Sunday, June 16, 2019

The Changing World Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Changing World - Assignment ExampleThe assignment The Changing World discusses the issue of how rapidly the creative activity is changing as some(prenominal) was in place twenty-five years ago, is not the same today and will not be so in the next twenty-five years. And ideate helps to make things happen as once upon a time, video calling, using the internet and traveling at such fast speed across the world was a dream for most people.The next twenty-five years will help the world witnessed a plethora of changes that affect hu universe lives in general. The expert aspects and potential in the world are immense today, and many scientists from renowned institutes all over the world have stated how speed is going to erupt its definition a run for its money. In the computer industry, communication, information transfer and using technology will become a frequently easier job with neat speeds that are unimaginable to man today. The use of silicon chips, faster processing systems etc will all help to share information and resources in a much easier and transparent manner.The environment is also a great aspect of what the future might hold in store. Today, it is being abused by a man and thus steps are being taken in order to preserve and conserve greenery in order to have a break-dance future for the generations to come. Global warming should be countered in the future with better technology, the earth will definitely witness some unwanted changes what with the kind of born(p) calamities and disasters that have been striking because of environmental changes in the atmosphere.

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