Saturday, June 15, 2019

World Hunger Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

World Hunger - Essay ExamplePoor countries that are in the process of developing do not flip enough economic reserves and human capital to provide for the sustenance of their population. Furthermore, they are made to export their few assets particularly their natural resources that leads to a drop-off in their capital stock. Also, investors ignore developing countries because they cannot produce feasible profits due to lack of infrastructure. Thus, major businesses do not invest their capital in the developing countries and without the investment, the productivity ceases to increase. Cycle of economic distress keeps the countries in a permanent stage of poverty and under development.Developing countries all around the bollock basically lack the general infrastructure that is important for these countries to rise above the economic deficiency that is the leading cause of hunger. The general infrastructure includes a square(p) road system, warehouses and good irrigation systems and the lack of these causes an increase in transport expenses, deficient facilities for storing and poor water supplies. This limits the average farming produce and therefore results in a lower amount of food being available. Considering the major problems, the answer to hunger is building reliable systems of energy, effective means of transportation and communication. This would provide incentives to the potential investors and hence result in generation of capital in the developing nations.Economic growth is possible by the investments coming from the private sector. Business activities increase proportionately to the growth of investment which in term increases the productivity as well as the distribution of goods. This assists in the satisfaction and fulfillment of the common people. In the underprivileged areas of the world, for example the sub-Saharan Africa, poor geographical location and political turmoil has led to small and unreachable

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