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Remember, these argon brief issuelines of my lectures and you be responsible for taking relegate nvirtuosos, as questions allow come from my discussion comments that give meaning to those points. During lectures I leave behind discuss some background schooling you do non deficiency for the test, which means the other issues I discuss atomic number 18 fair gamy for the exam. This Is a major Incentive to come to programme, pay attention, and take not bad(predicate) class notes. If you do not take notes, how can you remember my comments 3-4 marchweeks subsequently for an exam?See General announcement 2 general announcements (click it) for record of instructions About 20 or more questions provide come from schoolbook rendition review assignments for this exam these Logic Kernel chapter Word reviews 1 (Logic), 2 (constitution), and 11 (voting, elections &038 campaigns practise yet questions 1-19. ) these review questions re your solo text information responsi bility for exam 1. When I provide chapter reading review questions like this, know these are actual questions from which I allow randomly select some for the reading portion of the exam.I will not ask anything else from the chapter other than the reading review questions provided. This eliminates mystery &038 surprise regarding exam contents. Especially for you freshmen, this is harder than it looks, and will take a number of hours to look up the answers in the text. Study them carefully and you will have no bother with the reading questions oration of the exam. Since I have given(p) you the actual reading questions, I will not give you the answers before the exam, so do the best you can this is a l obtaining exercise. When you buddy up to rent with others, do not trust the answers of others.Validate it with your own eyes or ache the consequences if your buddy is wrong. If you find a bad question, netmail me your class prison term with the chapter &038 question problem with y our page reference, and Ill check it out, but will not give the answer. I will be careful not to submit any that are inaccurate or confusing. There is o confession for you to miss one of these questions if you theatre of operations. If it was me, I would look up the correct answer and when confident, I would delete all the wrong answers so I am Just reinforcing the question and the correct answer when I study.My last treetop is to manage-study both class lectures and reading reviews daily so not overwhelmed by cramming right before an exam which does not work, as some will discover. (c) Website essay portions. 7-10 questions will come from my website essay reading assignment. To find this information, go to General Announcement general announcements (click it) and practise those instructions carefully slightly the hyperlink there titled why studying the U. S.Constitution, as well as national and state and local politics, is so important to each citizen. You are only respon sible on exam 1 for the specific items mentioned in its instructions. Another key word bullet outline assignment because study your outline. (d) General Announcement 5 general announcements (click it) provides specific study ideas for my exams.YeahSpring 2013 SAN FRANCISCO STATE UNIVERSITYCourse Syllabus CourseACCT 508- federal official tax incomeation income story I PrerequisiteACCT 301 with target of C or better, or ACCT 303 with grade of C- or better. ProfessorTim Hurley, M. B. A. , J. D. , LL. M. representationSCI 355 Office HoursM 300-400, W 500-700, TH 600-700 by appointment Office forebode E-mailemail&160protected edu Required TextHoffman & Smith, separate Income measurees, South-Western federal Taxation 2013 Spring 2013 SAN FRANCISCO STATE UNIVERSITYCourse SyllabusCourseACCT 508- Federal Tax history I PrerequisiteACCT 301 with grade of C or better, or ACCT 303 with grade of C- or better. ProfessorTim Hurley, M. B. A. , J. D. , LL. M. OfficeSCI 355 Office Hours M 300-400, W 500-700, TH 600-700 by appointment Office Phone E-mailemail&160protected edu Required TextHoffman & Smith, Individual Income Taxes, South-Western Federal Taxation 2013 Spring 2013 SAN FRANCISCO STATE UNIVERSITYCourse Syllabus Course Description Federal Taxes I is a study of the Internal Revenue Code as it affects individuals and sole proprietorships.Basic competence in tax respins, terminology, and tax calculation are emphasized. Extensive coverage is given to tax accounting methods, rates, exemptions, credits, dependents, gross income inclusions and exclusions, not bad(p) gains and losses, deductions associated with a trade or business (including depreciation), and personal deductions such as charitable contributions, interest, taxes, and medical expenses. Married filing jointly, married filing separately, chieftain of a household, surviving spouse, and single filing status are delimitate and explained. Course Goals To provide the disciple with an in-depth look at U. S. federal income tax law with primary emphasis on income taxation for individuals * To expose the student to the authoritative sources of U. S. federal income tax law interpretation * To begin the outgrowth of essential research skills * To make the student aware of the importance of tax planning in business and investment decisions Grading Components Component come-at-able Points Exam I ascorbic acid (approximately 21%) Exam II 100 (approximately 21%) Comprehensive Final Exam 140 (approximately 29%) Tax Return Assignments 65 (approximately14%) Aplia Homework 40 (approximately 9%) Participation 30 (approximately 6%) Total Possible Points = 475 Aplia You must sign up for Aplia. 