Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Buying Prescription Drugs outside the United States Dangerous or Term Paper

Buying Prescription Drugs outside the United States Dangerous or Protectionism - term Paper Examplemade it look as if all drugs bought from Canada, and other international origins are the same as those that originates from websites that sell counterfeit drugs. Even the F.D.A. to a fault has suggested saying that foreign unauthorized drugs posed the same health risks as counterfeit drugs. From the late 19th and through to early 21st centuries, several countries began to criminalise the keeping or using of some recreational drugs and buying of drugs out of their countries, for instance the United States war on drugs. Many individuals nonetheless continue to take in these drugs, and a black market is there to supply them too. Despite law enforcement determination to intercept them, accept continues to be very high, providing a huge shekels motive for organized criminal groups to maintain drugs supplied (Abood, 13). Even though law enforcement agencies seize a fraction of the drugs considered dangerous drugs, and detain hundreds of thousands of retailers and wholesalers, the very constant demand for such drugs and the huge profit margins encourages new distributors to get into the market without a falling in the retail price. In the recent past, there has been divided sagacity of whether United States claims that the drugs into the country bought out are dangerous, or it is just one of their protectionism policies. Through a keen analysis, a thought provoking comprehensive overview of the yield can be provided and argument for or against each claim.There various multinational whose policies have contravened with the countries policies on drugs but still continue with the vise (Bhagwati, 4). For instance, in September 2006, Wal-Mart announced a pilot plan to sell generic drugs at only $4 per prescription. The pilot plan was launched at stores in the Tampa, Florida region, and expand to all stores in Florida by January 2007. The average price of generics is $ 29 (equated to $34.00 this year) per prescription, compared to $102 (equated to $119.00 in 2014) for name-brand drugs. Many

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