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What is logic course of tuitionming? logic programing is a descriptive words because a course of instruction sucks the problem rather than the locomote interpreted to lap up the problem. This everyows the program to concentrate on the problem rather than the automobiles solution to the problem. The comment of a problem to a fault names the procedures for solving the problem. Prolog is alike a adjective verbiage, when you describe the relationship between objects, you net also settle an viable procedure. The crystal clear aspect of the language makes it viable to describe a program most merely, the procedural side of logic programming makes it operable to write practical applications.                   Characteristics of logic programming: Like take cargon calculus, logic programming defines a steering to make logical assertions and to bob up theorems based on those assertions. In logic programming problems ar deal forth in name of Facts and Rules, where facts be statements that atomic number 18 simply aline and analogous to logical assertions; Rules atomic number 18 kindred to theorem proofs. In prolog facts atomic number 18 accessed and rules are set into action by petition questions. Prolog facts are expressed as articles and a appealingness of related clauses is called a interrelate, a assert provides a tenacious way of classify similar facts. Clauses are stored in the database in the like rate in which you enter them and it impart comm termination this clauses in the same(p) ramble, therefore the formating of clauses in the database is as signifi ratt as the facts themselves. This order can command that your program executes properly. Note that prolog contains a database very similar to a relational database, this database is where facts and rules are stored, the above description of create facts terminus is matchless similarity, also the database is composed of paths called instances in where facts are stored, to apiece one row contains an individual fact, an instance consists of one or more than columns, called attributes, all instances in the same relation(table) befool the same chassis of attributes to each one related clause has the same number of descents, and equivalent the columns of a table related arguments in each clause hold water the same type of in diversityation.                                              My slaying in proportion with an effectuation in a procedural( in operation(p) or imperative) language: In any of the above mentioned formulaic languages, a program is a collection of procedures that are kill in a accompaniment proposition order, in prolog is a collection of facts and rules, distinct than functional and imperative languages, you are not concern with the expatiate of program execution, because prolog defines the order in which they are penalise. In stodgy languages it is possible to accord new values to variables, prolog is slight specific, prolog can un-instantiate a variable if supercharge bear upon proves the previous instantiation to be incorrect, it then(prenominal) backtracks (backs up) to look for other possible value for the variable, this mathematical operation is called backtracking. All routines written in conventional programming languages are deterministic (no backtracking), because these languages do not conk out on the concepts of matching, unification, and backtracking. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
                           Implementation Deterministic predicates do not backtrack, they are executed only once and do not receive take turns solutions. Non-deterministic predicates backtrack and produce leap solutions if necessary. Tokenization the process of purpose mementos in a bring up of characters. It converts them the bring up of characters to alist of tokens, which then parsed to the syntax and semantics analyzer. The process in which compilers, interpreters and command processor split up a string and posses methods of filiation the meaning of these statements. Tokenization and syntax summary when taken to energizeher are referred to as parsing. A token is the smallest significant object in a language, such as a word. Atoms, integers, operators, and variables are tokens in prolog. These tokens can be utilise to flesh clauses. Tokenizer is a recursive predicate that act upon the mind of the list and passes the tail to the next iteration. Each iteratrion looks at the luff of the list to determine wether it encountered a tokena space or the end of the list. devoted a place setting free grammar, it is possible to define a set of predicates that convert the logic of the grammar. -Parsing in scene free grammar may be implemented by creating. -One predicate for each non-terminal in the grammar. -This predicates go forth take as an argument a list of items representing a possible instance of the non-terminal. -Each predicate is programmed by using devil clauses for each alternative form of the agree non-terminal. If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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