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Running Head : TECHNOLOGY Insert Full TitleInsert school-age child s NameInsert Affiliation utilise science prudence applied science is one of the fastest increment industries in the world . Its procedure and impact in the occur of countries across the globe is continually increasing . This phenomenon has necessitated the need to look and utilize its underlying principles . Technology deals with understanding the conceit of applying scientific friendship and guidelines to tasks involving people . This association is manifested through the creation of equipment , artifacts and effectual ancestry processes . almost processes down now become more than productive and faster due to the mental institution of applied science . Technology saves time , resources and energy thereby allowing niggardliness on other aspects o f business (Whitten , Bentley Dittman , 2001 . Today , virtually everyone is bear upon by technologyTechnology focusing is a broad concept that encompasses mingled aspects of solicitude and technology , as the name implies . It is have-to doe with with sp atomic number 18-time activity efficient and cost- potent means of identifying , introducing and monitoring technology in the work place in to increase productivity , efficiency and accountability . It seeks ways to deploy technology into stub aspects of the business processes and helps to manage the impact of the changes that arise as a consequence of technological innovations . It as well as helps to plan , convention and aver the utilization and implementation of technological innovations within an organizationTechnology Management is skillful not only by Information Technology companies , save by all companies interested in impulsive their processes with technology . It is obvious that with the current spat e of technological innovations , versatile ! businesses , individuals and countries must keep up with the pace of technology and its management if they argon to continue relating with others . As beneficial as technology is , it also has the capacity to introduce harmful equipment which put up lead to bulky loss of human lives . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
For example , scientific innovations that led to the introduction of atomic bombs and harmful gases may grounds considerable losses and damage if proper management principles atomic number 18 not incorporate . It is therefore imperative that technology is adequately managed so that the downsides idler be minimized . This ensures that individuals and countries argon protected from the harmful effects of technologyTechnology come to the forehouse be managed in some(prenominal) ways . This can be achieved in a separate of ways and twain of them are outlined as follows : 1 Protecting information processing system systems from infiltration Computers or database management systems usually contain undercover and valuable accomp some(prenominal) information that need to be protected from viruses , worms , fraud and any other form of unauthorized admission price that can jeopardize security 2 Optimizing the use of computer systems Most computer systems are either under-utilized or round are not properly trained to get the some out of such technology . Proper technology management ensures that benefits are optimally acquired by the concerned organizations (Whitten , Bentley Dittman , 2001 . One of the some effective ways of managing technology is by continually seeking knowledge , conducting extensive research , and coming up with life-changing innovatio! ns . This ensures that a demesne or organization is able to acquire and observe a high level of...If you want to get a liberal essay, order it on our website:

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