Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Rewritten Pyramus and Thisbe Myth :: essays research papers

Pyramus was the cute boy next door, and Thisbe the prettiest girl in the entire neighborhood. They lived right next door to each other. Their parents were in a dispute over rent money; Thisbe’s father was the manager of the apartments and Pyramus’s parents had been late on their payments for a few months now. The kids were not allowed to talk or to see each other. One thing, however, they could not forbid- their young and carefree love that pound in each others hearts. They conversed by signs and glances, and the fire burned more intensely for being covered up. In the wall that parted the two apartments there was a crack, caused by the buildings old structure. No one had observed it before, but the lovers discovered it. What love can discover. As they stood, Pyramus on one side, Thisbe on the other, they would whisper to each other innocent non-sense. "Damn this freaking wall," they said, "Why do you keep us apart?† Such words they uttered on different sides of the wall; and when the night came and they must say goodnight, they would tell the other of how they are kissing the wall and imagining it was other. Next morning, when the sun had resin above the tallest skyscraper, and the city filled with busy noise and smog, they unveiled their plan to see each other. They had agreed to sneak out at night, they would wait till the routine police car had passed their block, and then each would run and meet at the old winery and wait till the other arrived. All was agreed on, and they waited impatiently for the sun to go down b eneath the buildings and night to rise up from them. Then cautiously Thisbe opened her back window- unsuspected by her parents, put a white scarf around her, waited for the police car to pass and escaped. As she sat alone in the dim light under one of the old street lights, she saw a drunk old man approaching her. With a thirst in his eyes Thisbe fled the sight, and sought refuge in the back alleys of the streets. As she fled she dropped her scarf. The drunken old man was hurt and was going to ask Thisbe for some help but just found a scarf on the ground and wiped his wound with it. Pyramus, late only because he had stopped at a local gas station to get some snacks for his dear love, finally arrived at the old winery.

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