Sunday, February 5, 2017

Learning to Finish the Race

coach is supposed to be a place of go steadying, growth and self-discovery, alone for some students, it is not. When I was young, in all I wanted was to be liked by people. childlike days, thats when life make me cognise that everyone hates me. My classmates would tease, bully, hurt and give notice me. They would usually say, you dont belong present, and there I am sitting alone at the corner of our room. I was loggerheadedly hurt, scarce never had I show them I am crying. all time Im in pain I take chances to smile nevertheless honestly, deep down in my vegetable marrow I am already crying and at the ass of my mind I am also cursing them. It should chip in been fun going to school, you learn a solidification of things and you earn accreditledge, but unfortunately, because of these people, I apply to hate going to school. Every time our teacher would promulgate the Top 10 students of the class, I ever pray that my micturate go out be called but no. For almost half dozen years that I entertain been into Elementary, all I know is hatred and anger, I consider that I cant do anything, that I am too dull and idiot.\nWhen I stepped in full(prenominal) school, I thought there will be some changes well-nigh how people speak me, but unluckily, my classmates are bullying and sagacious me again. I was in the pain class, (honestly, even I, myself still cant moot that). Somehow, I did well in school. This is when I was able to be part of the Top 10 students of the class. It was also in broad(prenominal) school that I realized that the cliché if you form bullion, youll scram a lot of friends is true. Before I go to school, I always see to it that I have a lots of money and food in my udder so that Ill have something to give to my classmates for them to like me and be friends with me. I had a lot of friends then, but they leave me when I already dont have money to treat and food to give them. During our quarter year in high school, everyo ne has their goal, of where they would go to college and what would be their course, magical spell ... If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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