Monday, September 9, 2019

Media exploretion Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Media exploretion - Assignment Example Under painting is a transparent oil sketch. Mostly it is made up of turpentine. Tonal ground is when the entire canvas is evenly applied with a single color which will be used as a shadow of the painting. Oil painting mostly engages the use of brush and canvas for painting as the major tools. Equipment is not necessarily available in this case but computers can be used to manipulate certain paintings due to the advancement in technology. There are several categories which are used in painting artwork. One of the categories of painting is through use of oil. There is also the use of water crayons as a means of painting. The techniques and processes for Painting Oil painting is one of the categories which is considered as a postmodern method of painting. Oil painting can further be divided into 3 categories which we shall describe how they all work. One form is the wet on wet, build up, and Open canvas technique. Wet on wet technique is a process which requires the artist to be well experienced and apt with painting techniques. The process of painting begins at least 3 days before the actual painting begins. There is need for the artist to have a clear knowledge on the color theory and how colors can be mixed. In addition to this, must be coherent with form development and greater expertise with brushwork. This is because the painting begins with light under painting which is referred to as an oil sketch. From this, the painting is expected to have established a composition of tone which is slowly built up as the process of painting progresses. Adjustments of the paint takes place through glazes which are also treated as an un-layered technique. Build up technique involves a layering process in which the light and bright colors are placed last in the painting. This is normally done when the other parts of the painting are dry. The texture of the light paint is highly influenced by the brushwork. Open Canvas technique

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