1. plug into to http//login. cengagebrain. com/ 2. If you already have an account, sign in. From your Dashboard, enter your frame key (DB3V-FC2F-GAY3) in the box provided, and click the Register button. If you dont have an account, click the Create a New Account button, and enter your course key wh en prompted DB3V-FC2F-GAY3. Continue to follow the on-screen instructions. Aplia is a course page designed by the publisher of the book but controlled by me where I will place the syllabus, homework assignments, habituate questions, practice exams, etc. It gives instant feedback on the questions and is a great mode to study for an exam. * Homework assignments are due on Aplia by sunshine at 1100 PM. * Homework assignments will begin with Chapter 3 (in week 3). * Aplia homework is worth 40 points. You will receive 40 points only if you complete all assignments when due and answer 50% of the questions correctly on each assignment. * Partial credit is awarded at the professors discretion.Email need The University has charge you an email address. You are on a class email list that I will use to send important information to you. Thus, you must know your university email address and check your email regularly. schoolman Integrity Plagiarism is a form of cheating or fraud. It occurs when a student misrepresents the work of another as his or her own. Plagiarism whitethorn consist of using the ideas, sentences, paragraphs, or the whole text of another without enchant acknowledgement, but it also includes allowing another person to write or advantageously alter work that a student then submits as his or her own.Any assignment found to be plagiarized will be given a failing grade. All instances of plagiarism in the Department of Accounting will be inform to the Department Chair, and may be reported to the University Judicial Affairs Officer for further action. Special Learning or Physical Accommodations Policy If you have a disability and need assistance in any way, please let me know as short as possible. This course adheres to San Francisco State Universitys policy on the appointment of disabled students. correctroom Policies To maintain an appropriate learning environment in the classroom, students must conduct themselves in a professional manner so as no t to disturb other students or the instructor. amuse be respectful to other students and to me by arriving to class on time, not sleeping, and not talking during class unless it is to contribute to a class discussion. If it is absolutely unavoidable to leave during class, then sit near the door. * No laptops. * Please turn off all phones before coming to class. * Texting during class is strictly prohibited. Please take the same seat for each class it helps me to learn your names. * If class is canceled for any reason, the assignments for that day will be due in the contiguous class. Make-up exams Exams will only be given during scheduled class periods. Make-up exams will not be given. If you have a plan conflict, then you need to fox the course. Withdrawal from Class If you should decide to drop or withdraw from this course or withdraw from the University, you must postdate with the official procedures (confer with the Office of the Registrar) or receive a grade of F for this course.Students who stop attending class without officially withdrawing from the course receive a grade based upon the total points they have accumulated. Ordinarily, the result will be an F grade. Attendance / Participation / Homework Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each class meeting. If you do not attend class, it is likely that you will not pass this course. Taxation is not something that you can learn on your own and then take the exam. kindred most Accounting courses, this is a problem-based course. At the end of each chapter, you will find problems.In addition, I will post additional problems that we will work in class. It is essential that you work and rework these problems and that you are able to do them on your own before the exam without looking at the answers. It is expect that readings and problems will be completed prior to class. Students should be expected to be called on in class, and students should therefore be prepared to discuss the assigned mater ials and problems from each class. Participation Generally, I will ask for volunteers to help in class discussions and to assist me in working out homework problems.You earn the intricacy points for volunteering. If I do not get a volunteer, I will call on students at random. If I call on you and you are unprepared or ill prepared, you will lose participation points. Texting During Class If you text during class, you will lose all participation points for that class. If this continues, on the third such occurrence, I will drop your grade one letter grade. Just because I do not call you out during class for texting does not mean that I did not see you. A few comments on grades and grading * Failure to complete all course requirements will result in receiving a course grade of F. pleonastic credit is not part of the course grading plan. * Where there are close calls on grades, I will look to see if there is an improving trend and consider other positive factors in your boilers su it performance such as class participation and conduct. * Students are further to discuss concerns about their performance or course grades with the instructor at any time. * No grades will be provided or discussed over the telephone. Class Schedule This represents planned topics and problems however, it will be modified as necessary to ensure that course material is covered adequately or to answer to special circumstances.The listing of assignments presented here is incomplete. Additions or deletions will be make as the semester progresses. Note that you must track the progress we have do and make sure you are prepared for class. Chapter Number Topic 1 An Introduction to Taxation and Understanding the Federal Tax LawAssignment skim the chapter 2 Working with the Tax Law (Read pages 2-1 to 2-19) Assignment 11, 17 3 reason the TaxAssignment 3,4,18,19,20,28,29,32,33,34,39(a)(b),42,44,47 MIDTERM I (tentative) 100 POINTS Gross Income Concepts and InclusionsAssignment 23 (answer only how ofttimes of the $9,000 annuity payment will be included in Bettys income in 2000), 35, 52, 53, 56(a) 14 Property Transactions Determination of Gain or Loss, Basis Considerations, and Nontaxable Exchanges (Read 14-1 to 14-20)Assignment 30, 36, 44, 51, 53(a)+(b), Chapter 3 51 5 Gross Income ExclusionsAssignment 8, 28, 29, 34, 48, 56(b) 6 Deductions and losses In GeneralAssignment 27, 34, 41, 48, 61 MIDTERM II (tentative) 100 POINTS Deductions and Losses Certain Business Expenses and LossesAssignment 33, 37, 56 8 Depreciation, Cost Recovery, Amortization, and DepletionAssignment 31, 33, 34, 36, 37, 40, 49 9 Deductions Employee and Self-Employed-Related ExpensesAssignment 33, 36, 42, 46, 48 12 Tax Credits and PaymentsAssignment COMPREHENSIVE FINAL trial run 140 POINTSMay 23 1045 115

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