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Vikings Essay examples -- essays research papers fc

VIKINGS EINHERJAR – THE CHOSEN ONES Kenneth Dunn History 115 Professor Gordon â€Å"Never before has such terror appeared in Britain as we have now suffered from a pagan race. †¦ Behold, the church of St. Cuthbert, spattered with the blood of the priests of God, despoiled of all its ornaments; a place more venerable than all in Britain is given as a prey to pagan peoples." - Alcuin of York, in a letter to Ethelred, King of Northumbria in England. Vikings were a truly diverse and fascinating people. As they rode the waves of the Atlantic Ocean to many different lands, the warriors struck terror into the hearts of people throughout the many countries they raided. Just the sight of the long, carved beasts at the bows of their ships slinking toward the shores through the mist was enough weaken even the strongest soul. However, while being vicious, inhumane barbarians, a different lifestyle prevailed in their homelands as they faced the same daily struggles as any other society. They were farmers, traders, explorers, and accomplished shipbuilders. There followed laws and customs for which there were punishments if those laws were not followed. They prayed to their Gods and loved their families. In the end, the Vikings traveled over most of the world and left a lasting impression that still excites our imaginations to this day. Social Structure and Aspects of Everyday Life of the Vikings By Wendy Latimore Vikings were a fierce and barbaric society†¦.or were they? Most Vikings were farmers and traders. They hunted and fished and grew the foods they needed to sustain their families. According to Ingmar Jansson, a professor of archaeology at Stockholm University in Sweden, "The Norsemen were not just warriors, they were farmers, artists, shipbuilders, and innovators. More than anything, they were excellent traders who connected peoples fr... ...Viking Heritage 2005,, retrieved June 15, 2005. The Oxford Illustrated History of the Vikings. Edited by Peter Sawyer. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2001. The Viking Network. The Vikings: Who Were the Vikings: Everyday Life: Viking Women. 15 April 2000. (retrieved June 29, 2005) Travel Through the Ireland Story . . . The Vikings,, retrieved June 16, 2005. â€Å"Vikings,† Microsoft Encarta Online Encyclopedia 2005, 1997-2005. Microsoft Corporation. â€Å"Viking Religion† BBCi History. 2001. British Broadcasting Corporation. Siddorn, K., Williamson R. Viking Ship Building, â€Å"Vikings.† Microsoft Encarta Online Encyclopedia. 1997-2005. retrieved June 21, 2005. Viking Traveling Rout[e]s,, retrieved June 16, 2005.

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