Monday, September 9, 2019

Correctional Institution , Criminology major Essay - 3

Correctional Institution , Criminology major - Essay Example Other issues that arise from prison rape are contraction of conditions such as HIV / AIDS which can be fatally devastating. Murder and assault: this is mostly because of hate crime in prison. When prisoners disagree, they are not likely to consult prison authorities as they prefer to settle their differences personally. Crimes are a means of exacting revenge. Weapons dealing: aside from using natural means such as physical strength to fight, assault and even murder, prisoners also use weapons. Most of the weapons they use are crude ones such as knives or improvised sharp objects. These weapons are within the prison walls or from outside the prison. Drug dealing: there is a positive correlation between drugs and crime. For prisoners arrested for drug possession and use there is still an urge to continue using drugs, this creates ready market. Through smuggling, prisoners are able to get access to money. This money funds drug deals and purchase of weapons (Mà ¸ller, Gatherer, Jà ¼rge ns, Stà ¶ver & Nikogosian 55). The psychology of the inhabitants of the correctional institutes: persons in correctional institutes reside in the institution because of committing crimes. In this light, therefore, there is a likelihood of them carrying on these activities even while in prison. Prisoners sentenced to life imprisonment in most cases do not see the need of being model citizens. They, therefore, perpetrate crimes at will because they are of the view that the worst that could happen to them has already happened (DeRosia & Victoria 101). Another contributing factor to this issue is public opinion. The public views prisoners as awful people incapable of reform. This kills the moral of an individual, and they do not see the need of change especially while in prison. The public and the prisoners get their influence from the media. There are one too many programs

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