associated with it. AIDS is believed to predominant amongst jolly males, although AIDS is not trammel to sexuality, race, age, etc. AIDS/human immunodeficiency virus has become more(prenominal) of a social phenomenon since thither has any the same to be a heal discovered. An article that focuses on the social impacts of AIDS says, socially, it is an event that disrupts the behavior of a community and causes uncertainty, fear, blame, and leakage ( While medically, it is based on appearance and fatalities growing separately year. When it comes to AIDS, its hard to control this issue on the medical level being that thither is no cure. The only things that are provided for this disease are medications and tests to suffice diagnosis properly.\nThe idea that there is no cure leaves individuals contact hopeless and doubtful, creating a disease that is socially bound. Due to the data regarding this disease, things such as the behavioral, political, legal, and economic involvement are all considered forms of a social phenomenon. Having AIDS/ HIV affects the individual more so on a social aspect than it does of the average aspect. There are medications that military service decrease the severity, without interfering with the seniority of ones life. While socially, these individuals have to hide with being ostracized by individuals who are aware of their circumstances (intimately and casually), inequality with employment, and having their appearance change imputable to the deterioration of thei...

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