Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Annotated Bibliography and Source Evaluations Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

And Source Evaluations - Annotated Bibliography Example The article is composed in a manner that represents behavior towards animal drug testing in developed world whereas it is silent on the topic of attitudes about the target practice in developing parts of the globe. The web-post made by Anthis, N on 10, October, 2006 stated that recent research on the topic of animal testing in medical field found that England based medical professionals are in favor of the practice as they recognize its importance in terms of making significant past developments possible. The notable number of participants of the study supported the practice while 96% of them considered the notion ethical and 65% of the respondents held the idea of safety dear. But they supported animal testing at the end. However 93% of the general practitioners who are interviewed offered a cautionary note which said that results of animal testing may mislead practitioners when working with humans. Yet in majority of the cases humans and animals have been known to experience similar symptoms when catch a same disease such as fever and therefore animal testing is recommended. The research paper written by Zurlo, Rudacille and Goldberg stated that laws governing animal rights have been passed in deverloped economies of the world such as England, Germany and Netherlands. The practitioners have been therefore suggested to keep their practices in line with the current legal system because failure to do so may result in imprisonment and cancellation of licensing as well. The developed nations are looking to develop alternative techniques for drug testing but the research in this field is currently at preliminary stages. However it promises a lot and have the tendency to change the present outlook of medical practice in the near future. The target audience of this document are professionals who are working to develop new testing techniques while the purpose of the

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