Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Knowing My Past and Present Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 3

Knowing My Past and Present - Essay Example I find it easy to talk and interact with them. Close friends also provide me a sense that they know me well and understand my feelings and emotions. In addition, I find joy in sharing my feelings and emotions with them as well as knowing about their feeling and emotions. Thus, I feel secure and comfortable when I am among my close friends or relatives mainly because of the knowledge that they will not mock or criticize me even if I make any mistakes in my talk. Â  The responses of both friends confirm my view of myself. They said that I am a shy and somewhat introvert type of person. In most cases, these friends are the ones that push me to the front when I hesitate to do something like speaking before my class or address a gathering for a speech. Both of them have also substantiated my view that I am comfortable interacting with the close friends I have. They have added that I appear to be quite confident and easy going when I am in the circle of close friends or peers. Â  I always make it a point not to hurt the feelings of other people and, therefore, I regulate my moods and emotions so as to make others feel happy and comfortable in my company and to avoid any negative impact on them. I feel responsible for my actions and this sense of onus has always made me take the responsibility for my mistakes. Therefore, I take extra precaution to ensure that my words or actions, in no way, come into the conflict with the feelings of others and their emotions. Â  For example, if I am in a company of a religious minority, and someone makes a joke about them, I do not laugh at the joke. Instead, I also make an attempt to dissuade such people from making such jokes. This way, I attempt to avoid such situations without hurting the feeling of both parties.

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