Friday, August 9, 2019

Week 1 H Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Week 1 H - Essay Example Time stamps are vital in supporting multiple authentications that lack multiple requests in an authentication server (Coulouris, Dollimore & Kindberg 2006, p.550). In Kerberos protocol, timestamps are useful as nonce’s preventing dependence of synchronized clocks. The use of timestamps with Kerberos demonstrates a protocol that utilizes four messages to perform identification. Utilization of time stamps ensures removal of messages in the process of decreasing the message number in the requirement for authentication (Coulouris, Dollimore & Kindberg 2006, p.551). Use of timestamps may support single way identification especially, when a communication server operating in a single direction is evident (Anderson, 2008). The design of Kerberos serves as a reducer of state at the final server; the use of the time stamps ensures avoidance of per-connection (Anderson, 2008). Time stamps are sufficient in the case of protocols that do not compose of states. Timestamps provides a basis for proper server operation because it is not mandatory for the server to remain in an active state while in wait for message reception (Coulouris, Dollimore & Kindberg, 2006). Making the window narrow is vital in ensuring reduction of impending states. A timestamp can be in use as a nonce where client generation is a need. Timestamps is fundamental in Kerberos protocol because they enhance fresh conveyance of messages from the client to the final server. Utilizing timestamps as nonce is fundamental because it maintains security of the recognition protocol (Anderson, 2008). The use of Kerberos with the timestamps ensures regulation of access time to prevent eavesdropping. Eavesdropping allows unknown individuals to gain access to systems by acquiring vital information such consisting passwords. Kerberos ensures secure network where pretense becomes difficult (Anderson, 2008). A secure protocol will

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