Saturday, August 10, 2019

Citizen Kane and Deat of a Salesman Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Citizen Kane and Deat of a Salesman - Essay Example bears his greatest source of frustration since, despite his looking forward to his elder brother’s prosperity, he ends up a poor man, demoted and stopped from working. His entire life has little depictions of achieving what he ever wanted. On the contrast, Charles seem very prosperous in his life. He is a prominent icon in the journalism department as he makes the deeming decisions at yellow journalism. His prosperity is well defined in his prominent relationship with the president where he ends up vying for the New York state governor seat along with his marriage to the president’s daughter, Emily. When compared to Willy, Charles seems to have anything he needs at his possession. He has a great family; a wife and a son with immense prosperity depicted in the kind of career he lead. We learn that Willy had always wanted to be like his prosperous diamond oriented brother only for him to work for long years with an ultimate termination on his work life. He ends up living on the basis of childhood fantasies of which he never came into a consensus with ideas of his maturity. Apparently, both icons in the two films end up as failures especially in the mannerisms through which they handled relationships. Charles ends up a lonely man, with two divorced wives; Emily and Susan. He does very little to maintain a good relationship both to his family and to himself. It gets to a point that he shuns people from entering his mansion where he only interacted with his workers. It is clear that Charles fails in maintaining healthy relationships though on the other hand Willy succeeds a bit in maintaining his family but dies an unsatisfied man. Unlike Willy, Charles may have experienced a dead end in the kind of relationships he had, but it seems like he has always wanted a life for himself. He is unhappy on losing everything with reference to his nature where he has always wanted everything for himself. Life looses meaning to him to the point that he dies a happy man. He

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